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Jon Gosselin's Bags Are Packed

6/4/2009 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While his wife island hops off the coast of North Carolina without him, Jon Gosselin returned to their Pennsylvania home on Thursday.


The 32-year-old father of eight may not have a chunk-striped, bi-level reverse mullet weave, but he does have a hideous douchey hoodie to call his own.


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This jerks NO role model for anyone    

Wow so called Christains with an open marriage.. you used to see the Bible quotes and Jon wearing Christian scripture shirts on their show but it looks like they are now showing their true selves and all the Bible stuff was only for show to get ratings and sell books. This farce of a show needs to go away.

1967 days ago


Kate is nothing but another manipulative, neurotic, suburban, minivan driving, lame hairdoo wearing, money hoarding, attention craving koont. If you like this shrew, do yourself a favor and drive through the central PA, taking care to never stray more than three miles from the highways that link strip malls. You'll find an endless sea of "Kate's", though most of them are as fat and very few of them will have the kinds of whacked out, insane expressions on their faces that you see in the photo above.

1967 days ago

Oh Please    

Kate is a monster mom and exploits her children. Bottom line, nothing else to say. Karma will get her good.

1967 days ago



Newsflash- Everything that Kate's brother and sister in law say has already been disregarded. Those 2 are money grubbing liars. Its funny how you believe that just because someone runs to a tabloid with a story(that they are getting paid to tell) then it must be true. Where were these people 6 months , when Jon & Kate weren't headline news? Dumb ass.

And check out the new pics in US Weekly. The pictures prove that Jon was with HIS little slut on Kate's b-day.

1967 days ago


Don't know why everyone is trying to pin this on Jon! If you EVER watched the show he is the one that lets the kids get dirty' and be normal kids! He's the one who doesn't care that EVERY piece of clothing does not match. He's the one who tries to show them nature. She is like a damn robot. There is enough blame for the both of them people. Just wish they would go off the air and work on it so the public can see some improvement. Not until all this happened do you EVER see them show those kids affection. No hugs, kisses and one-on-one time! Now every camera opportunity, Kate is kissing and hugging. Lady, don't you think everyone notices???? Mommy and Daddy dearest. Now Jon says if the kids ever say "we don't want to do this anymore" they are off the air. Jon!!! It is all they know! They will never say that--scared to death I'm sure!

1967 days ago


Seriously TMZ, couldn't come up with anything good on Jon so you decided to make fun of his sweater? You guys are becoming weak and losing your edge.

1967 days ago


I never saw the show. All I know is it's a wife and husband with eight rugrats. I have a question though. Why is it that she pushed out 8 children, and he's the one that looks all flappy around the mid-section? She's in a bikini. What exactly is wrong with that picture? If it was the other way around people would be putting all kinds of degrading comments on here about her. I so heart this society.

1967 days ago


When did Kate's boobs grow? She definitely has implants now!

1966 days ago


On a public records search the address for Steve Neild comes up as Heffner Rd and Wernersville, PA. Isnt that Kate's house?

gues her body guard filed for divorce 6 monthes ago about the time kate told jon the marriage was over.

1966 days ago

Oh Please    

The bodyguard filed for divorce in August of last year. The divorce is final and now he is free to be with the ho Kate. Their affair has been going on for over 8 months. Jon didn't step out until he knew she was cheating. A lot is going to come out about these two, escpecially monster mom. She is a horrible mother and karma is going to make the rest of her life miserable. She is becoming one of the most hated reality person ever. Her poor kids have to watch this play out and still she exploits them. There is a nice slot in Hell for this witch.

1966 days ago



If all YOu can complain about is is hoodie- whoopie!

1966 days ago

Linda Mott    

I know Harvey thinks this is all a publicity stunt to raise the rating, but it wasn't. The evidence that he had an affair and tried to cover it up is there. Kate is so angry with him and will never forgive him for his bad actions. The producers threatened to sue, if he doesn't come back and finish the contract. He is so henpecked and now he is producer pecked. He is now going to play the game and make as much money from it all as he can.

1966 days ago


I think she should kick him to the curb and move on. Sad to say, I really feel for her and the kids, but off skiing and helping other peoples children on her b'day (and with his g'friend no less) says volumes about the kind of person he really is. His kids will some day see all of this and realize where his true interests did lie. There are better ways to end a marriage other than public humiliation of your family and squandering the money made on the backs of his kids for sporty cars his g'friend drives. Kick him to the curb Kate!

1965 days ago


I am so done with Kate. I hope he is cheating on her because she is the worst wife. Instead of being loving and supportive, she just screams at him. She says it herself that she is a control freak! I feel sorry for the children. I think that it better for the children to live with two parents who live apart and are happy, than parents who pretend to be happy for a dollar,

1965 days ago


He is the poster boy for Why Guys Cheat. You disrespect, insult, marginalize your partner, you will be single. You can sleep with your body guard, your agent , your editor, you can be worth millions, but you are still a just a white trash loser with 8 kids who put herself and her image in front of her marriage and her family.

Now say Goodnight, whateverthehellyour name is.

1965 days ago
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