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Kate Plus ... Another Woman's Baby

6/4/2009 2:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently eight is not enough for Kate Gosselin, as she held another woman's baby while waiting to board a ferry in North Carolina ... without her husband.


Fortunately, we're told the baby suffered no permanent damage for staring directly into Kate's chunk-stripe, bi-level reverse mullet weave.


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I would watch the Duggars anytime but I'm really frosted over Kate's imperious perpetually hateful diva-like behavior toward Jon. If Jon were not Asian, I doubt if anyone would stomach the way she treats him. It's like a racial thing from the early 50's when all people Hispanic or Asian or even Indian and Chinese were considered beneath the caucasian overlords. She treats him and her kids as if they were inferior beings. Get rid of this show!

1964 days ago


Ugh, Angela is just a reminder why I can't stand uneducated people.

1964 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Watch a preview of Jon Gosselin's exclusive interview with Tyra Banks! -

1964 days ago


Somehow, I find this picture endearing...and remembering, after all, she is a registered nurse for newborns in Pennsylvania.

1964 days ago


kate is smoking hot after giving birth to 8 kids tell me 1 lady that wouldnt like to look that good honestly

1964 days ago


KEIGHT Gosselin is a horrible monster!!!!!!!!! She's ONLY a baby-lover. Once her kids became toddlers, she lost interst. She's a psycho! Her kids would be better off in foster care than w/ her (assuming they'd all be together).

1964 days ago


I'm a mom and I'd let her hold my child. What's the big deal? TMZ, let it go already. *yawning at the repetitive insults*

1964 days ago


Keight Gosselin is a horrible monster! She's nothing more than a babyphile. She _totally_ loses interest in her kids once they became toddlers. Twins becoming toddlers led to this psycho have sextuplets. Her kids would be better of orphans in foster care......... assuming all 8 kids could be in the same home. No more sweat shop exploitation. There's NOTHING GOOD about KON (Kate and Jon)! Pass it on!

1964 days ago


HOLY CRAP are you kidding me? She should spend MORE time with her own brood whom she treats like total and utter crap and NOT worry about someone else's kid. How the F long has the witch been on vacation for? God dang it seems like shes been in NC for a month. Dont those twins have school? She is a totally UNFIT MOTHER. RUN JON and TAKE THOSE KIDS with you.. THEY may then stand a chance to be somewhat normal.. Can you imagine more Katezilla's in the world? GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO......

1964 days ago


Leave the poor woman alone. Enough with the nasty comments.

1964 days ago


She's hot!

1964 days ago


She's nothing but another manipulative, neurotic, suburban, minivan driving, lame hairdoo wearing, money hoarding, attention craving koont. If you like this shrew, do yourself a favor and drive through the central PA, taking care to never stray more than three miles from the highways that link strip malls. You'll find an endless sea of "Kate's", though most of them are as fat and very few of them will have the kinds of whacked out, insane expressions on their faces that you see in the photo above.

1964 days ago


her belly button is practically under her chin LOL..nice tummy tuck...she's still a hefer from PA.

1964 days ago

Bionica Blue    

I think those of you who can be so cruel to a family that has enough problems already should take a good look at yourself before you talk about others! So Jon cheated! how many men haven't more than not they have and you women took them back! You don't throw away a 10 year marriage just like that! The kids are not being exploited and those who watch the show watch because they love the family! Most men need to have someone telling them what to do anyway and with 8 kids who wouldn't be a littl more bossy! Men think they have a nine to five job and that is their day! Try giving them a mother's job full time for a week! It is just heartbreaking that the media has done so much damage to peoples lives and you can't do anything about it! Jon and Kate, be forgiving, get conseling and go on with the show! As long as the kids are happy, be happy!!! What happens now effects their lives forever! So, be very careful!

1964 days ago


To Bionica Blue
Get real, Kate has treated Jon like a dog for years, she shows him NO respect, she humiliates him on national tv, and in public.
You sound like Kate or KON PR to me.
The media didnt create this mess, Kate did! In case I didnt make myself clear,
Kate is a nagging selfish witch, nothing will ever make her happy until she realizes what she is..... she is an annoying arrogant snob. If I were Jon I wouldn want to be near her!

1964 days ago
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