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Britney Takes Her New BF Out for a Stroll

6/10/2009 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears took a break between concerts to walk around Hyde Park in London with her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, and her boyfriend/agent Jason Trawick.


Now that he's met the kids, the next step is to meet her father ... and his lawyers.


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OMG!!! You people are ridiculous! If the worst you can say about the picture is that the kids are a little old for a stroller or a pacifier, she's doing a great job. I'm sure none of you EVER indulge your children and are 100% COMPLETELY on top of what age they should quit getting pushed in a stroller. But most parents aren't born with all of your infinite wisdom, so they have to just do the best they can. If the kid wants a pacifier, for goodness sake, let him have it. His teeth won't be jacked up forever. Promise. Infact, they'll all fall out and he'll get brand new ones. My sister sucked her thumb in her sleep until she was 7... teeth perfectly straight once she quit.

1960 days ago


how old are these kids? can't they walk? and what's with the pacifier?

1960 days ago


Everyone knows it is bad idea to date your boss, manager or lawyer. Any of those options are bad idea. Britney, if you are dating him and please dump him and keep him as your manager!

1960 days ago


Dang... some of you are harsh. 1st - so what about the price of the strollers. Looks like the one I have for my kids (and my kids are just as precious and important as Brit's). 2nd - big deal about the pacifier. The kid's been through a lot in his short life so far. Let him be. I'm sure that the courts, K-Fed, Daddy Jamie, and all the others make sure she keeps pediatrician appts, so the docs are up to date on his paci habit.
Stop nit picking the poor family apart! Things seem to be going in the right direction and I, for one, think it's good - and a very positive thing.
So now go analyze yourself and your family and all the little things you do wrong (i.e. giving 2 yr old a pacifier).

1960 days ago


Normally I don't comment on things. But so what if the kid has a binky she has only partial custody. Instead of blaming her blame Kevin who gets paid to be a Dad not because he wants to. My child had this problem doesn't anymore but it's not like she's feeding him drugs or alcohol. Stop judging her parenting skills and worry about your own. Of course you probably don't have children so you just judge others.

1960 days ago


Oh... one moe thing... so what about the strollers? Hyde Park is large and who's to say what the kids were doing before the pic was snapped. They could have been playing for 2 hours straight and were exhausted. (Geez, why am I even commenting on this anyway?) It's not like these little cuties are 6 & 7 years old. They are still preschoolers, or younger.

1960 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

You people can be really dumb.

1. Pacifiers have NOTHING to do with formation of their teeth. Their baby teeth are all they are getting at this point and those teeth ALL COME OUT. Their permanent teeth aren't even buds, yet, so the pacifiers have nothing to do with them.

2. This is HER family, HER kids - it is none of our business if her kids are in strollers or use pacifiers. They are not our kids. I raise my kids my way, she raises her kids her way (or Kevin and her - or whomever has custody).

Who are you people to tell another woman how to raise her kids? These kids are not being abused by being in a stroller or using a pacifier - so it's none of your - or my - business.

1960 days ago


some of you people are harsh. how do you know shes not slowly taking away the binkys for the boys. and the strollers, big deal! she is surrounded by paps. if i was her id have those boys in strollers or in my arms with all those paps following me around. its total chaos and so easy for someone to grab one of her boys.

1960 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

He's a fool for dating her! Didn't he see how badly all of her other relationships went? Her fans are guaranteed to say horrible things about him when she gets bored and cheats on him or he gets tired of her histrionics and dumps her! At least he'll probably walk away with a ton of $ from either lawsuits or hush $! The man's a lemming and doesn't even know it!

1960 days ago

Me Of course    

leave britney spears alone plz ,she is my favorite bitch !

1959 days ago


The people who are referring to the child's pacifier as a "bink" or "binky" are clearly the ones who need help. Leave this mom and her toddlers alone.

1959 days ago


I hope Brit does find a good mature guy she can be happy with. To me she doesn't seem to really enjoy her music anymore. He is a good looking guy. I was surprised at the comment under the picture. Maybe you were just trying to be funny (not accurate) because everyone knows he has been around for years and knows her dad and the kids, probably the lawyers to.

1959 days ago


do you know what annoys me why is it people are soo hard on britney for working yet jessica alba,madonna ect work and have kids and their kids get looked after by nannies yet people never say anything bad about them

1957 days ago


The yougest one always looks like he's been crying or has a runny nose. Enough with the binky's already. First it was Suri Cruise with the bottle until she was almost 3.

1957 days ago


Quit treating these celebrity brats like infants, get up walk get the rubber out of your mouth, good grief, I I saw a 8year old in Hollywierd with a rubber in his mouth, once,. LOL

1955 days ago
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