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Meet the Woman Who's Suing Bruno

6/4/2009 5:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Richelle Olson suing Sacha Baron CohenThis is the woman who is suing Sacha Baron Cohen over the alleged violent attack at the bingo parlor during the filming of "Bruno."

Her name is Richelle Olson. She's 39 years old and lives in Palmdale, CA. Olson claims Cohen came to her charity bingo match for the elderly in the character "Bruno" and began calling numbers in a vulgar and offensive way. Olson says when she tried grabbing the mic away from him, Cohen attacked her, as did several of his cameramen.

Olson says she fell to the ground, suffered brain bleeds and has been forced to use a wheelchair or a walker ever since.

Her friends tell us Olson has deteriorated since the incident. The pic was taken either before or shortly after the alleged attack.

It was first printed this morning by the Antelope Valley Press.


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Congressman ron paul    


1944 days ago


oh nooo, she doesn't have crazy eyes at allll

1944 days ago

mellon bruse N    

died on the porta potty leave the body make pennys move the BODY MAKE BILLIONS AND BILLIONS they moved the body to hung fu to make money

1944 days ago


A 39 year old trapped in an 89 year olds body... ha ha ha ha ha ha

1944 days ago


Charity Bingo - She was lucky to get Bruno! The only other person she coulda got was Eddie Munster!

1944 days ago

Grammar nazi    

I'm gonna give her the benefit of the doubt and say she was injured. I knew everyone would be calling her a golddiger, but can you fake brain bleeding in two places? I can see them knocking her down like that, too.

1944 days ago


She is 39??? Maybe in 1983 she was 39 but this picture looks a hell of a lot older than 39. Maybe in Dog years she is 39. this chick can't be younger than 52 tops. If he truly injured her then he should pay her.

1944 days ago


It was only a matter of time before Sasha's "ambush & humiliate" routine went too far and actually injured someone. Sure, I laughed at Borat & Ali G... but I also laugh at douchebags, poseurs, guidos, pre-tards, trustafarians, fatties, etc. because they're usually so stupidly self-involved that they actually think they are clever.

1944 days ago

Trooper Tom    

I'm actually surprised some one has not given Cohen a good solid ass whooping. Some of the stuff he does is really out there and the way he sneaks up on people and the acts out can be pretty rough

1944 days ago


The fact she tried to take the microphone away from Sacha and he pushed her away adds legitimacy to her complaints and I'm sure the injuries will be easily verified. In all likelihood Sacha will pay (and he should)

Return with us now to Sunday and another of Sacha's greatest hits (Those of you who think Eminem would be in on his own t-bagging are seriously naive.)

Bull-This is Eminem trying desperately to save face. Something
outrageous was what but he wasn't expecting this. See below for
complete story:

Here ya go-it took a lot of digging but this is utterly believable
from Digg and reflects what the most sane and insightful comments
here reflect:


"Eminem had no clue. I'm besties with Cohen's makeup gal and she said
Sasha's people made Sasha wear a wrestling cup (type of jockstrap)
because of concerns that little pill popper might actually do some
damage to Sasha's private parts. Sasha sprayed his pooper with Liz
Taylor's "Black Pearls" so Eminem could taste and smell a little
class with his ass."

Sasha wasn't beat down because (a) it happened quickly and was
shocking to Eminem's entourage and Eminem (b) publicly wailing and
beating the crap out of somebody while being recorded with tons of
real life witnesses is not a smart thing to do (c) while someone is
in the air on wires they are a movable target and fists might just
set the person in sway more than actually damaging him or her. If you
look, they did get aggressive but no one held him down by the wires
while others beat him down-they could have, but there's that pesky
witness thing again.

Eminem did NOT know the bare ass would be part of it-others have said
that did not happen in rehearsal. MTV has gone to extraordinary
lengths to censor anyone who might actually know and have the video
removed from other websites.

This is not something that will go away, it will be a huge
embarrassment for Eminem the rest of his life and in all likelihood
given the rabid intensity of some of his fans, Sasha Baron Cohen has
put himself into a position where his own life expectancy is now
considerably shorter. Which would be the ultimate outcome of anyone
trying this prank on someone with such a dedicated and in some cases
psychotic fan base.

1944 days ago

dr fred    

See, She was young, there is no excuse to hurt another person
sorry LOSER, he is disgusting yuck

1944 days ago


Peterson32 no one buys your bs story about the mtv awards. You're an idiot to believe that.

1944 days ago


Grandma? Seriously... she looks like my grandma... and my grandma has been dead for five years.

Good god.

1944 days ago

First whores!    

Peterson32 is a moron. Douchebag dorky 'shady' knew everything.

1944 days ago

juan locdog    

I hope this A-hole sasha baron genital wart gets sued up da azz or someone should hurt this guy.

1944 days ago
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