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Britney Spears -- Gimme More ... Naked Photos

6/8/2009 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The only thing missing from Britney Spears' meltdown (and resurrection) of the past few years has been a bunch of naked photos -- that is, until now.

Britney Spears -- launch photos

TMZ has obtained these topless shots, taken in July 2007 during the filming of her music video, "Gimme More."

She gave more, alright.


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Her sister is a hot milf

1931 days ago

To hell with her    

I've said if before, and I'll say it again. The only way SLUTney will come close to anything resembling relevance is if she takes off her clothes; that's the ONLY talent this braindead slut has. Even so, she's a disgusting pig...

1931 days ago

Cory (yes Feldman)    

I have the exact same tats on my nipples

1931 days ago


please sign this petition. a 17 yr. old girl (myspace page status says: Divorced), from the Bronx, NY, horribly killed a small baby kitten by throwing her into a oven, after vandalizing the apt. she was livng in and throwing bleach on the walls, claiming it was a joke. it was all a joke. this is her exuse and was arrested by the ASCPA and the judge let her out with no bond into the custody of her mother. this girl has a rap sheet like a grown man. she has robbed at gunpoint, extorted at gunpoint, assaulted and battered a woman, beat a child, and let out, she has not spent one day in jail! Someone or Someone's child will be next! her myspace page is disgusting. she wants to be a gangsta. her hero is al pacinio in scarface. here is the link to her myspace page and to the petition site, we need 2,500 signatures by her July courdate. Please cut and paste this and email it to everyone on your contact list! thank you, lukebandit

1931 days ago

How sad is this ? The price of BIG FAME ??    

PASTIES ? HOW "un-original". You can see this kind of "tease" in everyday porn photos, via Yahoo and other websites. No big deal. She's tired anyway.

1931 days ago


Does is ever occur to her that one day her kids will learn to use a computer and access the internet? What fun. They will not only be able to see these but think of all the other great surprises she has left them: the numerous pictures of her trashed and incoherent, the parade of inappropriate lovers (including, of course, their own father), pictures of her going in and out of gas station restrooms barefoot, the collection of hooker get-ups she wears on and off the stage, and, my personal favorite, the picture of Osama Lutfi helping her into a car on a night she wore torn fishnets and happened to be having her period but thought Tampax was optional. They will be so proud.

1931 days ago


This is just a photo from the uncensored version of the film clip? WTF?
This isn't a scandal this is official merchandise, hope tmz didn't pay money for this.

1931 days ago

Ms. X    

Nothing for her to be ashamed of. Nice natural breasts and they were covered. Love her.

1931 days ago


Judy, your a stupid bitch. It is Brittney and the tats are temps. that were put on her for the video.
Its a no wonder nobody likes her, she has stupid bitches like you supporting her.

1931 days ago

Finaly he came to his sences    

TMZ you have hit an all time low you are showing a picture of Britney that is two years old she has moved on why don't you? This is just perverted thanks this is something her kids need to see some day a pervert taking pictures of their mom topless and you can tell she did not pose for it so it is just a perverted picture.

1931 days ago


Does anyone really think she is sexy??

If you're from a trailer park,. I can see it.

Other than that.....I'll pass.


1931 days ago


how do you get rid of those damn stars? Or are those her nips? Britney has big red star nips!!!!

1931 days ago


These were taken before her conservatorship, I bet! So I think we can guess how these photos got out!!!! Her slimy PRE conservatorship friends probably posted these just to embarress & torment her.

1931 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Nice rack

1931 days ago


Well yeah. These photos have been around since the video was shot. And its how the video was aired in Europe. No surprise.

1931 days ago
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