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Kobe's Maid SLAPPs Back -- I CAN Talk!

6/6/2009 3:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe BryantKobe Bryant's maid wants to make one thing clear: It's her lawsuit and she can talk about the details if she wants to.

Maria Jimenez just filed papers in Orange County Superior Court, citing California's anti-SLAPP statute which says Maria has the right to run her mouth, despite a confidentiality agreement she signed with the Bryants back when she first took the job.

The Bryants filed papers last month saying the opposite -- that Maria could sue but couldn't blab to the press.

Maria is suing the Bryants because she claims Kobe's wife was abusive -- including a nasty incident involving dog poop.

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No Avatar


Good for her standing up to the man! If your gonna abuse the help you deserve to have your dirt laundry aired.

1973 days ago

Mr. A    

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!

1973 days ago


Kobe & his whore bag wife prolly doesn't want her to talk about all the chicks that kobe has raped in the past?!?

1973 days ago


I feel so sorry for their children, Vanessa and Kobe are two sorry excuses for human beings.

1973 days ago


I feel sorry for Kobe and his wife. They are being taken advantage of by an ungrateful illegal immigrate who was lucky enough to have a job cleaning their house when she could have ended up picking strawberries or selling fruit on freeway off ramps.

1973 days ago

Big Mike St Louis    

Very interesting info about Kobe
It goes to show money and fame
does not make you a better person.

Im sure we are going to learn a lot
more about this man.
The song says their was another lady that
was with kobe before his last sex scandal.

Im waiting to learn waht new skeletons are
goning to be on the media next.

Big Mike st louis

1972 days ago


You will (((NOT))) censor me, Harvey Levin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The truth SHALL be known! Kobe Bryant = Black anal rapist bastard!
Stop sticking up for him! He's slime!

1972 days ago


pretty sad, such a famous guy like him end up with a bitch like Vanessa. I'm sure her mother and father were probably illegal in the US and Kobe help the skank with her family. If I were the maid I'd smack Vanessa with the bag of poop right in her butt tooth face....

She must have low self esteem. What woman that has respect for herself and is independent would forgive a man that supposedly was accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old front desk employee? Only a woman that is depending on her man would forgive this act. This is sad, but there are a lot of women out there have to stop depending on a man and get a job.~~> Why? So if your man cheats on you, you can pick up and go. Vanessa is a great example...

1972 days ago

bitch please    

In a way I feel sorry for Kobe's wife. All that money and it still doesn't change the fact that she's married to a man who's idea of love is to rape a 19 year old white desk clerk. No wonder Vanessa is an angry, bitter woman.

The maid is also an a-hole. Her lawsuit should be tossed. She should have just told Vanessa to shove it and then quit.

1972 days ago


Kobe will never be an NBA Great. Even if he wins the title, he will always be known as the lying rapist.

1972 days ago


vanessas is a nobody with out her husband and even with her husband she's a nobody

1972 days ago

Avenge, revenge, whatever    

Fat, ugly, poor, uneducated, no-sex-having retards - Kobe was never found guilty of rape. The "woman" who accused him dropped the charges (after she showed up to the hospital wearing underwear with ANOTHER man's semen in them). She was a dumb young slut who felt dirty after sexing Kobe up, then saw dollar signs. You are all so stupid that it's painful (oh yeah, and fat and ugly and poor and spiteful and jealous).

1972 days ago


#15 you’re right but let me clear some things up. That skanky b1tch who seduced Koby told him she would drop the charges if he paid up. When she got her check the charges were dropped. And as far as her panties were concerned, they found the semen of 3 other men and a pubic hair from a 4th man in them. She has also spent time in psychiatric hospital. So that makes her a CRAZY dirty skank who is now rich. Good Job.

1972 days ago


I am always confused when folks throw those rape charges up in Kobe's face.

1. Ole girl took money to go away, if she was raped and could have proved she didn't have to take the money. I would have wanted my rapist to go to jail, f*ck money. After she won the criminal case she could have taken his ass to court in a civil suit ei Desiree Washington.

2. Ole girl had two other guys aside from Kobe's ummm sperm inside her, definitely points to promiscuity. She more than likely would have lost the criminal case. I was actually on her side until this mess was released, what type of chick has three different guys sperm inside of her ?

Vanessa Bryant is probably a bitch, she's young and aside from being Kobe's wife has nothing going for her. Maybe that is why she is so bitchy, she has nothing to focus on.

1972 days ago


The killer part of this marriage is that Kobe didn't listen to his family and married Vanessa without a prenupt agreement.
Talk about rich and stupid.

1972 days ago
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