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FBI Can Look, But Can't Touch Carradine Case

6/9/2009 3:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Carradine's family reached out to the FBI to assist police in Thailand with his death investigation -- but it doesn't look like the agency is gonna be able to make much of an impact.

Thai police Maj. Gen. Amnuay Nimmano told reporters, "If the FBI wants to get involved, we will do our best to cooperate..." and added it would have to be in an observer role as mandated by Thai law, the Huffington Post is reporting.

As of right now most of the evidence points to David's death as an a result of accidental asphyxiation -- especially since there's no evidence someone else was in the room at the time -- but the family isn't buying it.

A second autopsy is set to be performed in a few days.


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It is sad that he had to die.

1960 days ago


The family knows the truth about perverted David and are shamed. Hence the FBI ruse......

1960 days ago

We The Poopel    

Never overlook the obvious. Construct a list of Who will make money from picture and film royalties. Are any of these companies or individuals in financial trouble or do they have any behavioral history?

1960 days ago


I wonder why the family isn't buying that when people have come forward and said that was his kind of thing to do. Evidently, it was NOT unusual for him to tie himself up in bondage. For the average person, it's hard to see, but for people who are into that kind of thing or have seen people do it - it's not that hard for them to fathom. It would probably be easier to accept the facts and try to move on gracefully. It may be embarrassing, but time heals all things.

1960 days ago


It's all about the $$. It was accidential, so the insurance co will have t pay even though he has been into this stuff for years. It's always about the $$.

1960 days ago


"...but the family isn't buying it."

How about an article on WHY the family isn't 'buying it?'

This sad man left a terrible legacy for his family. They must be crushed that the entire world knows of his sexual fetishes, and that pictures are even published to 'prove' it. How embarrassing this must be for what was a well-respected hollywood family because this is how everyone will remember David, and what everyone will think of when the word 'Carradine' domes to mind from now on!! They don't 'buy it' because they need damage control, which doesn't look to be happening....

1960 days ago


an American actor named Albert Dekker died from auto erotic asphyxiation in the 1960's. He had a hooker with him. he was found hanging from his bathroom ceiling, he had sex terms scrawled all ove his body in lipstick. The hooker left the scene of the crime after Dekker died. She was never found. THis situation sounds to me like this is what happened to David. If you read his autobiography, he admits he cheated on his women. His death is so sad. I am sorry for him and the Carradine family I do not condone autoerotic asphyxiation. It is dangerous. However, David was not a child molestor, not a threat to society. He enjoyed a sexaul perversion privately, between adults. The ridicule in regard to this mans death needs to stop. i am appalled at some of the claslsess remarks being said about this man in his death. He cannot defend himself. Leave this man and his grieving family alone, people.

1959 days ago


I feel so very sorry for this family, but don't understand why they want to keep stirring the gossip pot. It is unfortunate the way David died, but at least some of his family had to have known about his lifestyle. To keep trying to imply foul play is doing nothing but make them the center of more attention, not to mention sounding desperately ridiculous. It is now more than obvious how he died. I personally think he was a great man and actor. We all have skeletons hidden away in our lives and shouldn't be so quick to judge.

1959 days ago


He didn't HAVE to die. When one engages in the behavior that he was suspected of, there is a chance that one will die. Simple formula: Avoid risky behavior = longer life.

1959 days ago


The Family is in denial DENIAL..Daddy was a sex freak who could not get satisfaction from anything..So it seems..Ask the sex freaks, they know the TRUTH and so do the police..The family is dumb, stupid, in DENIAL...he finally gor the big O..Very pathetic and Meaningless....Nice memories for the children

1958 days ago

teresa inman    

I don't beliieve this man killed his self and I dont blame his family for calling in the FBI to investigate. I dont care if he had sex problems or not you dont hang yourself and then put a rope on your lower region.

1958 days ago

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