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Carrie Prejean -- Fired!

6/10/2009 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean UPDATE: We learned Carrie just received her letter of termination. She is officially out.

We've learned "biblically correct" Carrie Prejean will lose her Miss California USA crown today because she doesn't play well with others.

Sources connected with the pageant tell us even Donald Trump has now had it with Carrie, because she's violating her contract by not getting clearance to do her extracurricular stuff.

We're also told Carrie has been a no-show for appearances she was supposed to make for the pageant organization.

The firing, we're told, is strictly based on Carrie breaching her contract. It's not based on her political and moral views.

Carrie is getting her walking papers this afternoon.

The new Miss California USA will be Miss Malibu Tami Farrell.

Carrie Prejean


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Lelsie B.    

Good for her. I don't know why she would even want to be associated with such an intolerant, mean spirited, insignificant little group of people anyway.

1900 days ago

ruthanne beirne    

maybe she will be on the republican running mate with Sarah Palin for President in 2012

1900 days ago


TMZ, why do you always have to say Miss Biblically Correct everytime you mention her? She never said she was perfect. She was asked a quesion and she gave an answer. Why would ask someone their opinion and then not want to hear the answer? I'm a Christian. Does that mean I don't sin? Of course I do. I've read a lot of posts on here talking about how dumb she is, however, the people writing the posts use incorrect grammer and spelling. What does that say about you? I didn't watch the pagent, I don't care who Ms. California is and I don't understand why she is getting grilled because she agrees with most of the people in her own state. Since when did a beauty pagent start being based on one's philosphy and not looks? She is a beautiful women.

1900 days ago

John Galt for President 2012    

Is this really worth putting 4 or 5 articles one after the other. I know Harvey is gay and hates her guts, but geesh! Not even Phil Specktor got this kind of coverage.

1900 days ago


Porn career, he we come!

1900 days ago


She will be on FOX with her own show... just like the other blond bimbos who work there.

Or maybe she will run with Palin in 2012... I can see it now Palin/Prejean... two mindless bitches!

1900 days ago

Lori in VA    

Really TMZ?? ...I like how your reporting is skewed to the anti-Carrie with the "she doesn't play well with others" Gimmee a break! You and all the other liberal media have been against her from the moment she answered her pageant question. Who isn't playing well with whom here?

If she wasn't adhering to her contract, they should let her go! I'm glad that the trashy Moakler left before her and I hope stays out and maybe crawls under a rock so we don't have to see her anymore either. Good Riddance!

1900 days ago


Suzann and Leslie B,

You both must of meant to say the opposite of what you did. The pageant people are lucky to no longer be associated with such an intolerant, unpleasant hypocrite like Carrie Prejean.

1900 days ago

Justin is Calling    

This is exactly the same position on Gay Rights Obama holds.

Why do we let him get away with it?

1900 days ago



1900 days ago


58. haha finally!! this intolerant bitch with her hate filled mind is headed to the unemployment line.

Posted at 3:23PM on Jun 10th 2009 by rick
Uh, dinkwad, she will be far from unemployed. She's a celebrity because of you.

And talk about intolerant---you dang f$gg*ts are the most intolerant of all. I'm sick of your whining, sperm-filled asses.

1900 days ago


She's already famous so who needs the pageant?

1900 days ago


Yes, it's terrible she's got such outmoded views of marriage, just like the President and the majority of California voters.

1900 days ago


To all the people posting comments on here - you people are SO MEAN SPIRITED! Who gives you people the right to judge her? Time to grow up folks!

1900 days ago


RT @standupfalldown: Miss California, Carrie Prejean, not getting fired . . . just getting "opposite job"
And in reply to those, like #63, who ask, "This is exactly the same position on Gay Rights Obama holds. Why do we let him get away with it?"
The answer is we don't let him get away with it - he may be President of the USA, but he'll never be Miss California!

1900 days ago
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