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Jacko & Kids: The Striking Resemblance

6/4/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hogging a huge umbrella all to himself, former King of Pop Michael Jackson and two of his allegedly biological children, Paris and Prince, roamed sans masks through an L.A. studio lot yesterday.


They have their father's (old) nose.


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I'll eat my shorts if those kids are his. As a matter of fact, I'd eat Jacko's shorts and the entire Jackson family's too. There ain't no way in God's green earth that those kids are his. I know because I have a child of mixed race and somehow, someway, somewhere there is ALWAYS some racial characteristic. Those children are clearly 100% caucasian.

1966 days ago


Don't really look like Jacksons to me...

1966 days ago


These Kids llok like their Mom, & what a F@ckin Bi@tch she is to sell her own children for the Money....

1966 days ago


They don't look like their so-called mom either - that girl had blue eyes and blonde hair...
Seriously, where does those kids come from?

1966 days ago


who are these white kids? they're not and white makes beige, brown, mocha, Shemar Moore and Halle Berry

1966 days ago


I agree with poster 2, these kids are 100% caucasion and would have some ethnic characteristics whether it be their hair or complexion; even the fairest of mixed kids have some color...

1966 days ago


I agree...there is no way these are genetically his children. I'm not buying it. And I feel so sorry for those kids. Imagine the kind of screwed up childhood they've had with Michael Jackson raising them. And for the mother to literally birth them, and then abandon them for money, like a business transaction, is purely evil to me. On a better note- these kids are very nice-looking. I hope they grow into attractive, productive adults.

1966 days ago


here we go again.. the same old speech... are they o are they not his "real" children???

For God's sake!! father is the one who provides what a child needs , it's someone who gives 'em love, support, help and these sorta things, not the one who has sex with their mother... how many stories do we know of biological fathers who don't give a sh***t 'bout their own children???

so people forget 'bout this story already....

and TMZ.... plss do not make fun of children...

I think that's the reason why Michael covers their faces and he should keep doing it...for their own good

1966 days ago


I knew they weren't really his from the time they were babies. They were just as white and blonde then as they are now. Up until MJ went off the deep end he was actually a relatively dark skinned black person.

Sadly, it has been pretty clear for a while that he would rather be white than black. I bet pretending these blonde haired children are genetically his own helps him to fulfill this fantasy of his, at least in his own mind.

1966 days ago


How stupid can MJ be, or does he think the rest of us are? I'll bet all the money in the world, and my life to see a DNA match that those kids are his. Nothing about the children pictured with him says "Jackson"!

1966 days ago


....alot of you have little understanding how genetics work, apparently. Kids look of mixed race. Michael Jackson is black, the mom is white. The boy, especially looks like a Jackson. Blonde hair is a recessive gene, so alot of the time, brown hair, brown eyes are going to present over blonde hair/blue eyes. Christ, that's just BASIC genetics.

Go take a biology course..all of you.

1966 days ago


I would like to add that I believe that the real reason Jackos keeps them cloaked in secrecy is BECAUSE they are not his biological kids and it would be obvious to everyone

1966 days ago


WTF?! how are those kids BLONDE?!!!! They have light brown hair!! wtf, people, you are dumb.

1966 days ago

Rave On    

Where is Blanket? In the wash?

1966 days ago

lost in lalaland    

These poor kids must have the weirdest life imaginable. Whether they share blood with this freak is doubtful, but the damage of being raised by someone so clearly mentally unstable will be enormous.

1966 days ago
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