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Carradine's Family Suspicious of Death

6/5/2009 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Carradine's family believes foul play was involved in the actor's death because they've been told he was found with his hands tied behind his back.

Earlier today, Thai police added to the mystery saying, "It is unclear whether [David] committed suicide or not or [whether] he died of suffocation or heart failure." Police say he could have died from an "accidental suffocation."

David's body was discovered in his Bangkok hotel room early Thursday morning -- police said there was rope wrapped around his neck and genitals.

Initially cops suspected suicide, but Carradine's close friends and family immediately refuted the claim -- saying David would never do that to himself. But cops say there's no evidence to suggest anyone was in the room at the time of David's death.

Now, suspicions of foul play are growing even stronger among family members who claim the hotel has been incredibly slow in turning over surveillance video to cops.

We've been told by the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok that David's body was shipped back to the States Friday evening (Thailand is 14 hours ahead of PST).

Story developing...

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1937 days ago


I find this story terribly disturbing. I also find that the reporter's actions more disturbing that the story itself. In a rush to get the story to deadline it seems most, if not all the facts, were distorted. That being said - when will a reporter realize that the truth far outweighs the story being put to press immediately. This kind of action by reporters and their newspapers/magazines is leaving those left behind with distorted thoughts of their loved ones. It is also aggregoious in the fact that a dead person cannot speak for themselves and therefore the reader is left to imagine all possibilities. It is hard enough for a living person to defend themselves nowadays to the police, press, reader, etc. - so why is this a continued practice among reporters. To say shame on them is not enough. David Carradine your talent will be missed and I will always see you as alive and smiling. Smile now David for there are no reporters in heaven that have a deadline to meet.

1937 days ago

Teresa Turner    

If david had a rope around his neck and his genitals and his hands, don't ya think that looks like murder instead of suicide or an accident? #1 why would you put rope around your genitals and #2 if his hands were bound then how in the world did he get the rope around his neck, then genitals and then tie himself up and accidently WHAT???????
Somebody is not a good investigator if they are saying the crazy things they are saying. By what they are saying it looks like homicide.
God bless him and his family. I hope you get to the truth of the whole thing. Just remember he is in a better place then we are. He is with JESUS now.
I do not for one second think he took his own life..
God bless you all....
Pinyon Pines

1937 days ago


Rest in peace, young Grasshopper.

1937 days ago


It is likely that his penchant for kinky sex, probably with a prostitute, resulted in his death. If someone wanted to simply kill him, they wouldn't need to tie rope around his genitals. Bangkok is known for prostitution. They say you die the way you live. Unfortunately when you are a celebrity, it gets reported. After a long acting career, this is what he will be remembered for, just like others whose sexual proclivities brought them down. May he rest in peace.

1937 days ago


rest in peace David, you will be brought get entertainment to many

1937 days ago


Anyone that twisted as to tie up their own genitals and suffocate themselves just to reach orgasm ( his age) is twisted and deserves whatever happens. YUK!!!!!!!!!!! EWWWWWWWWWW!!!

1937 days ago


I wasn't there and I am no expert, so I can't say what I think. I guess the rest of you all know more about the case or else you wouldn't be talking so much and making assumptions and conclusions.

1937 days ago


i do not think he killed himself, he didn't seem like that kind of guy, and who ever did this ,should have to pay the same way he did. AN EYE FOR AN EYE AND TOOTH FOR A TOOTH, then people would think befor they did something like this and please give him the respect he deserves

1937 days ago


From everything I've heard and read,suicide seems increasingly unlikely. Whether it was murder or an accident only time will tell(hopefully). Oh well,rest in peace,David.

1937 days ago


too bad for David Carradine and his Family, friends and fans. I hope they find what really happened, but i dont know how well their police and investigations are.
Sad to say we may never know

1937 days ago


Sounds like David liked that kinky sex, probably with someone's child.

1937 days ago


His death was obviously Autoerotic Asphyxiation.
You tie a knot around your privates, then one around your wrist...then... you hang a rope around the pole in the walk over to it, slip your neck into it, put your hands behind your back, place your other hand inside the loop, wiggle it until it tightens. Now, you begin to lift the weight off your feet, in a "hanging yourself posture"....the more you let go, the tighter the rope get's around your neck, and your body begins to swell, tightening the ropes everywhere. He probably thought he'd be able to catch himself before too much oxygen was lost, which causes ultimate death, but perhaps his heart gave out shortly in to his experience, and left him hanging there with all the life released from his body.
This is what I read on the internet about autoerotic Asphyxiation..check it out for yourself. Many times when we hear about young boys "hanging themselves" in the bathroom, or their bedroom's and "commiting sucide", many were really doing this strange act, and went to far. It is easier on the family to just say he committed sucide.
What a strange world we live in that people would go to such lengths for sexual release. Hopefully, they will discover the real way David Carradine died, and print the truth. Sometimes it takes famous people to experience events before proper acknowledgment is ever taken on things that need to be addressed and dealth with around bazzar behaviors. Let's hope this one is an example of what can happen to anyone who ventures off into these strange practices.

1937 days ago


He was doing that jack off and choke big wup.

1937 days ago

Ben Dover    

Sounds like a little gay play gone wrong.

1937 days ago
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