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Fake Rachael Ray Ad

Read the Fine Print

6/11/2009 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How can you tell a shady looking ad featuring Rachael Ray might not be legit? They spell her name wrong!

Rachael Ray

An email blast for a product called Natural Acai is making its way across the Internet. It features a picture of Rachael Ray and the email even says it's from her. But alas -- Rachael has nothing to do with the product.

Ray's reps tell us this has been an ongoing problem. Several different Acai berry websites have popped up using Ray's image -- all because Ray has mentioned Acai on her show. Each time a site like this pops up, Ray's people get it taken down.

Look for this one to bite the dust shortly.


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People who live in illiterate glass houses . . . .

"its" is the possessive, "it's" is a contraction of "it is."

1897 days ago


who would be dumb enough to order this without reading the small print??
Of course it's a scam and they want your account number to charge you for more each month. There are so many products like that. New one born everyday.

1897 days ago


Boo Hoo. Who xxxking cares???

1897 days ago


I fell for this when they did it with Oprahs picture. I felt if she
was endorsing it it must be a reliable company and a good product.
Well.....i was only to pay the s&h for 4.95 but instead they sent me 2 items I didnt order and put 150,00 on my card
which I was never able to get back even though I returned the
products. They also tried to put a monthly charge my card until I cancelled
These people selling this ACAI product are CROOKS DO NOT FALL FOR

1897 days ago


Yeah - aside from Rachael ray ads - i also see a lot of oprah too.
fake fake fake all of them - they endorse nothing

1897 days ago


Well i see these advertised a lot on facebook. Or they used to be LOL....oprah or rachael ray they claim "endorse the product" lol.....only because they mentioned it. I just ignore them.....obviously a scam.

1897 days ago

concerned citizen    

I too am
trying to get my money back $87.13 two times charged to my cc on the same day, phone number on the my account
is a fax number. Their customer nunmber is a recording with the 3 choices, when you punch 3 for a customer service rep the recording starts over and tells you to press O for a customer service rep, which starts the recording over again. I hope someone can get this place closed down,.....

1897 days ago


that sucks you guys got scammed, just read that after responding to thread. In the future, never trust these "free trials"...they all have a catch to them. I once did this with a weightloss product for 5 bucks, they charged me like 30 bucks and WOULD NOT refund me when i tried to cancel the next day...took several calls and finally got it cancelled as i NEVER received the product to begin with. That was several years ago.....i have never fallen for any other product again.

ALSO if this product claims to lose weight and be healthy, why is oprah struggling with weight? Wouldn't she be as thin as they "claim" this product works if she used it...or endorsed it???...fishy. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

1897 days ago


Ray has a giveaway website which DOES include a supposed 14-day "free" trial for ACAIPURE which can be construed as endorsement. To make matters worse, the site also has a similar "free" trial offer for COLOPURE which is anything but a free trial. The company claims it is not misleading to call it a free trial because you only pay a little bit plus s&h for them to ship the free product and then a little more than 14 days later they charge your credit card full price (about $40) for what you thought was a free trial offer. It's a scam and since it's on people get screwed

1896 days ago


Yes, I fell for the add. But I managed to get my money back. Thing is, the 14 day period is from the day you order. Say I order on day 1, the payment is made five days later day 5 or 6, I recieve product on day 10, haven't had the chance to see if I like the product for the thirty day trial to see if I like it and find an 85.00 charge on my card. Fortunately my bank settled the dispute in my favor. I had called the # to complain and got a third world party that wasnot helpful in the least(three times asking for supervisor w/o success). No more

1896 days ago
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