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Barack Obama -- The Scoop on Poop!

6/4/2009 10:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama has finally answered the question we've been asking his staff, to no avail: Who picks up Bo's business? Hint: It ain't the Secret Service.

Barack Obama: Click to watch


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artie help    

brian williams has lost credibility, he's a better looking charles gibson. The media has officially jumped the shark. RIDICULOUS ,beyond words.

1932 days ago


I don't remember such attention given to any First Lady since Jackie Kennedy as what is given to Michelle Obama. Who wants to know every move of Michelle?

1932 days ago


Shame on this president and his need to apologize to the muslims world.

Doesn't he remember or cares about 9/11? well we do, and he is making this country WEAK

Now Osama is gearing up for attacks and we will all pay

more and more Obama reminds me of Jimmy Carter

1932 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

The DAWG dropped ONE boomer and I did`nt have a bag or gloves.

1932 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

CITY FOLKs is a tame lot pick N little doggie floobs.Here we have a mountin of cow crap and even sell it and scope it all day long.

1932 days ago


i like how Brian Williams BOWED to Obama in the beginning of the segment like he's an f'n king. Liberal douches in the media are so transparent and laughable. Ever notice how Dems never have pets before they get in the White House? Why do leftists hate animals so much? Just like how the Clinton's poor dog was ran over in the middle of f'n New York City within months of his leaving office, I suspect the same thing will happen to this poor little guy.

Obama and the First Racist Ho have as much to do with this dog as they do their own children....NADA!!!!!! Why do you think Grandma moved into the White House? As usual, the grandparents raise the kids in all black families. Truly a sad, sad state of affairs.

1932 days ago


You people that make comments about the president and his family are must not like your life so you have to complain about theirs, you are probably the same people that didn't vote. If you didn't vote sit the f down and shut up, your voice shouldn't be heard now because you didn't want it heard then.

1932 days ago

artie help    

#8, unfortunately you're not too far off the mark.

1932 days ago


I love my life, I voted, and I think our current president is a joke! We ALL have a right to our opinion even if we do not like the president or his actions. Sorry, but if your life is in the public eye it is going to be up for discussion.

1932 days ago


#13...HALF black, you mean? And truly, I could care less what color he is, it's his job performance I am the MOST concerned about! And let's be clear, racism is racism no matter the color therefore, by your post, I can only conclude that you are racist!

1932 days ago


Make that #12 (Middle Passage)...nice deleting of post TMZ!

1932 days ago


Hey Middle Passage - your President is only HALF black - and I love it !!!

1932 days ago


Who picks up the crap Obama is spewing.
You the tax payer

1932 days ago


Enough about this ridiculous excuse for a president. Pathetic.

1932 days ago

oprah & michel hater    

Did Michele Obama have another kid...cause the dog sure looks like its a halfbreed rottweiler.....micele nationality!

1932 days ago
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