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Jacko Accused of Singing Conspiracy

6/10/2009 1:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson turned on his own flesh and blood by torpedoing a family reunion concert, according to a lawsuit that was just filed.

AllGood Entertainment just filed a Federal lawsuit, claiming Jackson reneged on his promise to perform with his brothers and sister Janet before performing any other concerts on his own.

After allegedly agreeing to the deal with AllGood -- the company that was producing the family concert -- Jackson inked a separate deal to perform a series of concerts in London.

According to the suit, Jackson and his manager, Frank Dileo, "secretly teamed up with AEG [the London producer]" knowing full well that Jackson committed to doing the family concert first.

AllGood claims its deal with Jacko prohibited him from signing any other contracts until 3 months after he performed the family concert.

Jackson has claimed he never signed the deal with AllGood -- his manager did. AllGood says the manager speaks for Jackson.

AllGood is suing for $20 million -- minimum. The company is also asking the judge to derail the London concerts, scheduled to kick off next month.


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Michael Madsen    

Ummm.... and your point is?

1876 days ago


Why would Michael Jackson want to perform with his family or agree to that? For years the Jacksons have been trying to get him to perform with them again and he won't, I don't blame him. As for the concerts, I'm sure he'll perform. But 50?! I don't think the old man can handle that. I do think people have underestimated him before many times, as evidenced by selling 750.000 tickets in five minutes flat when people said he was a has-been. Nothing about Jacko surprises me anymore, I'm pretty confident that the guy can do anything he wants and will. He was definitely overbooked for those shows, like ten would have been enough. I don't think he's a fraud, I think he has no sensibilities when it comes to managing money and is not a business man when handling his affairs and hires a lot of crooked people to do it for him, which usually screws him in the end.

1876 days ago


Number 3, you are a massive, massive idiot. I stopped reading after your first sentence, so I can only imagine how bad the rest of your message is.

Also, this is a baseless, ridiculous lawsuit that will not last long. Michael Jackson, nor anyone who represents him, agreed to these shows. AGE was duped into thinking Michael Jackson's manager from 20 years ago still managed him, and signed him up to a deal.

Its no different than if any reader on this page tried to sign him up for a deal.

1876 days ago


idiots interrupt any good thing he's tryin to do. any event he's tryin to put together. any album he's tryin to put out..any concert he's tryin to do. every time, since he bought the beatles catalogue, since 1985, people have sought to interrupt him.

the bigger he got, the more that people saw money in their eyes if he was about to do some.

their love of money is the root of all their evil ways.

1876 days ago

Deryk Devanz    

I agree with allGood

1876 days ago


On April 11, 2009 Randy Phillips responded to the cease and desist notice in stating that "Mr. Dileo and does not involve AEG Live in any manner whatsoever," and advised AllGood Entertainment that any legal issues were between that company and Frank Dileo and it has no involvement with AEG or their Jackson-related endeavors what-so-ever. In fact, this claim was reiterated in two separate e-mails from Mr. Phillips, and it has been stated that he worked directly with Michael Jackson and Dr. Tohme Tohme to negotiate the AEG contracts and procedures. In rebuttal of these claims, AllGood Entertainment sent a second notice again citing the CelebrityAccess article published on the Internet which referenced Frank Dileo as acting on behalf of Michael Jackson and AEG. However, the notice by AllGood Entertainment also seems to erroneously quote the published article using quotes which do not actually appear in the article itself. As a final follow-up, AllGood Entertainment wrote: "While Frank Dileo's actions were reprehensible, AEG's very public support of Dileo and continued association with him despite our efforts to Cease and Desist them, is tantamount to anti-trust and anti-competitive practices."

In summary, two contracts and agreements were signed by December 1, 2008 by Frank Dileo and parties relating to Dileo's agency and AllGood Entertainment's agency. None of these contracts bare any signature of the Jacksons, nor has there been any confirmation that the Jackson siblings are aware of these concert-related plans. Even within the proposal that detailed at length the expenses, profits, and plans of each artist, there are no direct quotes from any of the Jacksons themselves to bring credence to the proposal.

With no signatures or authorization by Michael Jackson within the contracts between Frank Dileo and AllGood Entertainment, and seemingly just one online Web site referencing that Frank Dileo had any involvement with AEG, there does not appear to be much legal cause for concern over the O2 concerts.

Finally, on October 30, 2008 (one month before any such contracts, proposals, or agreements were drafted and signed), Michael Jackson issued the following statement: "My brothers and sisters have my full love and support, and we’ve certainly shared many great experiences, but at this time I have no plans to record or tour with them. I am now in the studio developing new and exciting projects that I look forward to sharing with my fans in concert soon."

It's obvious that AllGood Entertainment never received that written comfirmation from each family member, otherwise those written confirmations would have been attached to AllGood's complaint and they are not. It's interesting that their complaint NEVER addresses the fact that AllGood has at least spoken, one-on-one, with the OTHER members of the Jackson family. MJ is the marque name, but the other members should have a voice also.
Beverly Hills, CA, May 15, 2009 — In an official statement issued today The Jacksons (Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Randy Jackson) have denied they were in any way involved with a proposed Jackson 5 reunion concert in Texas on the third of July claimed this week by New Jersey concert promoters AllGood Entertainment.

According to The Jacksons' manager, Danny O'Donovan, the original members of the Jackson 5, and younger brother, Randy, who later joined Michael and his older brothers performing as The Jacksons, were never approached about participating in the purported Texas concert event with Michael and sister, Janet.

The Jacksons have said they will support Michael in fighting any legal action brought by AllGood Entertainment with regard to the promoter's claim about a concert in Texas Stadium on July 3.

O'Donovan said "There is absolutely no merit in this claim, and we had no knowledge of any contract, with anyone, for a so-called family tour reunion. In fact, The Jacksons were never even approached about it and no offer was ever made to them."

All of the Jackson brothers are thrilled that Michael is returning to the live stage this summer and are totally in support of his historic 50 concert run at London's O2 Arena. They eagerly look forward to seeing and enjoying his "This Is It!" concert event.

1876 days ago


He needs to find another excuse; The "I didn't sign the deal my manager did" one is getting old. I can not believe people even want to see him in concert anymore. I really can't believe anyone still trust him enough to sign him to a deal and expects him to follow through.

1875 days ago


You can have all the agents you want and they can claim to speak on your behalf but a contract is only valid if the actor/singer or artist HIMSELF (or herself) validates the contract. Untill that happens, it's not legally binding. Allgood does not have a case.
The only way this would be valid is if the artist is incapacitaed and has previously signed over power of attorney to someone else (likely a family member) to arrange their affairs.

The other comment (above) is right. They all saw Micheal as a lottery ticket because he's so loose with his money and every ass wipe is coming out of the woodworks to get a piece of him any way they can. If Allgood had any business sense, why didnt they try to stage some concerts with Janet alone. She's still a big draw and can still pack arenas. They could have left the door open for Micheal to make a special appearance to sing with her (Scream) but that would be the extent of it.

Sadly, now they will leave him alone.

RIP Micheal

1846 days ago



See you in July Michael :)

1871 days ago

mutant chicken    

wow lisa (nr 19-21!) how do you know all that?
does frank dileo have the power or not to represent michael? can they sue michael bcs of something he didnt sign, although dileo did?

1867 days ago


They just didnt want him performing his conspiracy music. He wanted to tell us something about the people who run this country. They shut him up. No one would have believed a weirdo like Michael anyway, right? Don't belive everything you hear. I mean you already ignore all the evil you see right in front of your face.

1509 days ago
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