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Carrie Prejean -- Fired!

6/10/2009 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean UPDATE: We learned Carrie just received her letter of termination. She is officially out.

We've learned "biblically correct" Carrie Prejean will lose her Miss California USA crown today because she doesn't play well with others.

Sources connected with the pageant tell us even Donald Trump has now had it with Carrie, because she's violating her contract by not getting clearance to do her extracurricular stuff.

We're also told Carrie has been a no-show for appearances she was supposed to make for the pageant organization.

The firing, we're told, is strictly based on Carrie breaching her contract. It's not based on her political and moral views.

Carrie is getting her walking papers this afternoon.

The new Miss California USA will be Miss Malibu Tami Farrell.

Carrie Prejean


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rob capp    

Oh Carrie! Please!!! Just stop it already!! You're even dumber than I thought. You were dethroned for so many reasons that I'll only name a few. You posed semi-nude for a magazine and lied about it. You shirked your appearance duties as Miss CA. You did a promo for the Natl. Org. for Marriage, a hate group that fights to strip away marriage rights from all gays. They of course do nothing to try and reduce millions of straight marriages that end in divorce. You also incorrectly stated that "we live in a country where people can choose straight or gay marriage". Wrong! The federal gov't. doesn't recognize gay marriages. Wake up Obama! You can go back to supporting gay marriages again now that you're President. You got a boob job, but Donald paid for it so that doesn't count. Finally you haven't showed the world some hot lesbian pics of your mom and her ex-girlfriend getting it on. That would be hot.You should now become head of the N.O.M instead of Maggie Gallagher cause she's got too much fat under her chin. She looks like a small cow. Not a great image to promote marriage.

1959 days ago


WONK WONK WONK did I not predict this -- um yes I did. The bitch was not abiding by her contrct ALL ALONG and the hell with Donald Trump he looks just as much of an ass as she looks. He should have fired her from the get-go and again I reiterate as I've said all along about her -- fire her for not abiding with her contract - period! I do not care what her answer was, for me it was all about the photos first and than when she didn't show for scheduled appearances of her own mind making umm yah dumb blonde, you're breaking your contract = FIRED. I've also said all along she has wanted this to happen (the firing) so she can be available for all the talk/news shows that will want to interview her. Oh yeh and there is always that possibility of a lawsuit, lmao, um go ahead blondie I dare ya, you will not win a damn thing. Next stop, hmm writing a book, (after the tv appearances of course), maybe a job (laughs) for the Pat Robertson channel, or oh of course.....modeling aka PORN. They (and we) got your number bimbo.

1958 days ago


I haven't really followed the story too closely, but... The girl seems very immature and unpleasant to deal with. I also strongly disagree with her religious and political views. But I wonder... when you sign up for this pageant stuff, are you required to lose your backbone and your identity and become some sort of Pageant Stepford Bride, programmed with all the latest pc jargon? Or are you chosen for your overall ability to represent the pageant system? Either way, if it's true what she is saying about how they've tried to push her to do appearances (Playboy? Gay movie premier incognito? Really?) which could potentially damage her personal image and her career - it does sound to me like the pageant officials did devise an agenda. Either using her as some sort of poster child or a real push to get her canned. Pageants have always been polluted with politics and backstabbing, but this kind of nonsense proves they've seen their day.

1958 days ago


Marriage should be between a man and a woman as it has always been. It's right she and many others stand up for what they believe in. God always knows who's righteous. Viciousness only exposes those who aren't.

1958 days ago


You know, she was asked a question and answered it honestly. Did Perez Hilton think that since everyone knows he's obviously gay that she was supposed to answer the question the way he would want it answered? he was barking up the wrong tree that day I guess. What has the world come to when we have to be so polite that our true opinions must take a back seat to what everyone wants to hear? dont get me wrong, im not a homophobe, one of my best friends is a gay man, but my point is honesty is admirable. We are a long way away from everybody accepting everything, its sad but true.

