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All Rise

6/9/2009 1:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor!

Sonia Sotomayor
Sonia broke her foot when she stumbled at the airport in New York yesterday.


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artie help    

she ain't no j.lo in the looks dept.

1928 days ago


She was coming out of the airport bar drunk as hell!

1928 days ago


She's not fit to be in the U.S. Supreme Court. She's a racist and just an all around bad choice. I'm glad she broke her foot.

1928 days ago


My tax dollars paying for that pedicure.

1928 days ago


question, why is she wearing stockings with open toed shoe and did she cut the other leg off of the stocking??? just saying...

1928 days ago


She is an EXCELLENT choice for Supreme Court. Second in her class at an Ivy League school and has an excellent record with the work she's done so far. All the dumb-a-s-s Republicans who are calling her "a racist" are fools. She is not a racist and they are only calling her that because they have nothing other that scare tactics. Nothing intellectual to bring to the table, but then again, they never do so whaeva.

Let them be fools I say. "

1928 days ago


does everybody only get their news from the media or do they actually research things themselves. I cannot believe how nasty some people can be, she is a racist so it's good that she broke her foot? you're an idiot so it's good that you ain't a judge or a lawyer for that matter!! let's call it even...

1928 days ago


Every decision that Obama has made in his presidency so far is the WRONG decision for this country, but you people must not really love America then to know that. Also, Ivy League schools may have a great reputation, however, over 75% (and yes, that's actually true!) are all liberals and teach only their liberal point of views in classes. Not ALL points of views, and then the student can make their own choice, but they make your choice for you by only teaching their own beliefs. The liberals need to get out of the White House and work for non-profit volunteer groups instead of taking money away from hard working people. I personally don't work so that my money can be taken away from me to support all these silly organizations that I don't believe in.

1928 days ago


Yea! Now she leans to the right!

1928 days ago


Whoever beat this woman to a pulp needs to be brought to justice! Yikes, throw a T-bone on it Sonia.

1928 days ago


Is she in the closet?

1928 days ago


I made a statue of Judge Sotomayor to be displayed at the TMX headquarters, but I forgot and flushed it after I wiped my bottom this morning. She looks like a typical liberal woman who hates America, just like Janet Reno, Janet Napolitano, Hillary Clinton, Bader ginsburg, Helen Thomas, Madelin Albright, etc

1928 days ago


" She's not fit to be in the U.S. Supreme Court. She's a racist and just an all around bad choice. I'm glad she broke her foot."

Um and the Republicans aren't racist????

1928 days ago


Sonia "Chorizo toes" Sotomayor isn't fit to be on the Supreme Court. She's a racist. Read the speech she's most famous for and substitute "white" for "latina" and maybe you'll be able to figure out why she's seen as such a racist. She goes on an on about how her parents raised her to be proud of her latina heritage. What if a white man said he's proud of his white heritage? You all would be sh*tting yourselves, hopping up and down screaming "RACISM" and you know it.

1928 days ago


REESE. You are way beyond stupid. How can you say that every decision that Obama has made is wrong? Within only six months he has already managed to begin our economic recovery and is starting the negotiations for peace in the Middle East, which would mean the end of two wars that should never have been started. But, you probably belong to the PARTY OF NO, which is the GOP. And, what right do you have to bitch anyways? You aren't even working, so what money is being taken away from you -- NONE. You are a perfect example of RETARDLICAN thinking. You people bitch and moan simply to bitch and moan. That is why the GOP is sinking!

1928 days ago
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