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Becoming a Man

The Process

6/11/2009 3:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chastity BonoA lot is involved in the sex reassignment process. Here's the lowdown, according to Dr. Gary Alter from "Dr. 90210" -- he's an expert. Here's what Chastity Bono is going through right now.

-- First step ... A psychiatrist evaluates the patient. If appropriate, the doctor prescribes male hormones.

-- The hormones change the body makeup, which includes hair growth. The clitoris also grows larger.

-- Removal of breasts. Dr. Alter said most states will recognize the person as a male once this occurs. A hysterectomy can also be performed during this process.

-- Dr. Alter said the decision about changing the genitalia can take several years, while the patient is taking hormones. Dr. Alter says most people stop at this point.

-- Dr. Alter says if the patient goes forward, the surgeon often makes a small penis out of the clitoris and a scrotum by joining both labia majors. Testicle implants can then be inserted. The most sophisticated option is microsurgery in which skin, arteries and nerves are taken from the forearm and made into a phallus.

As for cost, Dr. Alter said it's all over the place, depending on how far the person wants to go. We've spoken to people who have had it done, and they say the full deal costs more than $100,000.


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HORROR STORY>>Frankenstein re visited 2009 YIKES..I loathe this choice chass chaz what ever...We are BORN what we are supposed to be..She is a Woman with terrible head problems and she needs lots of help.I dont love her choices but I hope she comes to her senses and will THINK .... SNAP OUTTA IT- SNAP OUT OF IT(remember cher said it) This is really major horror..Cher will pay 4 it..300,000$ is closer plus$$$$ Cher has lots of money..How heartbreaking 4 her...I would freak if my Son wanted to become a woman..HACK HACK

1929 days ago


After reading so many posts that are written by individuals who know nothing about gender identity, sexual orientation, the politics od equality,or perhaps compassion for all human beings, it is refreshing to know that it is none of our business what Chaz or any individual wants to do with their bodies. It is their decision. No Doctor just "does this to them".
Fear of the unknown and someone not fitting into our ordered binary world causes some people to be extremely judgemental and reactionary. It is none of our business.
Spend that kind of hateful energy on becoming informed or perhaps searching your soul for your own authentic self.

1929 days ago


Plebes-this isn't about tricking anyone. People are afraid when they can't control events around them. What are we afraid of when some individual wants to create gender conformity for themselves? Does it take food out of your mouth? threaten your family in some way? make you more prone to some disease? No- it just messes with your idea of conformity. It is really none of our business. It is not about legal or not.
We are blessed that in this America we have the freedom to be who ever we want. In Iran, they force effeminate men who are actually Gay to have a sex change or they are imprisoned. The Iranian Govt. doesn't know the difference between sexual orientation ( who we are attracted to) and Gender Identity. Thank goodness America is more open minded about so many things.
And the next question is "what is a real man?"We are human beings first with a caoacity to hate or be compassionate. Looks like a lot of hating going on through these postings. Hate directed at people you know nothing about, If you sat down with a Transperson, you may find out you have many things in common.

1928 days ago


Jem- The Lord works in magnificent ways.

1928 days ago


Is Chastity/Chaz internally gay?
I think that's a big yes.
So what will that do to his/her sexual appetite?
Will he/she drop litle miss for a gay man?
Or will he/she claim he/she is now straight.

Will little miss want a new woman soon if she is also truly internally gay?
Or does the gay just go away now?

1928 days ago


I continually find my posts removed from this site, so I'll not waste too much time on an extensive post.
If you want more info on same sex issues google "Love Won Out"

1928 days ago


if he feels this way,i think he should be respected for it and have our suport and prayers!

1926 days ago

Control Freaks    

Just another media hype to get attention. Not only is Chastity a fat slob, if she even THINKS she's going to make a good man, she might try being a pimple on man's ass first to see how that works out for her. And WTF is all of this business of everyone referring to her as, "him / he"? You people need to pull your heads out and refer to HER for what SHE is. A friggin' WOMAN! I don't care what she cuts off or has sewn on, she will ALWAYS BE A WOMAN!

1900 days ago


It's great to see America is still teeming with a bunch of ignorant, homophobic, transphobic, bigoted know-it-alls. Transsexual people have more guts and courage in their pinkies than all of you have in your entire bodies combined. How dare you pass judgment on someone for pursuing their own happiness? This is America, where brave people are free to live their lives how THEY CHOOSE, not how you choose. Chaz isn't hurting anyone, and if any of you ever bothered to open a book, or research his condition online, you'd learn that transsexuals who successfully transition are extremely happy, productive members of society. Transition has a 98% success rate, better than almost all other medical procedures. The cost is entirely shouldered by the individual, so none of your precious tax dollars are being used. When transsexuals are the targets of hate and discrimination, they suffer incredible pain, which is why up to 30% take their own lives. Nobody goes through this for any reason other than their own survival. If you don't like what Chaz is doing, then go back to your cabins and trailer parks, and spend your weekends drinking beer and working on the 17 junk cars on your front lawn. Oh, you don't like that stereotype. Well, that's just a tiny little taste of the vomit you are spewing at someone you don't even know. You "people" make me ashamed to be a member of the human race.

1921 days ago

heart surgery    

Michael Jackson passes away. Forever be the King of pop music!

1916 days ago


Chaz always took after her father's side of the family.

Also - Sonny Bono was murdered. Read about it on

1496 days ago
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