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Quween Saves Her 'American Idol'

6/6/2009 10:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paparazzi chaser Quween (formerly 'Queen on the Scene') made her opinion known by swooping in out of nowhere to save "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert from cameras -- even though Adam's never shied away from cameras.

Adam Lambert: Click to watch!

In the superhero world, Quween is like the paps' Kryptonite, or like a superhero that is really crazy and will probably end up hurting someone ... but in a cute and funny way.


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lmao....her again...1st

1934 days ago

The Hulk    

Why was Adam on Bedford Dr. in Beverly thrills? Could it be he was seeing that urologist/plastic surgeon who specializes on sex change operations? That doctor is on Bedford. Maybe he wanted to get his twig and berries cut off so he could hit some higher notes???

1934 days ago


I wonder, how the f-k Adam is so awesome every day? I mean, I've tried to understand but I can't. It probably has something to do with the way he carries himself, his confidence and his "I don't give a f-k what you say about me", but I so wish I could be like him in some way (I mean if u look as cool in drag as u do in any costume and in "normal" clothes u have something special).

But srsly, sometimes the paparazzi go too far. Take pictures and film celebrities, that's cool, but don't go crazy and try to provoke them. It's a difference. I just don't want anyone to get hurt, especially not my glittery alien from planet Fierce!

1934 days ago


Everytime I see her swoop and and take someone to the side, it reminds of the Arthur Slugworth from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. What is the secret they both tell?

1934 days ago


Why don't you show the entire four minute video of the paparrazi (YOU TMZ JERKS) and how you chased him up the stairs the entire time. He asked you to let him just get to his car, yet you kept chasing him up the stairs. Leave him the hell alone why don't you. You are just trying to intimidate Adam to get pissed off and say something bad or whatever, but he's way better than you and remains nice to you idiots. Rock on Adam, can't wait for you CD to come out!!

1934 days ago


"even though Adam's never shied away from cameras. "

Exactly why they should back off when he asks them to. Behavior like this is going to result in him having to take measures to restrict his accessibility, and that's not good for us or for Adam who BTW thrives on being around people. Hopefully the photographers will develop some common decency and manners so it doesn't come to that to keep him safe.

1934 days ago


The full video is actually kind of scary. It's amazing he's able to keep his composure with them. I could never live that life because I would have full on cursed the paps out.

1934 days ago


He is so GAY! Not that there's anything wrong with that.

1934 days ago


I think Adam has become so popular that he could be in danger. He now needs a body guard with him at all times. I hate to see that, he's such a nice guy. I feel sorry for him losing his privacy. But, if the crazy things that are said about him (Warden - shame on you!) are any indication, some nut could do something really horrible. Can't you just see it?

I love Adam! Take care of yourself! There are crazies out there, some of them good (like Quween, some of them not so good, like Warden).

1934 days ago

First whores!    

Hey Domestica

If you hate TMZ sooo much, why do come to the TMZ website to read the TMZ articles? This is not rocket science. If you don't like TMZ, stay away from TMZ. You obviously are not a Mensa member.

1934 days ago


Hey First, I do like TMZ i read here all the time. Thing is there comes a point in time where the paparrazi chasing after celebrities can get dangerous and if you watch the whole video, this very much could've gone really bad. For example someone couldve ended up falling down the stairs the way they were all running up and down them.

They carried it way to far, they try to intimidate which they did at the end of the video when one of the paps said to Adam, to take it all the way up the a$$. Like I said, they do this on purpose to try to make something bad happen as far as I'm concerned.

1934 days ago


Qween is badass and doing what nobody has the nerve to do...step in and treat these people like humans instead of a trip to the sideshow when there is no bodyguard or entourage around to help shield away the cameras.

1934 days ago


Adam is AMAZING!@ We love you ADAM!

1934 days ago


Everyone should check out the full video on youtube. Are you afraid TMZ, that the public will see you all for the stalkers you truly are?

1934 days ago


i'm sorry and tmz can be really freaky sometimes(hell i love it) but when you are a performer it's certain unwritten contract that you take....but this QWEEN....Whatever her name is,is a frickin' RETARD..Probably homeless and she tries to make something of her useless life(yeah i said it!) by sucking up to celebrities..i'd be more scared of HER than the PAPO'S

1934 days ago
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