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Jacko & Kids: The Striking Resemblance

6/4/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hogging a huge umbrella all to himself, former King of Pop Michael Jackson and two of his allegedly biological children, Paris and Prince, roamed sans masks through an L.A. studio lot yesterday.


They have their father's (old) nose.


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Tai Pelli    

He was the man in the mirror

I'm still numb. I was watching TMZ, the first station to announce his death. It has been over 10 hrs. since then and it's still hard for me to believe that Michael Jackson is dead.

I could almost hear the music blaring from "El Acuario" (cafeteria near my High School back in the seventies), playing ABC, You and I, and many others...ah! "The Jackson Five", I always said to myself, as I crossed the small bridge to and from school.

While other babies listened to lullaby's, my son Josh listened quietly to "Thriller", it was the only thing that kept him at ease. Although to many "unbelievable", my son did not say: mama, nor papa, nor dada; his first words were; "Beat it!"

The glory of this man became tarnished with child sexual abuse accusations. Only the ones who lived the experience know the truth and my writing is not about passing judgement on the matter. I just want to write about the man in the mirror.

Josh always said he wanted to be an actor and a dancer and that, he is. His dream to meet Michael Jackson in person, today changes color. He will not meet him on this realm. Today generations are in mourning, as if we had been a part of him, as him of us.

The man in the mirror, never saw a man. He stayed in a happy child-like state where he felt safe. A place not to be understood by any of us, yet totally understood by himself. This society that is so great to bring someone up, as is easy to bring them down, cannot deny that he has been the biggest star this planet has ever seen. His stardom did not limit itself to America; he was the star of the planet!

Surrounded by fantasy, oppulence, riches, I have to but wonder what the man in the mirror really saw.

The transformation on stage only helps me see that those were the only times where he truly experienced freedom. The biggest manifestation of his true essence. he found freedom through his art, on stage...and while thousands screamed in awe, he saw no one, his spirit soared and allowed him to be something bigger that expanded beyond his tiny frame.

He is now truly free. No longer will he have to live a sheltered life. No longer will he have to the man in the mirror!!!


1924 days ago

Rachael Cabrales    

Honestly I am not going to judge if those children are his biological kids or not. My husband who just passed away by the way is Mexican and I am white. My 2 boys with him turned out with white skin and on of them has blonde hair and bluish green grey eyes and the other has auburn hair with brown eyes. Both my boys look white and not mexican and I have a dna report with the first one to prove it. No one believed me either till I got a dna test and proved it. That is why I am not going to judge whether or not his kids are his or not because of how my kids look with their mexican father.
Knowmatter who their biological parents really are or not that does not matter...they love their father Michael and they have a huge loss in thier lives right now. They are hurting deeply and they need our support and prayers. God bless the Jackson Family.

1924 days ago


I love MJ but those are not his biological children. End of story. Michael wanted so much to be white that he arranged Caucasian sperm to "father" his children. As we all know, Michael was always most comfortable living in a fantasy world. This was just another source of self-deception that gave him comfort. I think the idea of giving birth to black-looking children horrified Michael. Sad, but true.


1923 days ago


They are very much biracial.....these comment are stupid as hell! who gives a good gosh damn if they are his or not...that is the ONLY father they what is posted! For the children may be reading it one day.

1922 days ago


I'm so tired of people trying to say whether the kids are his based on their skin complexion. That is ridiculous. I say that because my girlfriend who is black and her parents are both black had a little girl. She married a white man and the child took all of his traits. This child is as white as white can get. The child started off with blonde hair and blue eyes. She now has a darker color hair. However, her hair is fine and she looks totally white. If you didn't know her better, you would swear her mother was white.

I can also recall Victoria Rowell the black actress from Young and the Restless who married a white man. She had a child and stated she was on an airplane and the flight attendant asked if she was the nanny. The thing about black people is that we can have children of all different colors. We are not stuck with one particular color being WHITE. We were once called colored people. I think there was a reason for that comment.

