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Cops Investigating Jessica Alba Shark Attack

6/9/2009 4:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Alba is under criminal investigation for daring to take a stand on behalf of great white sharks -- in Oklahoma!

Jessica Alba

Oklahoma City cops tell us the city's Director of Parks and Recreation -- Wendell Whisenhunt -- filed a police report after photos surfaced of Alba allegedly defacing electrical boxes, a bridge and a United Way billboard. Alba was on a mission, gluing posters that are part of a campaign to save the great whites.

The problem -- the glue is so gnarly the posters aren't coming off. Cops say they want to have a chat with Alba, who's in town filming a movie.

Alba, it seems, is scrambling. Her rep has already called the United Way, offering to replace the billboard.

By the way ... someone please tell Ms. Alba Oklahoma is a landlocked, flyover state.


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49. Lot of Alcoholics on that list... no wonder I'd drink myself a new liver if I had to spend more than a day in Oklahomo...

what a depressing crap Pitt .... Honestly... I am not kidding... Obama should seriously consider removing this state from the U.S. maybe we could split Pittsburgh into two states ... anything! Please, won't somebody listen??!!

Posted at 4:29PM on Jun 9th 2009 by Hawler

Are you kidding me? You think Pittsburgh is a state? It is a city in the state of Pennsylvania dumb ass. That would make it rather hard to split it into two states. You are almost as dumb as Jessica Alba.

1931 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

Rich people are above the law.
They can afford to be.

1931 days ago


She seems to have discovered a very powerful glue. She should market it as "Alba Glue" and use the billboards and news articles as proof of it's strength. This is a blessing in disguise.

1931 days ago


mexican or not race has nothing to do with it, no one is perfect it is not like she murdered someone.

1931 days ago


Way to go Jessica, you keep proving that you are a complete idiot. I hope that justice is served to you!!!! KARMA is a B@#$@!!!!!!!!

1931 days ago


The massive kill off of the shark threatens the balance of nature in our oceans. I don't live in the North Pole so I guess I'm not allowed to care about the ice melt off in the arctic regions and the possibility of ocean levels rising? Then again I don't live in the ocean so I shouldn't care about its inhabitants either. What a lame comment you ended that piece on. Jessica let me know if you need more super glue!

1931 days ago

Dude who thinks Mike White is a Phony    

It's hilarious that out of one gazillion animals in the animal kingdom that have declined in numbers, you chose a shark to exploit. If you've been in Los Angeles for the past 3 years you would know where this Mike White dude possibly got his idea for the image from.

Furthermore, Your raising awareness of sharks is laughable. It's more like raising awareness of yourself. Just admit you want to be a street artist, it's okay. But don't pretend you care about sharks man. There is very little information on the matter on your page, considering all you have to do is cut and paste research material. Instead, there's a flamboyancy of all this Twittering. Like hey, PLEASE stroke my ego and tell me where you've seen my shark effigy.

This type of false altruism makes me as sick as people selling images on t shirts of famous dead people and not giving any of the proceeds to the dead peoples foundations or charities.

1931 days ago

kosa! kosa! kosa!    

another example of celebrity decadence—all celebrities eventually take up silly causes.

1931 days ago

kosa! kosa! kosa!    

Ha!! "flyover state" hee hee hee!

But in all seriousness why did she choose to vandalize this shark-free state? "Idol hands" was her best work, a doncha know?

1931 days ago


so to all those commenting about Oklahoma City being landlocked, etc..... dont they have a Aquarium there with sharks??? i am thinking they have a huge one - oh yeah, just checked here is the link and guess what... they have sharks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not that that makes her vandelism any less criminal. but i wanted to help those of you who might not see why she was doing this in OKLAHOMA CITY of all places. Maybe this will help.

1931 days ago

Tri Fex    

Give Jessica Alba a break, she has no college education but thinks she's an expert on everything. She has no talent as an actress, have you seen the amount of box office flops on her resume, and she has a husband with no job who lives off of her. She's just blowing off a little steam, at least she wasn't wearing one of her silly scarfs aroung her neck.

1931 days ago


what is she thinkin?? Cant she go like to the ocean where it actually really matters and throw posters around there. Here in Oklahoma we cant really do anything. But its whatever. She is still a great actress though.

1931 days ago


TMZ, I live in CA and it is very disrepectful to call OK a flyover state. We are Americans livin' in America, don't make fun of other states. Didn't we just have Memorial Day a couple weeks ago? I am sure there are many men and women from OK that fought and died. for our freedom we have in America.But perhaps I digress...


1931 days ago


She is an idiot and needs to have the same punishment as anyone else for vandalism. Where are there sharks in OK?

1931 days ago

An Okie    

"Flyover state"? Let's use Jessica Alba breaking the law as an excuse to insult the people of Oklahoma? Classy move, TMZ. Please...keep flying over us. We don't want you here.

As for Jessica, she should be made to remove the posters herself, paying for any and all damages. United Way is a very respectful charity that does a world of good for thousands in our state. Shame on her for acting like a juvenile delinquent.

1931 days ago
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