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Lenny Dykstra

Explodes Over Rolls

6/9/2009 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Baseball legend Lenny Dykstra fired off an angry email to a TMZ staffer -- calling her "a f***ing drama queen" -- all because we had the audacity to ask if his $400,000 car was repossessed.

Lenny Dykstra
So it all started Monday afternoon, when we got some pics of Lenny's Rolls-Royce Phantom getting towed from his work in Camarillo, California. Given the recent reports detailing Dykstra's financial woes, we considered the possibility that it was getting repossessed. So we reached out to Lenny to find out what was going on. His eloquent response: 

Let you know what? I had the pick-up arranged with Rolls Royce - what do you think we are all doing there at the same time for?

Do you not have anything better to do - you f***ing drama queen! Get a life!

I worked out the pick-up with a VIP at Rolls Royce - I told them where I would be, the time I would be there ..... and now you want to know why? BECAUSE I WASN'T DRIVING TWO HOURS TO BEVERLY HILLS, PERIOD!

Do you not have anything better to do, how did you get the big assignment? You f***ing drama queen! Get a life!


Lenny K. Dykstra

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No Avatar


So it was an arranged 'give back', which is nothing more than a less dramatic repo. Got it Lenny.

1964 days ago


Kudos to Mr. Dykstra!

TMZ you guys need to get real jobs and stop hounding these people. I honestly have no issues with TMZ reporting on celebreties but it's the way you guys go about it. Nothing is off limits to you.. death & children are not even off limits.. It's digusting..

1964 days ago


Very appropriate response. I wish he would have used stronger language. Totally distasteful for someone (a perfect stranger) to call and inquire about other's business and expect to be treated respectfully:(

1964 days ago

Mandy C    

HELLO!!!! That's a snatch truck......if Rolls Royce was taking it they would have used a roll back. ( a rollback is less of a chance to damage the $400,000 car. Glad to see that the common person isn't the only one getting their car repoed!

1964 days ago

big joe    

hey lenny get off the hgh .

1964 days ago


lenny dykstra is a POS.he wants to live the good life but according to family and friends he dont like to pay his bills.
either hes pissed that you guys found out about his car being repoed,or he had a case of roid rage.

1964 days ago


check back next week to see if he is driving the same vehichle...Lenny could have said 'no comment' he didn't have to get all over the person. yeah, it may be a litlte slow, but he's still a quasi-celebrity.

1964 days ago

pretty is as pretty does    

I love Operation Repo on true tv, the repo guy in the photograph looks like Lou from the show. You should have used that angle at least that show is current, this due who is having his car repo'd no clue who he is. If it was RR taking the car for repairs or whate ver they would be using a flat bed not a tow bar.

1964 days ago


Good for him. The TMZ staffer was OUT OF LINE.

1964 days ago


I love how he ends his rant with, "respectfully".....

1964 days ago

Good Reporting TMZ    

If he thinks that the story that the car is being taken to Rolls is going to fly, he is just as retarded as his book keeper. Anyone who knows anything about the price of this car knows full well that it would never be dragged along to the dealership. It would be put on a flat bed....IDIOT. He should have planed his story since he knew it was coming!

1964 days ago


I find it hard to believe that a VIP Rolls Dealership, you know one that sells $400,000 cars would use a pick up truck with a hook. Much less if I owned a $400,000 car, I sure wouldn't allow for it to be towed this way. He is full of SHHHHHHH

1964 days ago


He didn't want to drive 2 hours to Beverly Hills? How stupid does he think we are? What did you buy the car if didn't want to drive it? He'd look less like an idiot if he told the truth. I love how he blasts them, then signs it "respectfully"!

1964 days ago


Never mind, it's too early yet...he told them he wasn't driving to Beverly HIlls to bring the car to them. I get it now. No need to be embarrASSed Lenny, we all go through hard times now and then.

1964 days ago


BH isn't 2 hours from Camarillo...maybe like 45 min in traffic. Who is the drama queen?

1964 days ago
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