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Bradley Cooper 'Beets' a Joke to Death

6/5/2009 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With "The Hangover" coming out this weekend, the dudes from the flick keep getting asked the same question about the cure for overconsumption -- but they're all using the same stock answer: Roasted beets.

Bradley Cooper: Click to watch
Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zac Galifinakis have all been asked for a hangover cure here, here, here and in the video above -- but they're losing some serious style points because they keep dropping the exact same answer.

But does anyone know if beets really help though? Seriously, it's the weekend, we gotta know.


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Tylenol, lots of water, and lots of sleep.

1932 days ago


v-8 juice, followed by plenty of cherry coke on ice.

1932 days ago


i have and herbal remedy. you just wake up and roll up and then sit and watch tv untill one of your buddys call you to go out out drinkin again

1932 days ago


LITO wins.

1932 days ago


Perrier and marijuana.

1932 days ago


Gatorade and sex

1932 days ago


MJ cures all...

1932 days ago


All I know is that beets make your poop red and if you forget that you ate beets the night before, it'll scare the sh*t out of you....Literally.

1932 days ago


Bradley tries too hard to 'butch it up' when acting. And comon, "Bradly" instead of simply Brad? Kinda a fancy-schmancy name as Anderson Cooper.

I'm just saying. Would be cool if actors could be themselves and not overact the 'buddy' type character.

1932 days ago


The perfect fix for a hangover: DON'T drink so much! Works every time. Seriously, if a person thinks they have to be falling down drunk to have a good time, they need to check themselves into rehab ASAP.

1932 days ago


why don't you go get a good buzz on and take the stick outa yer butt.

1932 days ago


Take 2-3 activated charcoal tablets with a BIG glass of water before you go to bed. If needed take a couple more when you wake up. Drink gatorade to replinish electrolites and potassium. It your stomach can handle it, make a banana and honey smoothie in the morning. This replinishes your potassium and blood sugar.

1932 days ago

Jennifer Ann Taylor    

Here's what I found:
Q&A With "Hangover" Star Zach Galifianakis
By Sarah Ball
Thursday, June 04, 2009 8:15 AM

Stop me if you've heard this one: a guy walks up to a poster for The Hangover, takes one look and says, "Who the hell is that guy?"

The answer is Zach Galifianakis, an absurdist, piano-playing stand-up comedian (and one of the "Comedians of Comedy") who looks kinda like the Brawny paper-towel guy. With five pending 2009 releases, Galifianakis is about to have a breakout year in film, and he starts by playing third fiddle in The Hangover to two better-known stars, Ed Helms of The Office and Bradley Cooper, of Wedding Crashers fame. But for a comparative newbie, he steals the show as a zany, socially inept groomsman who's utterly unaware of his third-wheel status. So successful is his shtik—and, by the same token, the movie's laugh factor—that Warner Brothers has already greenlighted a sequel. Ahead of The Hangover's June 5 release, NEWSWEEK talked to Galifianakis about roasted beets, his affinity for jockstraps and why men don't wear white jeans anymore. Excerpts:

What about a foolproof hangover cure?
Roasted beets. If you eat them before you go out, you wake up fine. I discovered it by accident. I wanted to learn how to make roasted beets, and when I did, I was so overcome with giddiness that I wanted to celebrate. So I drank way too much, but I had no hangover whatsoever the next morning.

1932 days ago


Take two one a day vitamin tablets before you go to sleep/pass out. Totally works.

1932 days ago


The best cure for a hangover iz to eat sum menudo, with lemon, oregano, & thats what cure a good hangover, believe me, i

1932 days ago
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