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David Carradine's Death -- Not Suicide

6/11/2009 2:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David CarradineAn independent autopsy requested by David Carradine's family revealed he did not commit suicide.

No real surprise there. The forensics expert who examined his body, Dr. Michael Baden, said he'll need further information from Thailand to make a final determination about the cause of death.


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Clear photos can be seen at Come on you know you want to see.

1957 days ago


To all of you who have not seen this video, please take a look - -

It will give you an idea of the depth of the man regardless of what he preferred in his private life. The sorrow in his eyes is apparent if you look close enough. He apparently was a sensitive man in life. I would note a word of caution before I believed any ex wife. Especially the one who is writing the book on her life with him - obviously to capitalize on money. He said to someone in an interview that he always walked away with the clothes on his back. The world is a lesser place for a man who was really a great actor. His life was a struggle, Who said that the sons and daughters of actors have it made. Maybe financially but they seem to lack the love that is evident in their searches.

1957 days ago


The spirit of Grasshopper will assist the inquiry. The facts of this situation will be found out.

1957 days ago


David Caradine does not deserve the ugly remarks I have seen on some of these posts. he is dead and cannot defend himself. i do not condone auto erotic asphyxiation. It is terribly dangerous. However, David was not a pedophile, not a threat to society. He engaged in a sex act of adults, and apparently of consenting adults. In the 1960's there was an actor named Albert Dekker. he died from auto erotic asphyxiation. He was found hanging from a bathroom ceiling with sexual terms written all over his body in lipstick. he had been with a hooker, The hooker fled the scene when Dekker died, The hooker was never found. This sounds exactly what could have happened to Carradine. God bless him and his poor family.

1957 days ago


Dr. Baden is a media whore who caters to the highest bidder. Whatever credibility he had has been sacraficed for the sake of a titalating headline. Shame on the good doctor.

1957 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

and his family is in on the deal!.

1957 days ago


Don't you all realize that Iam Smartman is baiting you? People who do this are called Internet trolls.

1957 days ago


David's recent wife is such a idiot. He's a sex freak, get over it. Nobody killed him. He really was that stupid and killed himself trying to get off.

1957 days ago


Why couldn't the family just leave it at this way a more respectable way to die??? Seriousley, that type of play is a bit on the verg of suicide...accidental maybe but they know what there getting into.

1957 days ago


I guess that's why my mom said to wear clean underwear....

1950 days ago

John Shad    

I guess I'd like to say "I'd rather be a "fat assed American" than a "fat assed commenter hiding behind a "fat assed " fake named email". That being said... if you know an "actor" and/or you understand what it takes to be an "Actor" they you would have more respect for any Actor than passing off an unfortunate situation for a possible homicide. Heck, I would even want that for myself and I'm just a "fat assed" american that served his country from 1968 - 1972 in the United States Marine Corps and during conflict Of Vietnam... I remember a bigger purpose of standing for rights and freedom... whether if for the United State of a America and/or for the symbol of freedom itself. For anyone to ridicule that is to "WALK ON THE FIGHTING SIDE OF ME"

1600 days ago

John Shad    

LOL some people will write the most stupid remarks in spite of how ridiculous it is. One look at Dave (scientifically or otherwise) and you would have to be a blooming idiot to make the "sex freak" comments. No wonder why you massacred behind so many names. Did your mom ever have any kids "that lived"?

1600 days ago

John Shad    

Everything has already been said and In one day I seem to be discovering all I care to know about TMZ.

1) all my comments have been scrutinized so I assume there is not a real person with a real mind sorting out"smut" since many smutty remarks have been made without filtration.

It is to this end that I will not make or read any further comments. Lets face it... if there is filtration... then this would be the type of thing to filter (EON08 for one and probably same as others in massacred) as this is not simply a matter of difference in opinion (which I have no problem with).

1600 days ago

John Shad    

Predictions of the purpose of Eon8 included the distribution of computer viruses, viral marketing, and an alternate reality game. Additionally, plenty of references were made to the Book of Revelations and the Third Reich. The website's popularity spread as a result of plenty of Internet communities reacting to it, including forum posts on 4chan, eBaum's World, Something Awful, as well as a page on YTMND predicting the purpose of Eon8.

1600 days ago
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