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'NJ Housewife' -- What Planet U On?

6/7/2009 6:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice (left) -- and Kim Hunter as Dr. Zira in the 1968 film "Planet of the Apes" (right).

Teresa Giudice and Zira
One of them is known to act uncivilized.

We're just sayin'.


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Why are white people so jealous of Barack Obama??

1914 days ago


First of all to the person who made the comment about Theresa having North African roots. Did you not get the memo we all do. Who is the oldest living tribe? Oh, wait that would be the Sans people in Africa. I realized that science and history can always trace African roots, but where is yours at? Where are your oldest living tribes? It is so disrespectful to call the first lady the first ho, but if you look in the news that would pretty much be Republicans. I guess some people don't realize that the Mid West is extremley poor, and they mostly recieve government assistance (that of course is mainly white people). How could blacks be the majority on welfare when they are the minority? I believe blacks really make you all afraid. If you don't like blacks then move back to Europe to the Mountains where you originated from, becaue after all you do realize that this is not your country. I had to say that because I know you are sitting there saying blacks need to go back to Africa. I think the Native Indians would like their land back. Finally, Theresa and her children are funny looking. Beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder. The slave masters must have had some beautiful eyes, because all they did was rape the black woman and children, whom by the way is supposed to be ugly according to you. Our President is black and so is his wife so please make a bridge and get over it. If you don't like that then thank your lazy, horny and evil ancestors who brought the Africans over here to use and abuse them. If they had never done that we would not be having this conversation. Peace!

1912 days ago


Once you go black you never go every since of the word!!!

1912 days ago


Teresa is ugly and her kids are ugly- it always cracks me up when NO CLASS people actually think they are class and call themselves "classy" and show themselves to be utter trash.

you can NOT buy class and none of those NJ ladies have it.

teresa and her vulgar spending and that hairline and that accent.. omg! trash trash trash.

only one of them that's half way normal is the girl from vegas

1908 days ago


Are you ppl kidding me!!? hse gives Italians a bad name.. I saw that table flipping scene..she sounds like a crow being choked.. "you f**kin whore!! ahhh ahhh"" no class at all plus shes a bimbo ,her voice is nasal and annoying as hell ,I dont know how her husband can stand it... she has no forehead.. looks like shes part ape .. I want to smack her repeatedly with a moldy giant salami

1908 days ago


To obama is white, blacks are bigots and affirmative action is for retards who by the way is the same dumb ass person your nothing but a peice of crackhead, redneck trash. You're afraid of blacks for what we've accomplished and what we're gonna accomplish in the future. I believe you want to be black. Your obviously jealous of black people and it shows through your racist comments. In the future you should do your research,check the statistics and learn the truth that WHITES are the majority on welfare, foodstamps, and receiving unemployment. To avoid further embarrassment to yourself maybe you and that whore of a mother of yours should crawl back in the sewer you snuck out of. It would do the whole world some good!!

1906 days ago


If you want a carbon copy of Dr. Zira, then replace the picture of Teresa with Michelle Obama. Talk about separated at birth!!!

1935 days ago


This whole article is uncalled for....Theresa's a very attractive woman....shame on you....

1935 days ago


OMG I couldnt figure out why this woman was so ugly. Her face doesnt look that bad...I think its mainly the hair, but she is not pretty at all she looks like a ghetto rat.
I watched this once and it stunk. The oc girls are the best and prettiest to look at. Who wants to look at a bunch of old hags on the nj one.
Nah after looking at her picture again she is ugly thats whats wrong and so are her rugrats yike!

1935 days ago

let it go    

Wow what a rude insult! If I was her I would sue the hell out of TMZ...But than again what would an ape want with money?

1935 days ago


That is silly. Teresa is adorable and so are her kids. I love that show, and she's part of the reason why. I think her little girls are beautiful. And she seems a little eccentric, but mainly fun and nice. Let's pick on that Danielle woman. She actually purposfully chose and paid for the way she looks... YIKES!!!

1935 days ago


I'm with "oh_hush" - leave her alone and go after that idiot Danielle if you have to at all...

1935 days ago

Oh Please    

I think it is the hairline that messes up her look. She looks like she doesn't have any forehead and that smooshes her face into her neck. Instead of getting new boobs....get a new forehead.

1935 days ago


This is so true....haha...TMZ you are too much. Her little girl who wants to be star is also strange looking.

1935 days ago


Its her hairline around her forehead. Shes spending alot of money on her home and furniture she should have her forehead lasered or electrolysis to make the hairline higher. Rita Hayworth had it done!

1935 days ago
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