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Docs: Carradine's 'Potentially Deadly' Sex Habits

6/5/2009 6:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another major development in the David Carradine death mystery -- this one found in the pages of his 2003 divorce papers, in which his ex wife accused him of a "potentially deadly" sexual appetite.

In divorce papers obtained by the Smoking Gun, David's ex-wife Marina accused him of participating in "deviant sexual behavior which was potentially deadly." The papers do not say specifically what that behavior entailed.

Police say David's body was found in his Bangkok hotel room Thursday morning with a rope around his neck and genitals. It was at first reported as a suicide, but police have since changed their tune by saying he could have died from an "accidental suffocation."

David's manager believes foul play is involved because he's been told David was found with his hands tied behind his back.


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How ironic. next Tuesday on fox new television show MENTAL. He plays a mental patient. on the show

1932 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

back in the 70`s many GOT hung up by thier nuts in mexican jails STREACH the movie was a bait in for a child molster and he got his own nuts handed to him in his face.CLA Cleaning up takeing out the trash GREAT JOB GOD SPEED.

1932 days ago


Sometimes Life Imitates Art / Art Imitates Life.......

As seen in the Kill Bill movies, remember the scene of Lucy Lui's character that killed the pedofile when she was just a
girl........... I would put my money on something very similiar to that happening, weather it being a victim, or an actual pimp teaching him a lesson.

I know that sounds horrible, and whomever may have done that wanted the lesson to be heard around the world.

Bangkok has a enormous sex-trade involving anything, and everything (way under the age of 18). Age does not make a difference, it is part of there tourism.

Perhaps an this incident will shed some light, and hopefully something good can come out of this entire event......If nothing else perhaps shine the world's light on the crimes happening to the children in that part of the world by America and tourists traveling to do their dirty little deeds.

1932 days ago


Sounds like damage control to me.. IF the hands were tied behind his back then THAT would have been mentioned right from the get go .. it would have been obvious that 'foul play' would be a concern. But it wasn't mentioned until all the hooplah about autoerotic play. Nope not buying the hands tied thing until I see some official info released.. until then , and along with the new info about dangerous/deadly sexual practices I'm sticking with the auto erotic play gone bad story.

1932 days ago


"The evil that men do lives on. The good is oft interred with their bones." W Shakespeare. It should not be this way. Everyone should be remembered for how they lived; not how they died.

1932 days ago


The poor guy has always been a little odd like his old man. He's been married 5 times? He also had a child with Barbara Hershey. she changed her last name to Seagull around that time because they believed the spirit of a seagull entered her body. they named their son "Free Caradine", but he has since legally changed his name to Tom. He musth ave had a strange childhood with those two as parents. RIP, David

1932 days ago


Ok TMZ we all get where your going please stop already and let the old man go
I include his manager in that too who will keep this going by claiming it was some kind of murder plot, what was there a clause in some insurance? Just let him go!

1932 days ago

National Champs    

LIFE= Time In Motion

1932 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

STREACH Bait IN for child molster he went for the streach movie bait in and got the CIA standard mexican NUT hanger his nuts to his face how do you like those apples HUNG FU.GODSPEED CIA.

1932 days ago

Phil Mickelson Fan    

As a teenager I remember waiting eagerly to watch Kung Fu every week. I loved this guy back then. He was so cool. So part of me is really sad and will miss him.

But now it's 2009, and I come to TMZ looking for fun and laughs. SO POST #21, you get my award for the funniest and freakiest post :-)

As far as all the speculations go, I believe he was with someone else, possibly like post #48 (life imitates art) described.

As far as Bangkok goes, if I was an actor and was offerred a movie over there, I would simply turn it down, no matter what the pay was. Anyone with common sense knows it is a pretty freaky city.

1932 days ago


Sounds like he went a bit too far with his jackin'. Too bad. RIP Dave.....

1932 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

If you are too big and too dirty CIA will take you out.Kiddy pornland bait in GOT HUNG FU as a like long dirt bag.He could have did much damage to the hollywood profits and to his country so just as they did in mexico to drug runners they did to him HUNG HIM UP BY HIS NUTS standard CIA way to takeout the garbage.He went for the bait under age kids they got him and took him out eye for a eye JUSTIC.You can`t run or hide from the CIA

1932 days ago

Phil Mickelson Fan    

Hey CIA guy, I think you have a chance of being correct that someone may have did it to him, but it was probably an angry prostitute or pimp. THE CIA HAS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO THESE DAYS than to hang around in Bangkok.

1932 days ago


It's important to make sure it doesn't look like suicide (hands tied behind back) so the insurance company will pay the life insurance benefits.

1932 days ago

Mary Worth    

When I first heard of his death, I was ashamed of my suspicions about how he left us. It's sad to now know my suspicions were right.

Some time ago, I saw a pic of a blond, young adult, who was found hanging in the nude. All the evidence showed he was aphyxiated due to sex experimentation. I remember thinking this teenager/young man had a perfect physique. And why wasn't he involved with a significant other, instead? "What a waste, and a tragedy!" was my thought, then.

May God show mercy to David Carradine. Time will pass, and the memory of his sad demise will fade.
This is exactly what has happened to Rock Hudson. He is garnering new fans from a new generation, who don't even know what horrors Aids brought to our society twenty eight years, ago.

1932 days ago
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