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Angelina Jolie's Dad Sues the Guys That Sued Him

6/8/2009 2:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon VoightIt's not enough Jon Voight can't get the time of day from daughter Angelina Joile ... he feels he's been viciously targeted by some movie investors and now he's decided to go after them.

Here's the scoop ... Voight was sued by a couple of investors who claimed he defrauded them in a movie deal gone bad. A judge disagreed and dismissed Voight from the case.

Voight is now suing the investors who sued him, claiming malicious prosecution. In other words, Voight says the investors were motived by sheer malice and had no right to drag him into the legal system over nothing.

Voight is seeking unspecified damages. A visit from Angelina wouldn't hurt either.


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1965 days ago


Guess i cant blame Voight.

1965 days ago


How could a visit from his skank daughter help him?

1965 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Hey whats going on here. Its been 3 or 4 hrs since you posted some pure speulative crap about David Carradine. Cmon lets get back to the death exploiting you are so famous for you

1965 days ago

Larry Hagman    

motivated perhaps ?

1965 days ago


the pics of her an the horse are gross, I had forgotten about them, eww thanks now I am getting a visual of the horse sucking her teet, gross!!!!! Wish it would have been just an oil painting.Thanks.

I was gonna post Jon should be thankful he hasn't had any visits from his nut bag daughter.

1965 days ago


"Where's that JOE BUCK?" He ain't no for real cowboy but he is one hell of a stud. NAME THE FILM!!!!!!

1965 days ago


All the best to Jon Voight. I always thought he was a great looking man and an excellent actor. I have to feel very sorry for him that he has such a bitch of a daughter who won't talk to him any more. I know he told the world on a talk show that Angelina was going to adopt her first baby but that's not an excuse to be angry with him forever. HE'S YOUR FREAKING FATHER YOU BITCH!!!! He is obviously heartbroken that he is no longer a part of Angelina's life and I think she should grow up and stop shutting him out.
I mean he may have upset you for revealing your secret Angelina, but didn't you ever make a mistake? I'm sure you hurt your father plenty of times when you were younger and growing up. Don't forget about that. Get off your high horse and let your Dad back into your life. You'll regret it one day if you don't.
PS. I personally can't stand Angelina. She's a strange one. I'll never forget her and Billy Bob and their viles of each others blood around their necks and telling the interviewers on the red carpet that they just "F'd" in the car. Real class act.

1965 days ago


I don't blame him, if they sued him for nothing, he should sue them. As far as Jolie, she's not much of a daughter. I've read how she's mad at him because he made her mother cry. Well, I think she made her mother cry when she had an affair with her boyfriend. At least, it is reported that Andrew Morton, who is writing an unflattering book about her, did. Can't wait for the book as she seems to be such a hypocrite. I also think the media is afraid of her. They had no problem reporting that there was possibly problems in Brad & Jen's marriage before it happened but they stay clear from the possibility of Brad's & Angie's relationship cracking. National Enquirer is not always wrong & I've believed things don't appear as they really are between those two. He's weird enough as it is but she's weirder.

1965 days ago


He's such a NUTJOB. I don't blame Angelina for not speaking to him.

1964 days ago


LOVE Jon! Go get those pinheads.

1962 days ago


all the best to John Voight,I don't blame him

1947 days ago

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