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John Legend -- Hope It Gives You Hell, Boy

6/5/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Legend's major acting career begins and ends with "Soul Men" -- and if he was lookin' to expand his resume, dissing one of the biggest director's around probably wasn't the best way to do it.

Guillermo del Toro & John Legend: Click to watch
John totally blew off "Hellboy" and upcoming "Hobbit" helmer Guillermo del Toro yesterday at JFK.

It's hilarious -- as long as you're not Guillermo.


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john's getting uppity

1912 days ago

Linda Mott    

I felt very bad to see the way he treated Guillermo Del Toro. I guess he thought being nice to someone he didn't recognize as a "Big Shot", was beneath him.

1912 days ago


john who? And Guillermo del Toro is a film GOD!

1912 days ago



I'd do anything to get that close to GDT. I've been following his career since I can remember. He was totally rude to the magic that is DelToro.

On a side note:

It looked like Legend was just in a hurry, and if you arent prepared for the camera you probably don't want to be near one.

1912 days ago

showgirls fan    

I am one who doesnt stick up for "these" types of "people". but John was in a hurry, He has stolen goods in that bag of his.

GDT is a master. He will make that gay ass story about the hob nobbin hobbit pretty damn cool.

1912 days ago


John Legend needs a big plate of get over yourself.

1912 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

This one looks like it needs to be filed in the p. dough compartment.

1912 days ago


John Legend is a douchebag and a "legend in his own mind!"

1912 days ago

Tom C.    

He was in "Soul Men", plural, not "Soul Man" with C. Thomas Howell....

1912 days ago

Legal Eagle    

Wow, that was really rude. I don't know who Guillermo is, either, but I would have at least paused and smiled at him--the guy had no camera (obviously not a pap) and seemed really friendly; his presence was that of a teddy bear. I would have assumed it was a random fan, if nothing else.

1912 days ago


Arrogant black racists know no bounds. This dude sucks as a "singer" and is a total prick of a human being.

1912 days ago


Unbelievable - but this is typical behavior for blacks. I can guarantee you he spoke to everyother RANDOM black he came in contact with that day like they were old friends. Must be a black thing. I bet even the black savior OBAMA get hollered at all day long by the random fast food employees in which he comes in contact. Hey my DOG, what's my my BROTHER or what up my NGR!

1912 days ago


Get over yourself TMZ, some people have better things to do at an airport than play CLOWN for the pap. The guy just got off the plane and was obviously in a rush. That's why that guy from twilight just keeps his head down and a hound over his head when he sees you guys coming. Some times people just aren't in the mood.

#13-really John Legend is a racist? You know this how? And unlike the no-talent no-claim to fame douche-bags that TMZ likes to follow, John Legend IS actually talented. BOTH as a singer and on the piano. You sound like an ignorant S.O.B., check your FACTS before you start mouthing off on something you know NOTHING about. What a tool!

1912 days ago


#15 notthatintoyou

I noticed you called out #13 on the talent part of their comments but not on the more factual "arrogant black racist" portion. At least you know which battles to pick.

Wow, he can sing AND play piano!?!?!?!?! So can half the people that try out of American Idol you ignorant POS. I suggest you check your own facts and get them straight before passing judgement onto others and looking foolish. And for the record, Legend does suck!!!!

1912 days ago


RUDE! RUDE! RUDE! John Legend thinks he's all that but guess what, we don't even listen to your songs and really won't now!

1912 days ago
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