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'The Pregnant Man' No Longer Pregnant Again

6/9/2009 5:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Pregnant Man Thomas BeattieGuess what folks? It's that special time of year when you try to re-figure out how Thomas Beattie -- aka "The Pregnant Man" -- gave birth ... because that's exactly what he just did. Again.

Beattie squeezed out a baby boy this morning, "20/20" is reporting. It's Beattie's second child (no name has been decided yet), joining his daughter Susan Juliette.

And just to further your confusion, "20/20" says it was a "natural childbirth" and that Beattie's wife will be the one doing the breastfeeding.

You now have permission to talk amongst yourselves.


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It drives me crazy when they say a pregnant man, that is a woman, born a women... A MAN CANNOT HAVE A BABY end of story.......

1929 days ago


Why the media keep reporting this woman as a "man" must be either, (1) some bad inside joke or, (2) they're just ignorant.

Listen up,

if one has the XX chromosome, they're female;

if one has the XY chromosome, they're male.

This is a woman who was born a female and had her breasts removed, AND NOTHING ELSE! She still has a uterus. Until she has a hysterectomy, she is a "she", and not a "he".

Simple, isn't it?

1929 days ago


You stupid people, he is a she with all of the she parts. DAHHH!! The attention and money this "couple" is getting makes me sick.

1929 days ago

blues fan    

Yes, YAYA, it is indeed a cruel world.....just look at some of these ugly, hate-filled comments.

1929 days ago


How come you guys keep saying this is a man. She is definitely not a man. She has female reproductive organs, so the last I heard that would make her a female. I guess TMZ likes the gays and the woman that wish they were men.. That seems to be most of your stories these days.

1929 days ago

Tom E. Lee    

What is every one talking about, of course a woman can be a man, case in point Jon Bon Jovi!

1929 days ago


Most people find this weird I can't blame them. However the father is a man-(in his head) he was just happened to be born a female. Now once he doesn't want anymore childeren he should get the rest of the gender reassignment surgury. Then again that is his choice not mine. If he was my neighbor I would still be his friend. Nobody has anything to fear from this family.

1929 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

I heard they named the child.....Buck Farack

1929 days ago

Lelsie B.    

The woman needs professional help and shame on the media for fueling this behavior, If it were just her and her wife that would be one thing but she's bringing children into the picture. It's a sad state of affairs and I fear for the children.

1929 days ago


It is an abomination. Poor children have to live with that thing for a father.

1929 days ago


My husband and I have decided to not bring children into this world. (Cheers from the Liberal gay loving crowd, I'm sure). It gets more and more disgusting and perverted everyday. I would never want to explain this type of sicko crap to my child. The thought of some liberal teacher telling my child they have the choice to be gay or not, makes me want to puke. I feel sorry for those that have to in this ill-fated day and age. Sodom and Gomorrah anyone???

1929 days ago


and DNA Test of the baby would PROVE that SHE IS THE biological mother not father

1929 days ago

Bella Donna    

I agree with number 2. This is not a man. If you've got female reproductive organs you're a freaking woman. You can call yourself anything you want but you are still a woman. I don't care if you've had your breasts removed and are taking hormones to look like a man. If you still have your vagina....YOU ARE A WOMAN! Stop giving this person attention and calling her a man!! She's not! She is a she until she gets a sex change. PERIOD!!!!

1929 days ago

Tom E. Lee    

Michell's penis is "BIGGER"!

1929 days ago


There is no mystery any person with even a minimal amount of common sense, can't solve.

This person was born female, with all the female anatomy. Decided somewhere along the way (however disgusting and twisted folks like myself consider it to be), that "it" wanted to instead play dress-up, and live life as a "male". Had surgical removal of the breast tissue, male hormones to grow the body hair (and most likely to reduce or eliminate mentstrual cycles altogether), but chose to keep the uterus....ya know, just in case.

Most likely had IVF treatments to conceive, and probably a c-section to deliver.

I hope that whatever money "Thing" is receiving from all the interviews and what-not, it's tucked into a trust for the children somewhere. They'll need it for all the psychotherapy they're bound to need later on.

1929 days ago
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