However, whether they are Michaels children biologically or not, this man raised them all of their life, How dare you hyprocrites say that because they are not his biological children that his family shouldn't have any rights to them. That is not only ignorant on your part, but cruel to try to take away the only family these children have ever known to place them in the hands of a woman that had ZERO relationship with them and gave them away for financial purposes only. Debbie Rowe may be looked upon as the surrogate for Michael. However you want to look at it, you are comparing a family that hs been involved with the children all their lives to a woman that has had no relationship with them. Hmmn..I think the children would rather be with the known than the unknown. They would probably prefer to be with a family that knew their Dad from the very beginning to the very end.

1922 days ago


I am not sure about blanket haven't seen a clear picture of him but I highly doubt these two older children are his biological children, and i am wondering why didn't their mom choose to be in their life more . i also think they were hidden away for a reason . they say the children were not in school, and were not really exposed to other children I wonder why that is? i dont think MJ has any biological children he was never happy with his own appearance so I think he may not have wanted to chance having a child that would look like him at all which is sad.

1921 days ago


im sorry those children do not look mixed at all, not their features, nothing about them , now it's possible they could be but i highly doubt it , african american features are dominant so you would be able to tell in some way , and I do not see it atall in these children I have cousins that are mixed blk /hispanic, white/blk, my grand mother is mixed, and although some may have very pale skin you can see that they are mixed, some have blonde high lights , green eyes, some have dark skin but you can tell they are mixed, these kids do not look mixed which it doesnt matter because to them MJ is their dad, and he raised them as his own , but come on dont try to mislead the public into thinking these were his biological kids because i dont think they are could be but i dont think they are .

1921 days ago


besides their mom said they are not MJ's biological children although mike had legal rights , it's unknown about blanket he has a different mom a surrogate from Europe...its on the net look it up .

1921 days ago


I am quite shocked that everyone is so full of hate towards Michael Jackson that they bring his kids into it.....They are obviously his you only have to look at them to see that. They look like him for goodness sakes?!?!?!?!? WTF people!!!!!

1920 days ago


All of you sick people shame. Making fun of beautiful children. Who are indeed Michaels Kids. weather you want to believe it or not.
Then questioning MJ's fathering skills. HE WAS A DAMN GOOD FATHER. I hope you are happy. You killed him all of you who constanly cut him down. You guys helped to make him the way he was. Take a bow he is dead now. YOU HAPPY?

1920 days ago


I am the parent of three mixed raced children I am black and my husband is white. Also 5 of my brothers and sisters also have maried white partners. Between us we have 20 mixed raced children. They all vary in complexion, from fair to quite dark; hair type from straight European to curly; also eye colour varies from green to different shades of brown. I therefore feel well placed to say that Michael Jackson's children are not mixed race. They are clearly the product of two white people. What I find hard to understand, is why would a black man want to have pure white children. There is something very sick about all of this. Mixed race children are truly beautiful. They are a positive mix of two racial backgrounds. You only have to look at Alicia Keys and Halle Berry to see just how stunning. Michael Jackson's choice to have blue eyed blond hair children is bizarre to say the least. All three must have biological parents. I wonder if they will ever know who they really are?

1920 days ago


So what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leave him alone. You people are freaks!

1920 days ago

Bob Scott    

These children are allegedly half black. The chances of a half black youngster having blondish hair and blue eyes is very small. For an African-American man to have two such youngsters is virtually impossible. Michael Jackson was not a self-hating black. He simply was attracted to whites in terms of how he saw beauty; no different than a man with blond hair favoring brunettes. Thus, he wanted white kids to fit his imaginary standards of beauty. He intended no political statement whatsoever, I believe.

1919 days ago


Paris looks like Debbie and the boys resemble Michael in his early years. I have a mixed child and his features change as he grows.

1917 days ago


I think Paris looks like Debbie Rowe. And believe me, I didn't think they were Michael's before. After looking at them though... The boys have his nose, or something like it. I seriously believe that Prince II is his, if none of the others aren't. He has the dark hair and everything. Besides, I know a bunch of people that are half Black that have super light skin and blonde hair. Heck, I'm only 1/4 White and people think I'm evreything but what I am, which is Black. It's all about genes.

1917 days ago
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