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'NJ Housewife' -- What Planet U On?

6/7/2009 6:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice (left) -- and Kim Hunter as Dr. Zira in the 1968 film "Planet of the Apes" (right).

Teresa Giudice and Zira
One of them is known to act uncivilized.

We're just sayin'.


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1961 days ago


Ok for real I shall school al lof you - No One - I repeat No One rolls around in cash that actually keeps things on the books. I sold dope by the trunk load and had cash just like that! After 6.8 years in prison, I could still pick anyone out. Don't take my word - pick the richest person you know and see how much cash he rolls with - very little.....

1961 days ago


Wait, that's Dr. Zira on the right? I thought it was Michelle Obama!!!

1961 days ago


This woman is keeping the hair removal industry in business! Yuk! I feel so sorry for all you ape hairy gals. That would suck. To have to wax EVERYTHING like this woman is doing for sure, would be a hassel.

Oh well ,we all can't be hairless wonders like myself. I use to think I was a freak. NOW I'm grateful I don't have a hairy lip with wrinkles all over it from waxing every other day. EEEEWWWWW. I guess I should feel MORE sorry for the men of you hairy beasts.

1961 days ago


I think the women on these shows are fair game becaus ethey chose to put themselves out there but let's leave the kids out of it they didn't ask for all this publicity! At least Teresa has her kids with her which is more then I can say for some of the wives on these shows!

1960 days ago

Laura Charles    

(This is for gdf) look like COW Manure!!! Obama is CLASSY, EDUCATED, and INTELLIGENT!!!...No matter what you have to say about her or how unattractive you think she is...SHE IN THE WHITE HOUSE...hahaha!!! LOL..YOU MUST BE STILL BITTER SINCE NOV 4th HUHH.....BYE LOSER!!!..lmao.

1960 days ago


BAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHA!!!!! Dude, Dr. Zira does look EXACTLY like the First Ho!!!! That's f'n hilarious!!!!! I wonder if Michelle was a stand-in for the Marky Mark remake? LOL, they wouldn't have had to apply a single ounce of makeup!!! That's too damn funny!!! Good call teacup!!!!

1960 days ago


Everyone knows that Dr. Zira looks exactly like Michelle Obama, but TMZ wouldn't dare post a comparison that accurate, LOL!!!!!

1960 days ago


Keep talking bitches!!!,,,ha ha ha WE STILL IN THE WHITEHOUSE!!!..JEALOUS ASS CRACKERS!!!!..LMAO.

1960 days ago


In defense of FIRST LADY Michelle Obama. .I bet that trailer trash won't say it to their faces ...internet sh*t talking..hahaha...thats all they can do...they not know who not to F...K with!!...Worthless peices of sh*t....hehehe....We run this sh*t!!

1960 days ago

Laura Charles    

Oh.. you forgot to call them

1960 days ago


This is what she gets for exploting her children on t.v..Aren't there labor laws regarding how she is putting her kids all over t.v.She needs a reality check big time.Teresa 1980's and 1990"s called..they want all their stuff back,that includes all the gawdy clothes,the headbands,hair..(yes,even the hairline).You're such a loose media girl.Have some respect for your life and family.You shouldnt be showing all that money on t.v.You show where you live too!.I'd be afraid for my safety.I'd also be afraid of the IRS,everyone around this county knows your husband is no good.

1959 days ago


Since panamanianpricess, Laura Charles, KCL, Dave, NS, HarvardGrad and ShannonGeorgetownGrad are clearly all the same incompetent poster that is painfully too stupid to disguise their obvious MULTIPLE posts, let me just respond to the lone racist loser posting all this hate.

For starters, YOU aren't in the White House, nor will you ever even be near it. You couldn't afford the White House tours on your hourly paid job and foodstamps.

Secondly, no one is given a chance to say anything to the President's or First Ho's faces since they're too cowardly to meet the American people they've portrayed and lied to since taking office. But believe me, no one is afraid of a big earred, purple lipped mutt that isn't man enough to even bowl above a 37.

Lastly, the Obamas are pure thug, Chicago trash and are being exposed as such. They're wasting our tax dollars on nightly meals that are so expensive that they would take you at least two years to save up for just to afford one bite.

So please, get back to cleaning up your local mall's foodcourt and counting your food stamps and hating yourself for being black. And for the record, Dr. Zira is a spitting image of the First Hoodrat, sucka!!!!! :)

1959 days ago


Awwww!!!! Did poor lil lovin these angry crackers, panamanianpricess, Laura Charles, KCL, Dave, NS, HarvardGrad and ShannonGeorgetownGrad get her size 48 granny panties in a wad because she was exposed as a fraud by her own ignorant stupidity? LOL!!! Why don't you go back to trying to figure out which homie in lockup is your real daddy. And while you're at it, why don't you start trying to sort out all your kids daddies since each one of them has a different one. And why don't you try and talking some sense to your 9 brothers and half brothers and tell them to stop raping white women since they can't get one on their own. And tell your 11 sisters and half sisters there is this thing called a "condom" and they realy don't need to start having babies at 12 years old. Be sure to get your hair ironed out so you can attempt to look more white and make sure you got all your foodstamps in order for the next time your government housing provides you with a shuttle van to go to the grocery store, LOL!!!!! Btw, I noticed you missed a table last night at the mall foodcourt that you should have cleaned. LOL, holla!!!!!!

1958 days ago


Im so sorry i saw your girlfriend giving my brother a blow job on Collins Dr. last night. But look at it this way at least shes not on the pole anymore..i mean its a step. Anyway i heard about your brother's suicide..I'm sure he's in a better place. I heard you tried to attempt it twice but god spared your life. I hope the mental hospital that your in will help you realize that your life is worth living and the past should be the past. Im so proud of you ...just getting promoted to the drive thru window at Wendys and to top it all you've been clean and sober for a whole year now. Wow!! Thats wonderful. But there's only one thing that bothers me your hair lice keeps getting in my french fries and you don't want the health department to fine you. I hope your test results come out okay being a former heroin addict and all there's no telling what you might have. But I'll pray for you. I know it must be tough but i understand your taking it one day at a time. You're moving in the right direction. You finally got your ged and your family seems to be doing okay now. Your dad finally entered rehab and your mom just got a job driving the school bus and she's even attending her AA meetings..I'm really impressed. On top of that congrats to your mom on her pregnancy but please don't tell anyone especially your father who the dad really is. If he finds out about the afair shes having with my dad he'll kill you, her and your whole family..And you know your kind is known for that. I kept telling her to stop sneaking in and out my dads window but she wouldnt stop..she kept telling me she just had to have that big black di*ck. . Well i gotta go now but I promise i will check in on you regularly to see how your progressing and all. Good luck with the program.

P.S. See ya at the family reunion!!

1958 days ago
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