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Carradine's Family Suspicious of Death

6/5/2009 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Carradine's family believes foul play was involved in the actor's death because they've been told he was found with his hands tied behind his back.

Earlier today, Thai police added to the mystery saying, "It is unclear whether [David] committed suicide or not or [whether] he died of suffocation or heart failure." Police say he could have died from an "accidental suffocation."

David's body was discovered in his Bangkok hotel room early Thursday morning -- police said there was rope wrapped around his neck and genitals.

Initially cops suspected suicide, but Carradine's close friends and family immediately refuted the claim -- saying David would never do that to himself. But cops say there's no evidence to suggest anyone was in the room at the time of David's death.

Now, suspicions of foul play are growing even stronger among family members who claim the hotel has been incredibly slow in turning over surveillance video to cops.

We've been told by the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok that David's body was shipped back to the States Friday evening (Thailand is 14 hours ahead of PST).

Story developing...

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No Avatar


He is a perv, he was getting his freak on and it went bad........ask his daughter what happened at Riata ranch that dad didnt do any thing about........perv???

1967 days ago


David Carradine did NOT commit suicide!
Mel Gibson's wife should take him for everything she can - he's been screwing around through their whole marriage !
Eva Longoria is too skinny for a bathing suit - gor forbid a bikini !

1967 days ago


I am real concerned about David's death. If the hotel does not turn over the videos it could be a possibility of guilt on their part of not keeping their hotels safer. Who in their right mind tie their hands behind their back and neck? He has so much going for him and he has had things under control mentally. No one can tell me that he committed suicide. I think he crossed paths of the enemy there and they did him in and made it look like a suicide. Hotels does not to cause panic of their patrons who keep their businesses alive but the word will spread either way.

1967 days ago


Paul! that is not very nice to say about other people, celebrities are humans too, suppose it was you or one of your family members. Think first before you try and critisize someone else. Gob Bless!

1967 days ago


I have to agree with the poster who said that Mr. Carradine's death could have been a "revenge killing" for him getting the Kung Fu role over Bruce Lee. There were a lot of Bruce Lee fans and associates who were angry about that and carried the grudge for decades. I'm sure that when A&E dug up the whole mess on their "Biography" program, it didn't help matters. I do not believe it was a suicide, either. Oh, and for the record? Mr. Carradine was better suited for the "Kung Fu" role. Bruce Lee was an attack dog. Mr. Carradine understood the role. He had the demeanor and professionalism. Jackie Chan could have handled the role. That guy who was in the movie "Anna and the King" ( with Jodie Foster ) could have handled the role .... but Bruce Lee? No. It's not enough just to be able to be a martial arts super hero. The sour grapes over Lee not getting the role 30+ years ago was ridiculous and how awful if it cost Mr. Carradine his life ... in a very gruesome way. We'll never know the truth. This happened in Thailand, after all. But I'll NEVER believe it was suicide.

1967 days ago


Come on he was kill .

1967 days ago


If I seem to remember correctly, before he did the Kung Fu television series, he was a rable rouser of sorts. The show calmed him down. Taught him control and discipline. I for one think that it changed his life around for the better. After learning all this, I find it extremely difficult that he committed suicide. Common folks, alter watching all those CSI-type shows, things are not what they always appear. First he was found showing the appearance that he hung himself. Now, he was found with his hands tied? No wonder his family is concerned that this wasn't a suicide. Only time will tell.

1967 days ago


David Carradine's death can not be a suicide. First of all, the location makes no sense. Why would a guy go to Bangkok to kill himself? And how could he hang himself if his arms were tied behind his back? No, I think this is a murder, probably committed by prostitutes or their pimps. After all, what do most guys go to Bangkok for? Sex. And not just any old sex, but sex that is hard -if not illegal- to get here in the US. The fact that his genitals were tied suggests somebody wanted to humiliate him sexually; maybe this is the work of a prostitute who had an issue with him. Lastly, I'm not surprised that the hotel was slow to release surveillance footage to the police; first of all they want to avoid any scandal involving the hotel, second, somebody in the hotel staff may have had something to do with this, and third, hotels often arrange for prostitutes to be available for guests. I'm wondering how the Thai police will handle this case.

1967 days ago


As the man's hands were tied behind his back, if it WAS sexual asphixiation, then he had HELP in preparation. Whether this ws the scenario, or whether he was actually set up to be robbed or blackmailed (happens often to celebrities), there MUST have been at least one other person involved. Therefore, a witness does exist.

FWIW, David Carradine was one of the few celebrity personalities I would have liked to know. I bet he was one heck of a character in real life.

1967 days ago

Alan Hills    

He had forty-six bullet holes in his upper torso and his head is missing. At this time police are calling it a suicide. But Machine Gun Kelly and a Islamic terrorist with a bloody sword are persons of interest.

1967 days ago


Regarding Bruce Lee, he was not murdered, unless you think someone mysteriously placed a BRAIN TUMOR in his skull...
His SON may have been murdered, indirectly, by someone who substitued a loaded gun for the prop gun on the movie set where he died. THAT was a suspicious death.

1967 days ago

Tom/Chino Hills    

I believe that he was murdered out of competition for the movie role he was to portray. Just like the bad blood fued that surrounded Bruce Lee and Bruce Lee's Son. Money changes people for the worse and it fuels the evil of competition. Plus lets be real here, You don't tie your nuts, your hands, and your neck and then hang yourself in the closet, it's illogical. Lets face the facts folks , he was murdered. Just like when the Mafia takes you out, they actually sever your Genitals and stuff them into the mouth of their victim, now is that something they would do to themselves? NOT....

1967 days ago

Joseph Hund    

What's very likely is accidental death during a prostution session. The guy was in Bangkok for God's sake.

He was probably into asphyxiation and had hired a hooker. Something went wrong, he died, she got scared, wiped the place down and left. The hotel didn't want to release the video because prostituion there paints them in a publicly worldwide bad light.

1967 days ago


It sounds like David died from auto erotic asphxyiation. He was a great actor so I wont go into the details. Most people have heard of this though. Regards to the family

1967 days ago


People murder american citizens all over the world these days, whether at resorts, on ocean cruise ships or in remote locations.

Gays & Lesbians are targeted in Jamaica and other Caribbean islands.

Look at poor Natalee Holloway in Aruba. Everyone knew who her killers were, but they were wealthy connected young Dutchmen who were whisked away to Europe by their sleazy attorney father. (And still, American tourists vacation in Aruba - disgraceful).

Look at the foul play situations where that young man on his honeymoon was thrown over the deck, and cruise ship officials either blundered the initial investigation or covered it up.

Then there was the woman who murdered recently and cruise ship officials and local authorities blamed it on her being bi-polar.

And look at what Portuguese authorities did to those poor McCanns from England when the police couldn't find the killer of their daughter, Madeline, so they began arrest proceedings against the McCans over their murdered daughter,

And now an American man cannot gain custody of his 5 year-old son who is being held hostage by his ex-wife's boyfriend. The wife kidnapped the boy and died, and her boyfriend, a wealthy influential attorney has manipulated the system to hold an American child hostage. Even Hillary Clinton got involved and shamed the Brazilian government, and the boy was supposed to be returned last week, until another corrupt judge overturned the ruling that the child was to be returned to his biological father.

Foreign countires hate us.

1967 days ago
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