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Dr. Lohan vs. Dr. Drew -- War of the Words

6/7/2009 2:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan and Dr DrewLindsay Lohan and Dr. Drew -- two of Hollywood's most respected minds on the topic of addiction -- have gotten themselves into a verbal tussle where the only victor is comedy.

Dr. Drew ticked off Lilo by commenting about her various problems, saying he believes that she'll "lose a limb or something" before she'll finally get sober.

In a sign of the times, Lohan tweeted her response, saying, "I thought REAL doctors talk to patients in offices behind closed doors. Am I wrong? Hmmmmmm. I think NOT! Yay!" Hard to argue with that.

Nothing says "I'm a respected doctor" more than being mentored by Lindsay Lohan.


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Ha ha....she's right! FIRST

1931 days ago


lmao, that's hilarious!!

1931 days ago


I don't think that Dr. Drew was "talking to" Lindsay as a patient, but was instead giving her informed opinion on where Lindsay's iout-of-control addictions are probably going to take her. And the doc forgot to mention anything about Lindsay's sexual gluttony.

What does anyone think will be the results of Lindsay's many anonymous bareback sexual encounters?? STD's? Violent death at the hands of one of her many sexual "partners?" Or what?

1931 days ago

who dat    

Drew has become an attention whore. He has figured out by attaching himself to these washed up "stars" it raises his profile and keeps his name in the news. Drew is "drunk" on his own notoriety. Obviously, Drew has learned this from so called Dr Phil. Drew recently gave an interview to parade magazine online. He is trying to interject himself into their (bad) situation, under the idea of providing help. A douchebag move. Even (a (troubled soul) Lindsay knows what Drew is doing is wrong. What does that say?

1931 days ago


In THIS case...

how many times does someone have to say...


He's TOTALLY out of line.

1931 days ago


All I know is that smoke stack needs a nicotine patch! All she does is puff away! I guess she does that instead of eating but I'd rather be fat than smell like an ashtray.

1931 days ago


Why don't everyone leave Lindsey The Lez Lohan alone and let her rot in peace?

1931 days ago


Actually, she's not right. Doctor/patient confidentiality rules apply when a doctor is treating the individual. I'm pretty sure Lindsay isn't Dr. Pinsky's (that's his real name) patient. There's nothing wrong or even mildly inappropriate about a doctor publicly speculating on the condition of a well known celebrity, so long as the celebrity was never his patient personally. In fact, using the case of a famous person as an example when talking about these kind of issues can be quite efficacious, as many young people look up to stars such as Ms. Lohan and may consider changing their habits after understanding better the root causes of her behavior. Still, she's pretty hot; I'd party with her.

1931 days ago


I would LOVE to be behind a closed door with Dr. Drew....


1931 days ago


I guess, Dr. Drown PenNis-ky just covets to grade up his sinking popularity. I have not seen his program on TV lately, hence, he needs hits to keep flotability on Hollywood Scene. And Dr. PenNis-ky, being "very ethical" doctor chose to do what pap's and tabloid junks are doing, which is to suck the blood out of this kid.

1931 days ago

Dick Whippler    

how is it that that foul mouthed little tramp is still relevent today????? shouldn't she be out sucking wieners on the street for cigarettes or something??? god i wish she would just disappear into obscurity and the next time we hear about her its in a obituary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1931 days ago

for now    

Does the good doctor think that sodomy is ruining her life?
What are his views on perversion?

1931 days ago


Does anyone really give 2 craps about Lindsay the walking talking KNT. She needs to take her ignorant drug addicted self to another country and just languish in obscurity. We don't care about her, period. Dr Drew is right. She will suffer great physical injury or SOMEONE ELSE will before she decides to hit rehab and get herself fixed. She is one messed up chick with 2 loser parents.

1931 days ago


Someone should be looking into the good doctor. She is right, he has no business commenting on anyone in public. His successes are few and far between. He is a JOKE in the medical community. He pushes people into drama then pretends to cures them except I don't remember seeing a single celebrity that he actually helped (for more than a week). Loser. Somebody should be looking into his license.

1931 days ago


Kids, the lesson Ms. Lohan is teaching us here is that if you want to win a debate, end your point by saying, "YAY!"

1931 days ago
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