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Thailand Police: Carradine Was Alone in Hotel

6/6/2009 4:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thailand cops are saying there is no evidence that anyone was in the hotel room at the time of David Carradine's death.

Police say they reviewed surveillance footage outside Carradine's room and interviewed all of the hotel's staff. The officer leading the investigation said they have all but ruled out the possibility of foul play.

Police are now interviewing members of the film crew that were working with Carradine in Bangkok.

UPDATE: TMZ just confirmed the FBI has been contacted by the Carradine family. We're told the agency is now taking the required legal steps to see if Thai police want or need FBI assistance with the case.


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OK! If he did this himself, how did he tie his own hands behind his back after tying the rest of himself up? Can someone do the math? How do you tie yourself up in the manner he was tied up - then hang yourself up in a closet – then tie your hands behind your back. WOW, All by yourself. DAMN Kung Fu must be good!

1962 days ago

mellon bruse N    

Kung Fu played many roles over his years but it came back to his FU time after time.In CHINA today from 1995-99 hanging is the most common from of suicide 287,000 people died by hanging in those years alone and for every person who did ten more tryed to.A DEATH ERECTION a priapism can block some of the pain in death by hanging and it is common for a priapism to happen as the pressure the cerebellum pushs blood into the penis.A DEATH ERECTION can also happen at death in any male.EVEN damage to the brain or back can give a living person a priapism but that can be treated by doctors.In SAMUEL BECKETTS waiting for godot a priapism is joked about by hanging so for a older person who wants to have a erection it would not be a bad thing! and maybe he was unable to get one without the rope bells and so on?.The die with a erection is common and it is called a priapism as I have stated.My step father whom was under the care of two female nurses had a priapism on his death bed while on meds he was nearly in a coma and I thought they had messed with him when I wnet to see him but than after some study found that that is normal.While suicide sin`t a good thing it happens and it happens more in china than anywhere 287,000 from 1995-1999 so maybe he was trying to tell us something about suicide in china?.The PRIAPISM is normal and happens all the time at death and more in deaths by hanging than anyother form.A DEATH ERECTION so what! that is common he had a lifetime full of self mutilation that could have been abuse by some adult when he was a kid?.I THINK he was making a statement about the bad goverment in china and about those suicide rates NO one is talking about. he was trying to be a real master to open our eyes to the fact of life over there to make some good from his life of self given pain to over come the FU image of a old HUNG FU tv actor.Forget the penis it doesn`t matter and no one should be looking at a dead mans PRIAPISM anyway unless some crime has been done and it was`nt.

1962 days ago

mellon bruse N    

LAST POINT His hands were tied behind his back SO....HE was`nt playing with IT.

1962 days ago

Nancy Cohen    

DAVID CARRADINE COMMENTS SAY IT ALL HERE: It's amazing what people are saying, but as usual, I still believe David Carradine staged his suicide to look like a sexual hanging game when in reality it was not, so they will collect big insurance bucks, just read Fox News FBI story... It's all crap, DAVID DIED BY HIS OWN HAND and to get monies to Annie and her kids he hung himself, as my father did, but with pills. All was surpressed and jumbled up so in the end we got the cash... and everyone was happy but ME! I know the real truth, most can't handle the truth, but face it It was not sexual with Carradine he was not a sexual creep, he loved his wife Annie, not the grubbing ex wives of his past... except the first and Linda... the rest were gold diggers, and what about BARBARA HERSHEY, whom he has a son named Tom Free Carradine with, I met him, he's a doll. Talk to him about David... He loved his family... he died for them. They will get monies ...but it was suicide!

1962 days ago


is anyone REALLY sure his hands were behind his back? .......i'm not.....just because " they "say it does not make it true...let me remind you all that "they"said o.j. did not do it.....and "they" said lee harvey oswald did it alone......and my favorite, "they" say lucky charms are magically delicious...they're not !!!!!

1962 days ago


well we all have our own sexual fetishes ...hope i dont die from mine hahaha...

1962 days ago


As a sheriff dispatcher for 12+ years, I have taken several dead body calls. 2 of them turned into autoerotic asphyxiation deaths based on our coroner findings. Both were reported as suicides and in both cases ruled as accidental. One subject has found hanging in a closet. The other spent two days building the elaborate apparatus he attached himself to before he died. I did see the photos from each scene. Both these subjects were older men


How unprofessional to blab this way....pathetic.

1962 days ago


First off this smells! David Carradine was having some type of weird sex from a prostitute. Why would a celebrity be in Thailand without doing a movie? The answer. He was there for sex! I just hope he wasn't with a child! That just proves David Carradine like alot of other celebrities - Perverts! Jack Nicholson, Charlie Sheen and David Carridine all like prostitutes! These are nasty men.

1962 days ago

Saint Subversive    

Ive just seen the photo, and I think it should be released for one reason; in my opinion, it clearly shows that the story about him accidentally hanging himself during some sort of masturbatory "sex game" is absolutely bogus. Ask yourself this: how does one "masturbate" with both hands securely bound over their head? This was MURDER, and everyone should join with the Carradine family in DEMANDING a proper investigation of this crime outside of the crooked Thailand authorities. David Carradine deserved alot more than being the brunt of juvenile jagoff jokes, and whoever killed him wants to ruin his legacy too. Thanks to the media and the average joe who turns into a drooling giggling halfwit anytime masturbation is mentioned, their plan is working pretty well so far. So we'll leave it to the Adults among us to get proper justice for the man, then he can Rest in Peace as he deserves.

1962 days ago


#63 When and where did you see this so called photo?

1962 days ago


Did Carradine try to pull a Michael Hutchence??

1961 days ago

carolyn mcmilian    

I felt that someone murder on David Carradine during the sex game, perhaps he thought it is safe to has the stranger in his hotel on bangkok,thailand but wrong, he supposed not to have stranger in his hotel durning he had his film took in thailand. poor him, will not go there in thailand,bangkok. It happened to another senior girl and senior trip so where she is that they went to different county thought it is wonderful place but wrong suppose have security around since they never found her......... must have more security trip with them on senior trip if they went to tailand or another cuz the stranger will see them like fresh new ones then grabbed her to death after rape or what???????

1944 days ago
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