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Obama Tells Colbert to Take It All Off

6/9/2009 3:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As in, shave off every piece of hair on his head -- and when the President tells you do to something, you do it.

Stephen Colbert: Click to watch


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If Colbert wasn't such a raging, foaming at the mouth Liberal quack he'd be money to do the roasting of Obama. With the amount of ammo and material on that clown he could go on for days!!!! But of course, even if he were invited everyone knows he'd do it with kid gloves.

Obama has to be the most worthless, do nothing President this country has ever seen. Glad he's able to crack lame setup jokes and laugh while the country is falling apart, however, much to his chagrin of course.

1959 days ago


Also, George W. Bush was on American Idol last year (or was it two years ago?), while our economy was melting and the Iraq war was was ongoing.

Also, Senator John McCain made an appearance on Colbert's show last night as well, via video, just like President Obama.

Heaven forbid our troops can have a little fun, and heaven forbid our President being involved in that fun. You don't have to like our President, but lashing out at him every time he does ANYTHING is quite absurd. Coming up tomorrow, President Obama eats Chinese food--it must mean his is a communist PIG!

At least he filmed his message to Colbert from the Oval Office, rather than at his ranch in Texas while on "vacation" for the umpteenth time like Bush did for "Idol".

1959 days ago


@ 18 rimman

Yeah, ehh, what exactly is he "successful" at besides losing hundreds of thousands of American jobs each month and turning this country into Cuba? His resume is a joke. His "communities" that he supposedly "organized" are some of the worst communities in the nation. They lead amongst murders, teen pregnancy, high school dropouts, homeless, low prop. values, the list goes on and on. So please, take your head out of your ass and start doing some of your own research instead of believing everything Bill Maher, John Stewart and CNN tell you.

Btw, he's not black, he came out of a white vagina, raised by his white grandparents and grewup in the most NON-BLACK state there is.

You're as ignorant as you are stupid.

1959 days ago


Stevo, get your facts straight before trying to compare Presidents and economies. You look foolish and come across like you're just repeating DNC talking points.

McCain isn't President, Obama is. Just like how nuts like you were blaming everything from bad weather to your favorite sports team losing on Bush, the same should be good enough for Obama. But unlike the absurd blame that was being piled on Bush, everything that is being said about Obama is actually true. He's having a good time while the nation is suffering.

Obama wouldn't lower himself to Chinese food. Since we're fitting the bill, he and his wife are dining on meals each night that would take you an entire pay check, or two, to afford.

Speaking of "vacations," it's sweet that he flew his family to Europe last week on a separate plane, with all their security and handlers on the tax payers dime. Michelle and her daughters are still burning up our tax money since they're currently in Paris shopping. Obama had to hurry up and get back to the states to play his 18 holes at Andrews.

1959 days ago


i'm sorry but all of sudden its ok for liberals to go and entertain the troops. where were they the last 7 years ? in hollywood bashing our soldiers like a friend of mine who was spit on in hollywood when he came back from iraq.
liberals are HYPOCRITES!

1959 days ago


Most recent Gallup Poll from 6/8/09 on Obama: 62% Job Approval.........32% disapprove.

Funny how you haters inflate their stats by using rhetoric like "Everyone I know, and everyone I talk to"....well, considering most of you red states live miles away from each other, talking to 3-4 people seems like a lot. Keep up with the web offensive, your party is on life support and everyone knows it.

Interesting how just about every major city and urban area vote democratic, even in the red states....meaning the areas of the country that have the most diversity, tend to lean left.....where as the areas of the country that are mostly white....lean to the right. Look up the stats. And considering the USA is becoming more diverse each year....which is the nightmare of the Limbaughs of the world...rather than adapting to this trend like the Democrats, Republicans have stood still and are trying to play catchup. But it might be to late. Especially when Conservatives constantly try to impress upon the nation their moral views. The Republican party has moved away from being a center right party to a right-extreme right party and it has caused a detrimental shift in their support. And all of this that I have said is just a parroting of what Republican leaders and other media have said. When you fail to adapt when necassary, you get weaker and or die. Law of nature.

