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The Most Dangerous Bingo Hall on Earth

6/4/2009 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sacha Baron CohenThe mother of Sacha Baron Cohen's alleged victim is a bona fide badass -- she was ballsy enough to pull a gun on two armed robbers in 2003 at the same bingo hall were the Cohen incident took place.

According to documents, on the morning of Jan. 11, 2003, two gunmen entered the United Desert Charities building to steal roughly $10,000 in B-I-N-G-O dough.

Five people were there at the time: One being Nora Kirkbride, mother of Richelle Olson -- the lady who's suing Sacha.

The docs say Nora "grabbed her gun and came out of her office" -- but wised up and relinquished her weapon when the robbers demanded it. E for effort, Nora.

The gunmen ended up making off with the cash -- but were later caught, convicted and jailed.

All the people at the UDC luckily escaped unscathed -- except, of course, for a few pair of soiled undergarments.


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What the hell kind of story is this?

1935 days ago

DLiver 420    

Seriously? You're reading stories on TMZ and questioning their content choices? thinks you expect too much.

1935 days ago

LA LA    

Dont trust any old people who play bingo! My ex mother in law was a crazy Italian lady!

1935 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

the granny mafia strikes again!

1935 days ago


You just don't mess with bingo players! It's as serious as the super bowl to me and alot of others!!

1935 days ago

Jus D truth    

What a stupid thing to do!! If you carry & gun, then pull it out on someone....WHY are you gonna be stupid enough to give it up to the robber/attacker?? if you carry a gun w/the the sole purpose of protecting yourself or others.....then do just that & DON'T HESISTATE!These guys could of very simply killed this lady w/her own gun! I can tell you this...this lady is NO MADEA....MADEA would of kicked-A$$ big time

1935 days ago

Avenge, revenge, whatever    

I have to agree with #6. What a dumb thing to do. If you have a gun, use it. For all she knew the thugs guns were fake, not loaded, etc. Then she gives up her gun? What a moron. I don't own a gun, but even I know (and law enforcement officers will say the same all down the line) that you don't bring one out unless you fully intend to use it. The story is written as though she is a badass, but really she's just a dumbass who was lucky not to have been shot by her own gun.

1935 days ago


Proof to all the mental giants that read the story yesterday about the woman hurt by Borat and commented that she must have be looking so bad because she was so old: it's her Mother that lives at the home! Too bad TMZ's writing is so pathetic too - they never give you all the facts.

1935 days ago


It is so weird that people come on these boards and say they know the people involved and argue the case for or against and put info up like phone numbers, etc.

I really don't want to hear about this case until there's a verdict. Whether this lady is lying or not--the judge will be able to figure out which story is true. Otherwise this is a lot of publicity over potentially nothing.

Maybe if it's a really good judge he or she can issue a restraining order for the general public against SBC.

1935 days ago


SOOOOOO.... she was hurt so bad by Borat -sorry, Bruno- that she's confined to a wheelchair BUT she can charge after 2 robbers? Do I have that right or did I just misread it?

1935 days ago


Yes glowbugger, you read it wrong. The first line says it was the victim's mother who was involved in trying to thwart a robbery. And it was 4 years before her daughter's run-in with SBC to boot. All in the article. Reread it if you need to.

1935 days ago


Oh yeah! Thanks huh.......
I think I like my version better. lol

1935 days ago


Funny story! It's interesting how you can get from bingo to these kind of crimes:)

1929 days ago

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