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'NJ Housewife' -- What Planet U On?

6/7/2009 6:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice (left) -- and Kim Hunter as Dr. Zira in the 1968 film "Planet of the Apes" (right).

Teresa Giudice and Zira
One of them is known to act uncivilized.

We're just sayin'.


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Ummm Joy...exactly who do you find attractive on the OC housewives...Gretchen was the only semi-attractive housewife but the rest look like walking botox barbies with bolted on grapefruits

1933 days ago


Teresa's hairline is definitly a setback to her look. The comparison to Dr. Zira is hilarious!!

1933 days ago


A friend recently pointed out that Teresa's daughter (the one who wants to be an actress/model) looks like the Geico caveman. So true.

1933 days ago


I agree with Meloney, this was not called for. She is a very beautiful women and she seems like a sweet women, great wife and mom.

1933 days ago


I'm still trying to figure out why they pay for EVERYTHING with STACKS of $100 bills!!!!! We are talking $20K worth of furniture! IRS, are you WATCHING????????

1933 days ago

let it go    

The daughters are beastly looking. OHHHH

1933 days ago

Poo Brains    

The only people who pay for large purchases in cash are people who get paid large sums of money in cash. There is obvious criminal activity going on here.

The funny thing is that both Danielle and Theresa want to be famous so bad that they don't realize that they are both hanging themselves out to dry. I predict that the IRS will investigate Theresa's husband's bank accounts and realize there is some type of money laundering going on.

I think Bravo should be ashamed of themselves. They know as well as everyone else that this is not a reality show but a comedy. I've never seen so many low IQs with big egos. They have no idea how stupid they come across. I feel horrible for the children in this show.

I like how the Manzos have a home gym and personal trainer 3 times per week and are still a bunch of fatties. It doesn't matter how much money you can't buy discipline, work ethic or integrity.

1933 days ago


Yeah, these things are only funny when they are true. It's just lame.

1933 days ago


its her freakin hairline and then I guess she is self conscience of it and wears this redic band on her forehead! Im from NJ not to far from these sluts.....please people...dont think every woman from NJ looks or acts likes this trashy sluts. The money they have is "fast" money. Clearly they are far from being classy woman...they aspire to be hair stylists! own car washes and strip clubs.

1933 days ago

let it go    

This women looks as if she hasn't fully evolved

1933 days ago

let it go    

Gimme a U gimme a G gimme a L and a Y

1933 days ago

let it go    

Seen this womens fat hubby? pig

1933 days ago


I enjoy watching her on the RHNJ! Don't like what they are doing to Danielle though. Gotta realize, these ladies have to act in controversial ways to gain attention/viewership. I enjoy watching the circus act.

1933 days ago


Yeah, no offense, but she REALLY needs to shave some of that hair back off her face! It looks like her forehead took a look at her nose, and fell in love! That sucker took a major mudslide! I have only ever watched this show once or twice, and both times all I could see was her pimping out her daughter for dough! It's a good thing grown folk are too nice to say anything more ....

1933 days ago


teresa is hot. super milf.

1933 days ago
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