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Lenny Dykstra

Explodes Over Rolls

6/9/2009 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Baseball legend Lenny Dykstra fired off an angry email to a TMZ staffer -- calling her "a f***ing drama queen" -- all because we had the audacity to ask if his $400,000 car was repossessed.

Lenny Dykstra
So it all started Monday afternoon, when we got some pics of Lenny's Rolls-Royce Phantom getting towed from his work in Camarillo, California. Given the recent reports detailing Dykstra's financial woes, we considered the possibility that it was getting repossessed. So we reached out to Lenny to find out what was going on. His eloquent response: 

Let you know what? I had the pick-up arranged with Rolls Royce - what do you think we are all doing there at the same time for?

Do you not have anything better to do - you f***ing drama queen! Get a life!

I worked out the pick-up with a VIP at Rolls Royce - I told them where I would be, the time I would be there ..... and now you want to know why? BECAUSE I WASN'T DRIVING TWO HOURS TO BEVERLY HILLS, PERIOD!

Do you not have anything better to do, how did you get the big assignment? You f***ing drama queen! Get a life!


Lenny K. Dykstra

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HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That was awesome.

1959 days ago


What a douche. He repeats himself as he yells at the TMZ'er and is VERY defensive. Sounds like he is mad he got busted...I love how he rants and cusses and then signs off "Respectfully". Ha!

1959 days ago

Mick Victory    

Dykstra's a tool bag. This guy lives in beautiful California wine country and he considers himself a financial advisor. I'm not sure if he's successful at it. What kind of genius arranges to have a repo truck pick up his Rolls Royce. That doesn't look like a voluntary repossession to me. i'm just sayin'.........................................

1959 days ago


I know for a fact it was not voluntary. He's been hiding it for months. What's sad is that he's now a Financial Adviser. Word to the wise: Don't take his financial advise! He's not paying his bills! Oh, and he's a d!@

1959 days ago


I have worked in the repo business for many years. I know the ins and outs. One thing i would say is you are all nieve. His car is being repossessed. It is not a voluntary repo. If it was voluntary there would be a flat bed or a second driver to drive it away. In stead there is a car dolly hooked up to the front tires and go jacks to the back tires. They have to hook it up this way to not burn the transmission. Once again thats why i say its not voluntary. Also you would not hook up a wheel lift to a car like that hooked up to a 3/4 ton truck. Voluntary-flatbed... Unvoluntary-tow dollys, go jacks, and wheel lift.

1958 days ago


I work at the finance company: It was a repo and it was NOT voluntary (hence, the repo truck instead of a flatbed). Lots of back and forth on this one but he finally caved.

1958 days ago


I love how he signs it, "Respectfully" lol

1958 days ago


poor guy, should be homeless sometime soon, what a waste

1958 days ago


Do they normally put BOOTS on cars that are voluntary being picked up?

I was under the impression they only did that in case the deadbeat owner tried to drive it away in the middle of the REPO. And yes- while many hardworking but now unemployed American's are now facing this situation two- most of them do not drive around in $400,000.00 cars. Most people do not buy $13,000,000.00 dollar homes they can not afford. People living beyond their means is part of the reason this country is in the crisis it now is.

1958 days ago


While we're honoring Michael and the death of the iraqi soldier, why not mention lenny's great performances while a Philadelphia Phillies. Thank you Lenny-best wishes with your finances!

1930 days ago


lol what a broke tool. Sure RR would send a undercover truck with go jacks to tow that car. I am sure RR would spend less getting a real flatbed and strapping it down right.

I am sure they wouldn't want anything to happen to a PAYING customers car from using a repo truck on it....

Must suck that his pocket has less money than the girl who did the story....

1929 days ago


Watching him on Real Sports has me wondering if Lenny has a medical condition. The way he acts AND looks is not quite right. Maybe just from living to excess?

1942 days ago


1) A VIP? Does he mean a VP? I don't think VIP is an official working job title. 2) A Rolls/Bentley dealership/garage would never send a tow truck like that ESPECIALLY if it was pre-arranged, though I have seen Bentley send one of those 8-10 car auto carriers to deliver a (lone) GTC before.

1888 days ago


Funny how people want to portray TMZ as "Getting into other peoples business", yet they have a curiosity that brings them to this site. If it's no ones business, then why are they here in the first place to criticize?

1304 days ago
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