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Anna Nicole Doc -- Wanted Man

6/8/2009 1:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the Anna Nicole Smith docs accused of a felony prescription drug conspiracy -- didn't show up for his court hearing this morning -- and the judge may have him arrested.

Sandeep Kapoor: Click to watch
Sandeep Kapoor
's attorney claims he didn't show because of a medical emergency involving one of his patients.

Howard K. Stern and Khristine Eroshevich did show up. The judge set August 12 for their preliminary hearing.

The judge has agreed to hold back on the arrest warrant until 11:30 AM -- if Kapoor doesn't show by then, doc could be cuffed and thrown in the pokey.

UPDATE 11:30 AM PT -- Kapoor finally showed so the warrant was quashed.


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Dawn Pomar    

I Dawn Pomar, am Anna Nicole Smith's Twin Sister, and There are alot
of things you don't know, Anna Nicole has an Auto Immune Disease whic
attacks your body, and Anna Also was wealthy, but probably never told,
like me, if not for Ladimer, telling me, Tried to get Trust Fund in
1985 and 2003, National Bank in Scranton, PA closed ? Was given two
banks PNC Client Relations PO Box 3429 Pittsburgh,PA 15230 and First
National Comm Bank 102 E Drinker St, Dunmore, PA 18512, wrote both
of them shortly after, 2003 had an accident with someone with the
Smith Last name? Gladys was our great grandmother,and was wealthy.
Can someone tell me where the trust fund is ? please ?

1875 days ago


1st.. R.I.P ANS

1900 days ago

artie help    

hello i've been quarantened, in dublin with the swine flu, however,am looking forward to sharing my wonderful life with you.

1900 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

maybe his nose looks like it's all tight and not enough oxygen is reaching his brain.

1900 days ago

Cory (yes Feldman)    

Sparkle Jockey

1900 days ago


i thought that was Howard Stern with a nose job. Seriously.

1900 days ago

Jeff Dranetz    

Some peoples just don't seem to understand or hold in respect the Hippocratic Oath. Some places, anything goes, like organ swindling, or letting their 17 year old son do major surgery as a stunt.

1900 days ago


Such a nice professional looking doctor to be mixed up with grifters like Stern & Birkhead.

1900 days ago


Why would anyone use him as a doctor at this point ? Maybe he's too busy out buying an outfit for LA Pide this weekend.

1900 days ago


Lock him up. Total disrespect for the court.

1900 days ago


All these enablers around Anna Nicole thinking that if they kept her under their control that they would somehow benefit if her infamous estate claim paid out. Nevermind the fact that it is illegal, unethical and incredibly negligent to prescribe drugs at the level which was done for Anna Nicole, but even if the yes-men around Anna Nicole thought they'd see some benefit they neglected to realize that she was never entitled to a piece of the Marshall fortune and that her chances of seeing any money from the Marshall estate would be like the chances of seeing pigs fly. Now they're really in for it......

1900 days ago


Nice nose job.

1900 days ago


Maybe the greatest and least professional of her enablers, who along with others have been in hot pursuit of the MFE, will be the ones found guilty and their licenses revoked by the California Bar Association and the AMA. No doubt this gay doctor of color will be the one left hanging since the others got away with potential murder in the Bahamas and Florida and still with secrets swept under the rug and monies likely stashed in offshore accounts. Anna became a sick woman who surrounded her poor son and herself with unethical, sexual deviates/drug addicts, and her legacy still attracts a team of questionable lawyers who have joined in the pursuit of stealing another family's fortune. Hopefully, the child will never see a cent from the MFE.

1900 days ago

In the know...    

RUN SUE ELLEN RUN - Sue Ellen is probably somewhere deep in India right now riding an elephan or an elephant is riding her! - LOLOLOLOLOL

Sue Ellen (Sandy Kapoor's nickname among friends after the slutty Dallas character) might like jail with all those sweaty dirty boys - nothing like a little rough trade, right Sue Ellen - I mean it is not Doug after all but rough and ready wouldn't be so bad now would it??? LOLOL

Poor Dumb Star Stuck Sue Ellen - not dumb, really very intelligent just star struck. Well Sue Ellen you got to hang out with the rich and famous, but tell me now is it really worth it? Really, c'mon you are in the limelight now -

SUE ELLEN YOU ARE FINALLY FAMOUS!! Just what the girl always wanted. IS IT EVERYTHING YOU DREAMED OF GIRL? DR. SANDY SUE ELLEN KAPOOR FAMOUS FOR BEING INVOLVED IN A MURDER CASE!!!! Life certainly does take strange turns doesn't it girl?????

1900 days ago

Howard learned to lie from his mom    

13. The deadline for Dr. K to show was 11:30 A:M PT and he made it into Court before that time. This Judge didn't think tending to a Hospice patient was sufficient reason to be late for a hearing that was only to set a 'tentative' date for a prelim.?

Posted at 2:29PM on Jun 8th 2009 by Only swim in the Ocean

Waaaaaaaaaaaaa so many mean bad judges swim! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa All judges who don't kiss HKS butt are mean and bad and break the law swim? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

1900 days ago
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