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The REAL Phil Spector -- New Mug Shot

6/10/2009 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Phil Spector

No, it ain't the Crypt Keeper -- this is what convicted murderer Phil Spector looks like without his ridiculous wigs.

celeb muggsThis mugshot was taken last Friday when Spector checked in to his new temporary holding cell at North Kern State Prison just outside Bakersfield, Calif.


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Spector looks like that character from "SIN CITY". You know.....that little guy who was bald headed and all mustard colored. I'll be darned if the name eludes me.

1938 days ago


Without the $1,000 suit and the ridiculous, distracting wig, he now looks more like what he really is .... just a slimy, greasy little murderer.

1938 days ago

kosa! kosa! kosa!    

Holy Cripple Batman!!!! I just donta knowa whatha I'ma lookin at this? Holy Canole!! This is uber creepsville with a capital F.

In all seriousness though, just imagine waking up in the middle of the night and having this guy chewing on your toes!!! Now that's totally creepsville!!!!

1938 days ago

kosa! kosa! kosa!    

What's more creepiest this one or the pictures of David Carradine hangin round? That's a question only a mother could answer...

1938 days ago


He did NOT get sentenced to 19-Years.........

He was sentenced to: LIFE !!

The 19-Years only means he must wait until then before he is allowed to ask the Parole Board for release.

It does not mean he will be "GRANTED" Parole though.

Remember - His sentence is LIFE.


1938 days ago


TMZ - Why are you trying to copyright that mug shot? Geez and duhh - it belongs to the State of California already. pffffttt

1938 days ago


Makes you feel sorrier for his dense 28 year-old wife.

1938 days ago


DANG! No wonder he was so.....angry

1938 days ago


Hey Riff Raff.....let's doo the Time Warp again.

............SEE YA!


1938 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

I dunno,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this is a toss up between Nolte and Spector for the most memorable mugshot of all time. Hey TMZ , maybe we should have a poll on this one, really.

1938 days ago


OMG what a picture he looks 80 yrs old. No one deserves what he did to this poor girl !!! I was shocked to see this pic, feel sorry for the victim but rollin over all the funny comments, lol. He does look like the creeper maybe bubba wouldn't even touch him with a 10 foot poll. Bet his pretty young wife is glad as he's in the slammer, yuck !! For no amount of money would I ever marry anything like that, a mentally ill monster !!!

1938 days ago


i guess i'm the only one who thinks he looks better without the wigs... might have helped his defense, if he hadnt looked so freaky wierd and more like the sad little old man he looks like now.. that said, i'm guess i'm glad the SOB did keep the wigs on.

1937 days ago


This mans looks alone scare the hell out of me. I don't care how much money he may have that would not be enough for me to be caught with him. He needed to be put down. I hope he will become some big old hard azz lover.

1937 days ago


His 29 year old wife claims she is NOT with him for the money???? People like him do not last long in prison.

1937 days ago


Nothing "young" or "pretty" about Rachelle Spector.
I'm sure she's got her panties all up in a bunch now that Spector's mug shot has taken front seat to all her silly aspirations of "being a musician" and "missing sex with such a sex God"


The prison couldn't have leaked this at a better time-thanks for leaking this now. Would rather see Phil's bald head than Rachelle's bald faced lies LOL

1937 days ago
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