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Kate Gosselin Is Constantly Secured

6/6/2009 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's nothing more dangerous than the beach -- that's why Kate Gosselin demands that her new "friend"/security guard Steve Neild always watches her back.


And nothing says intimidation like cargo shorts and mandals.


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The BODYGUARD is a DIVORCED man as of April this year. This is according to Public Records. It's also interesting that his wife FILED FOR DIVORCE last Sept. 2008. This is probably the time that his wife found out that he is HAVING AN AFFAIR with Kate. And according to some people Kate has been sleeping with this guy for more than a year.

It's no wonder that SIX MONTHS AGO, Kate told Jon "HEY IT'S OVER"... this is according to Kate's brother Kevin (RADAR ONLINE interview) who claim that Jon told him and his wife all about this.

The new IN TOUCH mag. also confirm this where a close friend of Jon told them that SIX MONTHS AGO JON CONFRONTED KATE about her ongoing AFFAIR WITH THE BODYGUARD that resulted in agreeing to separate.

1964 days ago


I think Kate is a star and I wish I knew where I could find the beach top she is wearing. I think it is beautiful and I want one.

1964 days ago




1964 days ago

Oh Please    

The body guard has been enjoying one big giant clam for the last few weeks. This puta is really a great example for families in America. You should all buy her books and send some love offerings to them. It's too bad her fans are poor, but, oh well, at least Katie's happy. Mr Clam Chewer seems real happy too. Why not have a clam every night and get paid too!! Who cares if the kids are having fun or not. They could even be missing their Dad, who cares. As long as Kate is happy.....end of story. That is all that matters folks.

1964 days ago

Oh Please    

She bought it at Anne Taylor. Sorry but you are too poor to own one. Go to your local salvation army and see if you can find something like it. It sort of looks like my ole Grandma's curtains. Can you sew? Maybe you could check out your grandmas crib? I hope you're thick around the waist too....we want it to look good on you. Hey, Kate is a star, body guard was playing with her starfish last night.

1964 days ago


Kate continues this TLC Farce, known to the stupid fans as, Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Kate's "makeover" happened when HER affair with Steve started. Timeline makes sense now. The weight loss, the wardrobe makever-short skirts, high heels-mistress clothes for Steve's enjoyment, suntanning, plastic surgery. She was dressing for the gigolo, Steve.

Check out the beginning of the series when she was in Mommy clothes, putting her efforts into the children. When she focused on only Kate and Steve, notice the change?

Jon participated in the TLC Farce of a show so he could PLAY with a super-sized bank account. Another jerk in this family. I think, the Gosselins have met "their quota" of jerks. Let's see, Kate, Jon and Steve, yep, that alot.

Now, hopefully they will stop this show before The Jerks make another mistake, 8 Little Jerks.

1964 days ago


Not only that this BODYGUARD was indeed DIVORCED this past April. According to Public Records this guy’s LISTED ADDRESS is where Jon & Kate lives.

So HER BOYFRIEND (bodyguard) now even sleeps on the same bed where Jon is before. This really shows that this woman is not only veru abusive to Jon but CRUEL BEYOND IMAGINATION for having HER BOYFRIEND in their house. While Jon SLEEPS IN THE APARTMENT ABOVE THE GARAGE!!

1964 days ago


Thanks, Marta, I guess.

1964 days ago

Oh Please    

No problem, will help anytime I can. :)

1964 days ago

have a heart    

First of all Kate (and Jon) should have security with them whenever they are out. How can any ONE person protect all of those children alone? You all think she should hole up in the house and keep them home forever. Nobody thinks she needs the security, but look at the lengths the paparazzi goes to just to get a picture, what do you think others may do? There are a lot of sick people in this world. You can never be too careful! As far as Jon cheating goes. I can't belive how many of you say he has the right to cheat because she is too controlling or bi tchy. Seriously? If things are bad then you get out first. If he is unhappy in his marriage then he should be a man and take the high road out. He would then have all the freedom in the world to date whoever he wants to and all this attention would not be on his family and those kids right now. Also, it doesn't make Kate a bad mother just because her childs swimsuit is on backwards. There comes a point where you have to let your children dress themselves and sometimes they will throw a fit if you try to correct them. Its called picking your battles. Seriously are the children in some sort of danger because their suit is on backwards? I didn't think so!

1964 days ago


farceknownasjon&kateplus8, before including Jon (with Kate) in your bashing. Please check the facts first. According to Kevin (Kate's brother) Jon and Kate separated six monthst ago According to them the reason for the separation is because of KATE'S AFFAIR WITH HER BODYGUARD.

This was confirmed on the recent interview of one of Jon's close friend who told IN TOUCH mag. that JON CONFRONTED KATE ABOUT THE BODYGUARD. Afterwards, they agreed to separate but Jon should show up during filming.

So it's very easy to see that the DESTRUCTION OF THIS FAMILY is mostly caused by this HORRIBLE WOMAN not Jon.

1964 days ago

Oh Please    

my opinion:
Why is it that all of Kate's fans are so dumb? It is like you have never read anything about this con-artist. Why don't you check out the Christian community that has come out against the way Kate is behaving? Go buy some Gosselin books and rot your mind watching your favorite ho on tv. You must be some piece of work.

1964 days ago


Jon needs to be bashed because he is exposing his 8 kids to an adulterous affair in HIS home, in HIS bed, in HIS home in front of HIS 8 kids with the Kate and Steve affair.

To allow Kate and Steve to be in the same house with Jon's 8 kids makes Jon a part of the madness. Jon, like Kate, are loving their 8 Little Paychecks paying for their affairs. Sickening.

Public records show Steve giving Kate's home as HIS address. Enough for you lame brains out there?

1964 days ago


Hey bodyguardmya I agree, I think Kate should go back living in the trailer park she came out of!

1964 days ago


OMG all the media attention must have distracted Kate because one of her 8 managed to not be in sync

1964 days ago
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