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Thumbs Down on Megan Fox

6/11/2009 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's simply unthinkable. After hundreds of man hours of scrutiny, the research is in ... and Megan Fox may have a Megan flaw -- her thumbs!


There's a buzz her two thumbs are disproportionate -- compared to her hands. Some people are saying she has a clubbed thumbnail ... others say the thumb is too short. Look at the pics and judge for yourself.

Megan Fox


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I am not sure of the medical term, but, I also have one 'clubbed' thumb. It is a side-effect of a mild case of hydrocephalus which I had as an infant. Fortunately, the only remaining effect that I have and I Thank God for it every day. FTR, I only have 1; not 2. Don't you feel superior, now?

1904 days ago


:D This is kinda funny because I have a thumb like that. My right hand thumb is like that my left hand thumb isnt. But I guess I'm not the only one with awkward thumbs :D YAY.

1873 days ago


omg wht the hell is wrong w it!!! it looks like its short thts all

1621 days ago


It's called Brachydactyly. Google it. It's a genetic disease. Also known as "Club thumb"

1592 days ago

I have it too    

its a genetic mutation, similar to having blue eyes, nothing is wrong with you if you have this, others have it to. I happen to have both blue eys and this kind of thumb.

Its called BDD(specificly for the thumb, this can also happen on other fingers too, multipul, or even just one)

its rare to have BDD and it only affect one thumb, its also rare for men to inherit this mutated gene (HOXD-13) . Usually occurs with women and (for BDD) on both thumbs.

1534 days ago


i have the same thumbs as her, and i hide them al the time because im terrified of people looking at them making fun saying things about them, my friends say theres nothing wrong with them but i think there horrible, megans such a beautiful woman, shes got the looks, the figure everything, but some low-lifes still have to look for something to put her down about, just leave her alone for god sake.

1533 days ago


Hey. My friend told me about her thumbs today, he was making fun of me. I didn't believe him. now I'm here because I got curious. I have the same thumbs. So does my friend, Alicia. It's just a gene and there is nothing you can do...i wish he would stop making fun of me... :(

1263 days ago


Yeah right, I got an eating disorder because someone made fun of my thumbs!!! hahahahahaha

1230 days ago


funny thing is i noticed this before all the hype started about it...i guess im the real megan fox fan ;)

1115 days ago


It's her foot, ow her hand..hmmm..I'm confused...

580 days ago
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