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David Carradine's Rep: Death Was 'Accidental'

6/4/2009 4:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just spoke to a rep for David Carradine, who claims the actor's death was not a suicide.

The rep said David's death was "accidental." And there's this ... the BBC is now reporting that David's body was found hanging with a rope around his neck and "other parts of his body."

Carradine's body was found nude, hanging in a closet.

David's rep added, "We can confirm 100% that he never would have committed suicide. It was an accidental death. Everybody is in shock."


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how is it an accident if he was found hanging in a closet? I know its very difficult for people to accept that someone would take their own life, but how else would he be like that in the closet? Doesnt make sense if you ask me.

1964 days ago


I liked David Carradine and was sad to hear about his passing. I mean, I'm sure most people have done some freaky stuff, but to be found naked in a closet with rope tied around your neck and "other body parts"...I don't know, man. Weird. The fact that he was well-known has nothing to do with it. It's better for his Rep to tell the truth because sooner or later, the truth always comes out. For me, it doesn't matter anyway. It doesn't change my impression of him at all.

1964 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

At least HE went out with a BANG.MUCHO LOVE HUNG FU you saw the light and the KILLROY~SS

1964 days ago



1964 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

YOU FOUND A WAY to upstage me and leave makeing a big joke LOL GREAT ONE MUCHO LOVE FU FU.NO one will upstage that not even your brothers.I see all those type caster were wrong way wrong.

1964 days ago

420 GIRL    

14. how is it an accident if he was found hanging in a closet? I know its very difficult for people to accept that someone would take their own life, but how else would he be like that in the closet? Doesnt make sense if you ask me.

Posted at 3:05PM on Jun 4th 2009 by pinkdai


I guess he should have come out of the closet, no?

1964 days ago


whaaaat!!?? wtf this dosent make any sense at all

1964 days ago

Psyclon Nyne    

I agree with those saying death by auto-erotic asphyxiation.

I absolutely love that biopic movie Bound For Glory in which he played Woody Guthrie. I tripped out when he did both Kung Fu and Kung Fu The Legend Continues because he has a strangely Asian look about him.

I noticed that articles that first broke out with this story are now including a suicide fixation bent. I'm so disgusted. Leave this hard working man and his family alone, already. Let him RiP regardless of what led up to his unjustly and untimely demise.

1964 days ago


My guess is the rep is aware that he's done this before (autoerotic asphyxiation) so the assumption is naturally that it was an accident

1964 days ago


autoerotic asphyxia 
–noun asphyxia caused by intentionally strangling oneself while masturbating in order to intensify the orgasm through reduced oxygen flow to the brain.

1964 days ago


That is so pathetic! How can you call this an accident? Was the "rep" there with him at the time and can varify he
was only fooling around? This is so pathetic. Much better to call it suicide than Russian roulette or anything else!

1964 days ago


My first thought after reading this headline was like most of yours..."how on earth could they possibly call THAT an accident"????

I guess I'm truly naive (or normal hopefully) cause I've NEVER heard of this! Wrapping a rope around your neck AND body? In a closet????


I always liked him and loved him years ago on the original Kung Fu when I was a teen and then Kane.

I remember reading movie mags back then and thinking he was kinda wierd. I remember he had a relationship with actress Barbara Hershey and they were going to eat some of the placenta and then plant the rest when their baby was born. I remember think OMG! How gross!

It's a shame though however he died because he was a good actor.

My condolences go out to his family and friends. Very sad.

1964 days ago


Just a little FYI, there is no substantial evidence that Michael Hutchence from INXS died the same way. There is only speculation that he acidently hanged himself and the coroner found no evidence of it and ruled it a suicide.

1964 days ago

mellon bruse N    

HUNG FU means a fake TV actor and 20 year after the red SQ.He was making a JOKE and a dirty joke at that about inside hollywoods killroy system.I get that joke and I see NO one will upstage his death as a actor even at 72 years OLD.THat is what he was GREAT at acting and he knew they would find him that way and talk about him forever just like Howard Hughes.crotchy the clown or jack&jillion.LOL he had FUN in life and even that death.SCREW OFF no one has the right to demean him for finding his body anyway.Just like the did the MA`roll,he hurt no one.HE knew they would find him so he made a statement with his death that he never could in his acting.LOL MUCH LOVE I UNDERSTAND the joke that he saw himself as HUNG FU is a fake FU but he will be foever rememebered this way GOOD OR BAD rememebered!.

1964 days ago

Dusk Summers    

Its a shame that Carradine died in Bangkok. The events surrounding his death will always be questioned. There are going to be some that believe that he was accidentally killed in some S & M encounter gone wrong. Surprisingly enough, there are even some that believe that he was killed for the same reason conspiracy theorists believed Bruce Lee was killed. Hopefully people don't turn him into another Tupac and say he still alive in Bangkok, somewhere in a temple in the mountains. Maybe he was killed, maybe it was accident. Regardless, its a shame that such a legend had to die.

1964 days ago
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