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Spencer to Audrina: 'You're a Ho!'

6/3/2009 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Spencer Pratt Heidi Montag Audrina PatridgeFirst of all ... Heidi and Spencer are still in Costa Rica -- that's a fact.

Now ... Spencer Pratt is uncharacteristically pissed over Audrina Patridge's comment that she would never join "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here." Spencer just told TMZ, "Heads up, Audrina. Just because you have a one night stand with a guy who's in a movie called "Star Trek" doesn't make you a star. You're just a ho."

In case that didn't register, he said, "You're just a ho." We have to say, not very Christian from a guy who just got baptized by Stephen Baldwin.

And get this: Spencer and Heidi are telling people in Costa Rica that they never really planned to quit the show. He's saying it was all a "mental fake out to mess with the competitors."

And the best part ... Remember Heidi crying a river on the show after the wrestler stole her shampoo? Heidi is bragging to people in Costa Rica that she and QVC are going to sell 500,000 units of that shampoo as a result of the drama -- and that's just for her first appearance on the shopping show.

Not Speidi: Click to watchBy the way ... if you see video of two people landing at LAX last night and you hear it's Speidi ... it ain't. Just another fake out.


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Zach Swan    

Dear JT - obviously not ALL Americans are like Pratt. Dumb ass. Read the post. You, however, clearly are strikingly similar in many ways. Go stick your head in the sand.

1967 days ago


PLEASE stop publishing stories about these two. They are ridiculous and offensive and annoying. They aren't even celebrities! If you and other web sites stop giving them any press, MAYBE THEY'LL GO AWAY! (That goes for Paris Hilton, too)

1967 days ago


These two are so far gone they can't even see straight. How can they think that the people in the camp down there don't see through them. Those people have FAR more life experience than these two combined, yet Speidi charges on like they are more clever than the rest of us. I D I O TS

1967 days ago


Spencer and Heidi are just another case of spoiled children with too much money. ~ Heidi's crying over shampoo while other people don't know where they're going to get their next meal for their children. ~ They both need a serious lesson in humility.

1967 days ago


Pratt has utilized his celebrity and talents to develop his career as an entrepreneur. In addition to his executive role on "The Princes of Malibu," Pratt is an accomplished music producer and president of Innovator Management, a management company with clients that include his wife, Heidi Pratt, and MMA superstar Kevin Casey.

That is WHAT NBC says about your Pratt. They love all of this discussion, just makes the money roll in faster. Thanks for helping the ecomomy recover.

1967 days ago


Joe who is not an american: OK HYPOCRITE! Who's being rude and childish now?????

1967 days ago


OK TMZ...ENOUGH with these 2 idiots. We don't care. They're 2 of the bissest posers out there and they're terrible actors . Spencer stated that he's given a script? He's pathetic as an actor and Heidi is actually worse than him, if that's possible.

1967 days ago

Capt. Howdy    

Hey Mr. Pratt, Please come to Laughlin, NV. and look me up. I challange you to an old school, no rules, knock down fight. Toe 2 toe ya bitch! Come on, don't be scarred. I have no training or cage exp. I want u!!!! I wanna feel my fist in your mouth. E-me @

1967 days ago


these 2 people are lumps of useless human protoplasm.

do they have any concept of human reality???

1967 days ago


If you IDIOTS keep responding (112 replies as of now) to the Speidi stories than I'm sure TMZ will keep reporting on them. So next time you see a story about them DO NOT REPLY TO IT!!!! Then they will quickly go away.

1967 days ago

Larry Fuller    

I am hoping Janice gets up and slaps that smug look off Spencer's face!! She would be more than happy to knock him out!!! It would be fun to see.

1967 days ago


Spencer and Heidi are smart business people!! Don't you people know that they are raking in the money!! haha... It is all for the sake of entertaning the people, they are the only people on the show that are worth watching, honestly the people on this show are D listers!! They are only building their bank accounts by making you hate or love them for their behavior.. I would love to make the money they do and have the fame and all for one reason, being the villian~! I love Spencer and Heidi!!

1967 days ago


Whether Spencer and Heidi are stars is irrelevant. They are making big bucks off of their theatrics and that's their game. The more drama, the more money. So the more people hate on them, the better for them, keeps them in the news and making more money. Those two know what they're doing and they are getting richer by the second.

1967 days ago


Hey Spencer, you ugly F. You tell me where, you tell me when, and I will happily record kicking the living S out of you and send it to TMZ! You are so pathetic it's sad, note: you should get your BIMBO of a wife some acting lessons, that "crying" scene was so 3rd grade, that's why she is still on a reality show and not a REAL show.


Come and get it you fuzzy little boy.

1967 days ago


heads up spencer ur not a celeb either. just a retarded reality person. who NO ONE LIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!

1967 days ago
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