1958 days ago


First the conspiring pageant officials say that she missed 20 - 30 then 30+ appearances. Next Keith Lewis appears on Geralo at Large and states quite clearly that Carrie NEVER missed ONE SINGAL obligation.

But, he argues she never committed to any. Do you think maybe it was the Playboy offer that Lewis so dutifully passed along and then ask for a written reply to (is it possible Shanna Moakler was calling in a favor from Hefner). Or, maybe it was the gay events and the Schlock TV show.

Then when Carrie tried to volunteer with the Special Olympics, as she has done in the past, Lewis tried to get in the way. He asked about arranging a body guard, as a sarcastic remark because she stated her concerns for her safety at Gay events....

Any two-bit manager can force an employee out of their job through abuse of power.

Trump should fire Keith Lewis for being so inept that it took him this long. And such an easy target.... a 22 year old lady that has been busy battling gay activists, and liberal media attack dogs, every anti-Christian bigot in the country, the misogynists and every imature adolescent that gets off by posting vulgar remarks.

1954 days ago


Looks like you can say ANYTHING you want, if you are liberal; otherwise consider yourself trashed.

1952 days ago

Paul Muys    

Carrie Prejean, the most beautiful and sweet all American female, the pride of the nation, has been persistently tormented
by the "tolerant" PC lynch mob, led by the sleezy and spineless California Pageant "officials" and then finally summarely
fire by Donald Trump and Keith Lewis, both pathetic morons. All because she stood up to attempts of coercian by this
mob to endorse or promote HOMOSEXUALITY. She held her head high, unbowed and re-affirming her strong moral and
ethical convictions.. We are so proud of this breathtaknig Amercan beauty, perhaps the most beautiful in the world,
She should be emulated by all young women in the country. Carrie is the personification of the beautiful American female.
We are wishing Carrie well and may God bless America for such a sweet wonderful and beautiful young woman and may
God bless Carrie Prejean.

1952 days ago

kathy@personal injury lawyer    

It is so easy to break contracts. Most contracts have a bunch of provisions, people ignore or don't fully appreciate. This is done specifically for instances like these. When there is a breach you have good grounds for terminating the relationship. It then seems like the is fired for other reasons and makes it seem like the trump people did not give in to pressure from various organizations.

1928 days ago


I'm surprised the gays aren't begging Keith Lewis to apologize and tack Carrie back. This publicity has drawn the gays out of the shadows were they have been conducing their low profile campaign. The exposure has shown everyone just how vile they are. I came across an article that showed were the large gay activist groups are advising their members to go back into hiding were they are more affective. They don't want anyone to see their true colors.

1951 days ago

Paul Muys    

Lets face it, the beautiful blode Carrie Prejean does not have minority status in the super exclusive club of the protected
vulnerable innocent group that claim undue persecution. It's open seaon on this beautiful white blonde female, the target
of every mentally challenged person to attack her any way they see fit. Has she been a minority this would never happen.
Carrie should be returned to her rightful place as the most beautiful female in the county, if not the world.

1949 days ago

How Much Is My Car Worth    


1926 days ago

Paul Muys    

Carrie Prejean has been relentlesly attacked by a group of
"tolerant and vulnerable" homosexual perverts and degenerates,
sexual deviants and despicable morons. This beautiful all American
white female has done nothing wrong, only declined to endorse the
sick and perverted homosexual lifestyle, keeping her high moral and ethical principles intact, head held high and unbowed. Carrie
deserves to be returned to her rightful place as Miss California
2009. May God bless and protect Carrie Prejean.

1892 days ago

Paul Muys    

Beautiful Carrie Prejean lost her throne thanks to the perverted
and sexual deviants homosexual whackos, finally fired by Keith
Lewis and Donald Trump, the Forest Gump and Rainman lookalikes,
both mentally challenged. Carrie will remain the darling of America. This white, all American beauty took the, thanks God, moral highground and never compromised her moral and ethical pronciples. May God bless America and may God bless and protect
Carrie Prejean.

1883 days ago
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