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Jon Gosselin's Bags Are Packed

6/4/2009 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While his wife island hops off the coast of North Carolina without him, Jon Gosselin returned to their Pennsylvania home on Thursday.


The 32-year-old father of eight may not have a chunk-striped, bi-level reverse mullet weave, but he does have a hideous douchey hoodie to call his own.


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In case you all didn't read that thoroughly, he was "returning to their Pennyslvania home". Meaning, he had been gone and was returning. Either way, even if he were to move out, it wouldn't be our business one bit -- they will let us know as much or as little as they want to.

He can pack his bags and come to me any day, though.;) And by the way, I like the hoodie. No joke, TMZ, find someone else to pick on because your insults about them are tired.

Jon Gosselin...yumm...

1932 days ago


Jon & Kate will be yesterday's news and gravy train paycheck almost over too, FINALLY!!!!

1932 days ago


I now find myself looking at asian guys differently. I never thought they were hot until Jon.
He is darling...and hot!

1932 days ago


such a sad pic of him retrieving his stuff while the rest of the family is away. i honestly hope they get back together and take a break from the camaras

1932 days ago


Jon & Kate Plus 8 viewers are suckers, living in a dream world, or brainless.

You can 't pretend yourself out of this kind of misery. You can't hope that the idiot parents Jon & Kate can make a logical choice for their kids. They CAN make money decisions for THEMSELVES.

TLC is an idiot network as well. Ratings dropping like a failed rocket will be their wake-up call.

1932 days ago

giraff man    

he kind of looks like a retard

1932 days ago


Can someone please explain how a article of clothing can be douchey, from what I see taking pot shots at clothing makes the person who is doing it seem like a douche..just saying.

1932 days ago


To people who feel sorry for Kate because Jon missed her Bday. Hey, it's very obvious they are ALREADY SEPARATED during that time. Even Kate's brother Kevin recently gave an interview for Radar Online saying that Jon told them that they have SEPARATED SIX MONTHS AGO.

Now on the new isssue of IN TOUCH magazine a close friend of Jon's brother have confirmed that about six months ago Jon confronted Kate about her ongoing AFFAIR WITH HER BODYGUARD. Obviously, this resulted in agreeing for a separation.

The following is a quoute from In Touch:
"He explained it to us at the bar,” Cruz told the tabloid. “He said he was completely miserable and the marriage was pretty much done.”

While Jon has received a lot of criticism for visiting bars and flirting with women, he told Todd that it was Kate's alleged affair with Steve Neild that ended the union.

“Jon said then that he confronted Kate six months ago about her relationship with the bodyguard,” the source said.

1932 days ago


this guy is such a pimp banging all them hoes and still getting paid.
look at him rocking the ed hardy ill bet he gets a couple more bitches with that jacket

1932 days ago

Toyanne Hodgin    

Before kate gets back what jon should do is change all of the locks at the house and then see what kate thinks about that

1932 days ago

umm no    

um he looks like a DOUCHE

1931 days ago


TMZ you guys are f**king stupid! It's funny how on your show Mark or whatever your boss' name is has had his own "douchey" Ed Hardy shirt. Yes Ed Hardy is a hoosier brand, you guys still sport it.

1931 days ago


So is every other word on this site "douche"? Don't these morons have any brain cells left to use another word? Do they think they are cool? I think they are just stupid, ignorant and plain dumb.

Just the kind of viewers Kate and Jon and TLC want. Congratulations, Morons, you have found a purpose for the money grubbing corporate TLC and money whores, Kate and Jon. Too bad that's your only purpose in this life.

1931 days ago


Well, I think Jon is very unsupportive - he has been acting like a child since the beginning watch all the episodes. A married man with 8 kids has no business hitting the nightlife without his wife!! He cannot handle the success - I dont believe Kate is the big blame. It is a known fact that man usually dont start maturing until they older 40+. when the show is all said and gone - this kids will have nothing but a big legal fight over child support and more. At last Kate has been trying to earn the money for the future - who cares if the 8 kids are the stars. You know it costs over $300,000 to support a child i.e food, clothing, schooling, entertaining until they are 18 years AND they always need help after that - i.e. college, cars, insurance. Sure most of the population is poor but if you have the opportunity to make money legally,happily and more doit. Not all people with money are mean, nasty and/or unhappy.

1931 days ago


Kate, stop saying you wrote the books....more KateCrap...who really wrote the books?

So tired of you feeding crap to your loser viewers who eat this sh-t up.

1931 days ago
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