Playmate to Accuser: Your Suit is Totally See-Thru

6/10/2009 10:30 AM PDT
Hell hath no fury like a Playmate scorned -- especially when the Playmate claims she's been falsely accused of stealing money from kids.

2009 Playmate of the Year Ida Ljungqvist has filed legal papers shredding Katrina Kantner -- the woman suing Ida claims teamed up with her soon-to-be ex husband, Doug Kantner, allegedly in a scheme to steal child support from her kids.

Not only does Ida claim Katrina's suit is a "transparent attempt to extort additional monies out of Doug" -- the Playmate says the false allegations have "disrupted and diminished Ljungqvist's long term ability to raise funds for ... charities and philanthropic associations."

Bottom line -- Ida says she being attacked because of her high-profile celebrity status.