1959 days ago


In case you didn't know #12, people was losing their jobs and homes way before Jan. 20, 2009. Don't blame Obama, bl;ame that drunken a-- Bush and the Republican theives. They are all a bunch of ole theives that's been stealing from the less fortunate for centuries. Look at all of the top excutives from AIG, & others. Some commited suicide, be cause they couldn't stand to lose all of the money they had stolen. At least the President dosen't hide under a rock in the Whitehouse and do nothing. George Bush didn't do a damn thing for 71/2 years. Now he's the worse President ever. He stole his way through school and stole the Presidentcy. Wake up ignorgant folks

1959 days ago


I'm glad to have a president who can tell a joke and be rid of a president who IS a joke. Also, those troops must have been psyched to not only have the general there, but have Obama, too. I'm sure it was a real morale booster.

1959 days ago


Hey crab cakes,

Those "false pretenses" were supported by every liberal leader in Washington today. You can find clips of them all over Youtube supporting the President and agreeing Saddam had to be taken out.

"Economy collasped well before the end of the second term?" Hmm....that's a huge NEGATIVE. The economy runs in cycles, and it was running in a down cycle then, not even at a recession level like we are now thanks to Obama's Socialist economic policies. Obama is about to set a record for unemployment numbers, a number that Bush was NEVER anywhere near.

Funny how kooks give all the Liberals that support the Iraq war a pass since Bush was President and the buck stopped there, but yet they don't hold Obama to the same accountability. Figures.

1959 days ago


You're 100% correct CJ, we are becoming more diverse each year. Thanks to liberals allowing illegals to sneak in without consequence, and blacks start having babies when they're 12 years old. Now that's diversity I can believe it!!

1959 days ago


# 29,

dinsdale, Obama can't tie his shoes without his teleprompter instructing him how, let alone tell a joke. Why do you think his aides are so hellbent on keeping him reading off his beloved teleprompter? Because when he's talking off the cuff he sounds like a retard that's been on a week long drinking binge. Wake up.

1959 days ago


Its amazing how Obama is being blamed for all this crap thats going on. The writing was on the wall and people were losing their jobs, homes, pensions, etc. long before he became president. Unfortunately he's the one who's holding the bag. And what's wrong with Obama telling a joke every now and then? Better that he tells jokes than to be a joke like the previous administration.

1959 days ago


you guys are a bunch of haters. chill out.

1959 days ago


It's obvious that all the negative Obama comments are the same person is posting over and over under different names. You must be unemployed, which I'm sure is President Obama's fault as well, correct? It's the same writing style, structure, etc. I can easily find actual, you know FACTS that discredit virtually everything you have just said, but it's useless since you'll probably blame President Obama for the tornadoes that hit the midwest eariler this week.

When you said that George W. Bush administration was not to blame for the economic crisis, that the economy runs in "cycles", and that it's all President Obama is to blame for the high unemployment numbers after less than five months in office, I decided that you aren't deserving of any debate.

Funny how you say that I'm reciting Democratic talking points, when everything you have said has been covered on Rush Limbaugh in the last week. Yes, I listen to him, too.

Like I said in my very first post, coming to a site like OMGWTFTMZ and spouting stupid, fact-less rhetoric about how our President is a failure after only 139 days in office, well, I don't know who you are trying to reach. Katy Perry fans? Speidi haters? The Octomom? So go ahead and keep posting "facts" about how President Obama is using taxpayer money to brush his teeth or whatnot--I'm going to leave here and, you know, go outside my house and do something. Good day.

p.s.-Thanks for resorting to childish name calling and saying I was retarded. Real mature, buddy. Now get back to writing about how Obama and Osama are buddies.

1959 days ago


Dang!!! Stevo is so ANGRAH!!!!!! Why are you so upset and paranoid friend? Is it because you cant disprove anything that has been said about the Messiah? If it's so easy to find these "facts" then why not do it? And why would you have to "find them?" Shouldn't you just know them if you're such the intellect?

I don't even know who you're wishing to debate, but I know that the economy runs in cycles. Anyone with a decent high school education knows this. So not sure what you're trying to prove there. Other than the fact you don't want to debate whoever it is you're typing to since it's clear you'd lose. Obama is driving up the unemployment numbers with his foolish, Socialist policies. Had he left well enough alone they'd be coming down instead of rising.

Funny you'd accuse others of being unemployed and then say you're just going to go outside your house (government funded home) and do "something." LOL, guess you're unemployed, ehh big talker? You're trying to insult people for talking politics on here're doing it yourself? Typical hypocritical liberal, not surprising.

P.S. - I think your people are still blaming Bush for weather related tragedies. Just yet another thing Obama can still pass the buck on

1959 days ago
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