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Spencer to Audrina: 'You're a Ho!'

6/3/2009 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Spencer Pratt Heidi Montag Audrina PatridgeFirst of all ... Heidi and Spencer are still in Costa Rica -- that's a fact.

Now ... Spencer Pratt is uncharacteristically pissed over Audrina Patridge's comment that she would never join "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here." Spencer just told TMZ, "Heads up, Audrina. Just because you have a one night stand with a guy who's in a movie called "Star Trek" doesn't make you a star. You're just a ho."

In case that didn't register, he said, "You're just a ho." We have to say, not very Christian from a guy who just got baptized by Stephen Baldwin.

And get this: Spencer and Heidi are telling people in Costa Rica that they never really planned to quit the show. He's saying it was all a "mental fake out to mess with the competitors."

And the best part ... Remember Heidi crying a river on the show after the wrestler stole her shampoo? Heidi is bragging to people in Costa Rica that she and QVC are going to sell 500,000 units of that shampoo as a result of the drama -- and that's just for her first appearance on the shopping show.

Not Speidi: Click to watchBy the way ... if you see video of two people landing at LAX last night and you hear it's Speidi ... it ain't. Just another fake out.


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1931 days ago

Ewan T.    

Spencer Pratt is so full of himself. He was making fun of fellow contestant on "I'm A Celebrity" Torrie Wilson saying that he had to Google her to know who she was.

Lets put out some facts, when you google Torrie Wilson he has an official website and about 20 fan sites. When you Google Spencer Pratt all you get is Wikipedia.

Also he faked a wedding with Heidi to get ratings and only got 2.9 million viewers for the finale on MTV. Torrie Wilson was on WWE and the show was watched by over 20 million viewers a week. Fact.

1930 days ago


This idiot Spencer is a punk! I didn't even know who this low life was until soemone told me a day later. Another "has been" trying to act like someone important. What a loser!!!

1930 days ago


The Pratt last name should be changed to Simpson. She is dumb like Jessica and he is the next OJ.

1930 days ago


What a couple of major LOSERS!!! Is this how a couple of so called "Christians" are suppose to behave? They've shown their true colors and will never be able to change the perception of how the public sees them. Their careers, if you call it that, are over. For people like them, nature will take its course..... just wait and see.

1930 days ago


No one can make heads or tails if Spencer is a spoiled rotten rich kid or he's had serious head trams. Rumor has it that he's had his ass kicked around all through high school for that big mouth of his. With a name like "Spencer", a kid is going to take a few ass whopins from the neighborhood kid. Yeah, make your parents proud S p e n c e r !

1930 days ago


Does it seem odd that they leave before the elimination round and then come back after. Isn't that cheating?

1930 days ago


Hey Jay you M....F..., I am Catholic and I grew up this way , been married over 14 years and what you are stating is just it is just a matter of time until everybody can get married.And leave the Muslims alone not everybody muslim is the same. And this is good so.DUDE you talk like a redneck. Where in the bible is it written that Jesus was not gay? And why was he just surrounded by young men??????? And by the way your statement has nothing to do with the actual posting. This Spencer and his Speidi are stupid anyway.

1930 days ago

Stupid Pratts    

Spencer's mouth looks like a good ho.

1930 days ago


How can Spencer be making comments about Audrina, if he's in a jungle in Costa Rica?

1930 days ago


He is probably saying this because she wouldn't sleep with him.

1930 days ago


After reading these comments, I'm no longer interested in Spencer and what's-her-name.

But I'm TERRIBLY worried about all of YOU--the folks who have left comments.

You're the proof our educational system is in shambles (notice that you-are is spelled "you're" and not "your"). Your (no "'re" here) grammar, punctuation, and spelling SUCKS.

For God's sake: please stop watching these ridiculous, brain-crushing, mind-melting reality shows, and GO BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL. Some remedial English is needed--BADLY.

1930 days ago


106. Im sure his parent are so proud of his loser antics.

Posted at 3:42PM on Jun 3rd 2009 by Cane

I'll bet his mother is wishing that she had spit him out instead of swallowing him.

1930 days ago


Harvey PLEASE stop reporting on anything these two disgusting people do. They are nobodys and do nothing but make themselves look silly. They are ugly inside and out yeah we get it, enough already. I can't switch the channel fast enough to get them off the air. And why are you giving them airtime? Just stop already be the first to just "say no to crack and these two" They are a DISGUSTING couple and if anything need to disapeer. Please TMZ help them do that and lets get back to the real stars, those who deserve airtime by doing good deeds, good work and promoting charitable causes and not themselves. I will quit TMZ watching if I continue to see them on your show!!!!!!!!!!

1930 days ago



You mean that Harvey bats for the other side??

1930 days ago
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