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OMG! Janet Jackson Looks Amazing!

6/4/2009 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oh wait, that's actually Ciara at her London concert last night.


Miss Ciara, if you're nasty!


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Yeah...Janet is about 100 lbs heavier than that.

1963 days ago


Isn't Ciara a man? She has her weiner hanging out the side of her leotard!

1962 days ago


I feel kinda bad for Ciara. She used to be very hot back in 2004 for her Crunk and B dance styles and music and had a sense of self with her cool tom boy hot girl edge.People loved her music because it was something to dance to and she just had that appeal...she was the it girl ,mostly because of her dancing.She moved on from the "Goodies" album which was a great success and later released [sophomore] the "Revolution" album which didn't do so well but "Promise" really caught the attention of her fans and she continued to be on top for the first single of her album.Unfortunately, at that time Beyonce had a new album out and Rihanna was the new girl gone bad which took all the attention away from Ciara. People noticed that and then quickly bought into other active rising stars.Ciara was later forgotten and so was her music.

I really think the problem with Ciara and why she isn't doing well now can be answered with no hesitation.She is a pretty girl but:

* Image-She has ditched her tomboy persona which made her different from the rest of the singers out there and has tried to "fit" in with the rest which made her even more forgettable.She is now a carbon-copy of every singer you see out there now ,which is something that will take away your popularity if you don't have the great music to back it up,[which I will get to].This is why it is important to be yourself in business and be known for what you are truly good at.
*Music- Ciara's music is nice but it isn't something you could listen to for at least five years straight.Her songs although again nice,they are not impressive and she shows a lack of vocal ability.If she was highly gifted she would still be in the game right now [popular as ever] no matter what she put on.
*Public/Private Life- What more do we know about Ciara other than the fact that she was that famous singer who sang "Goodies" and dated Bow Wow?What kind of reputation does she have?What does she do when she is in public?If she is not mentioned for doing anything and is always out of the public eye,she will be forgotten easily.I am afraid music is not really enough to keep an artist like this in the game with a rising career.It doesn't seem like she cares.
*The Art of Seduction- ...Is really getting old.Back to the "image" of the singer, so many have taken their clothes off.It's not a new thing.Why would people want to listen to someone with okay songs, who doesn't really use her dancing skills anymore and tries to act sexy to get people to watch her videos?People can tell Ciara is trying to become this raunchy bad girl like Rihanna [ewww] and it leaves a bad taste in peoples' mouths.Ciara has made it this far in her career so I think she needs to go back to what her fans originally loved.I think she needs to promote herself more,get better marketing strategies,get her own business or do something.She needs to be known for something but is has to be good.Everyone wanted to be like the old Ciara now the new Ciara is who everyone is ignoring.She is just not interesting.

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1902 days ago
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