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Kendra Wilkinson -- There's a Baby in There?!

6/11/2009 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She's pregnant with her first child, but Kendra Wilkinson's stomach is still as flat as her acting skills.


The "Girls Next Door" star -- who turns 24 tomorrow -- is due on Christmas Day.

Launch PhotosChances of a virgin birth are nil.


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Michael Madsen    

Honest to God... American people are just plain FAT and Stupid... period... end of story... ya eat fast food all day... think vegetables are Stephen Hawkin's and Christopher Reeves...don't exercise... watch TV hour after hour... obssess over weight through diets, game shows and gurus but still don't lose any...have the highest percentage of Heart disease, diabetes and cancer, admit that you're attracted to fat people BUT all your fashion is designed for boneracks and your Celebrity icons that you drool over are anorexic.

Isn't it time to admit.... you're not a super power... you're a pathetic race of materialistic, diseased wasters.

And the stories and comments on TMZ PROVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1957 days ago


She's probably used to wearing very revealing clothes. This is probably first trimester maternity for her.

1957 days ago


It's her first baby and she is only around 12 weeks...did you really expect her to show that early? Most people that stature do not show until around 18-20 weeks and even then in a loose fitting shirt you couldn't tell.

1957 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

C'mon, Ian, you're FIRST. Be happy about that and ease off the rest of us.

1957 days ago


She definitely still looks great!

- AnnQ

1957 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

TMZ wrote: ". . . is due on Christmas Day. Chances of a virgin birth are nil."

Great line!

Hey, "Iam Smartman" who pissed in your kippers this morning? Just because YOU visited Wisconsin doesn't mean ALL the other 49 states have people who look like that. It's just a steady diet of cheese and beer while watching Packer games that those poor people have to endure that makes them fat, drunk and stupid. It's not their fault!

1957 days ago


What is up with the first comment from Iam Smartman...what a hater lol. Share your opinion much?

Anyway, I wish Kendra the best in starting her family.

1957 days ago


I said she was pregnant when you posted the pool photos of Kendra in Vegas. I called it first, you owe me TMZ!

1957 days ago


She's pregnant, She looks like the type that will blow up around month 7. NOW #1, The U.S Hatter... Bottom line, wherever you are from, Americans rule you. We dont look down at other country's, WE ARE JUST ABOVE ALL.

1957 days ago


I love her and thnks she looks great. She will be a good mom. Good luck Kendra!

1957 days ago


This is in response the ignorant 1st poster...
Yeah, least we have nice teeth.

1957 days ago

Wanda W.    

" As flat as her acting skills "and about as noticeable as her intelligence is Id say . What a shame,another airhead, oversexed,over rated bimbo best know FOR NOTHING, who decides to reproduce. Wow, screw up another generation why dont you. Hey Kendra, get a jump and start putting money aside NOW for the therapy your spawn will no doubt need later !!

1957 days ago

Michael Madsen    

5. C'mon, Ian, you're FIRST. Be happy about that and ease off the rest of us.

Posted at 12:01PM on Jun 11th 2009 by wasted days and wasted nights

It's Iam... and... yah... whew... I really ran one there didn't I... ummm... okay... I'll uh.. take a breath... regroup... have another espresso and... uh.... yah... I'll uh.... this is embarassing... I'm ... well.... gee.... guess I'll just...sit here.

1957 days ago


Whoever wrote this article is either a very young man or a woman who never had a baby. At 12 weeks (which Kendra says she is), the woman doesn't show she's pregnant. Each woman is different; when she begins to 'show' and each pregnancy is different, too.. I have had a lot of past pregnant friends and also, I have had 4 children, myself. Good luck, Kendra!! Babies are blessings!! I think, too, you will be a great mom. I bet your own mom and brother are so excited!! Love your new show, too!!

1957 days ago


She is about as average as Hank Baskett's career. No boob job below average

1957 days ago
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