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New Miss Cali Knows When to Shut Up

6/11/2009 6:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She had only been Miss California USA for a few hours -- but last night on "Larry King Live" Tami Farrell did what Carrie Prejean couldn't: She put the polarizing gay marriage issue behind her.

Tami Farrell: Click to watch
Sure, it's kind of a cop out to not take a stance on the issue, but as she rightly put it: "It's silly ... that the world is looking to beauty queens for the answer." Just smile and wave.

FYI -- Though Prejean believes otherwise, pageant officials swear Carrie's political beliefs had nothing to do with her firing.


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John Galt for President 2012    

Since Miss USA and others elites in Hollywood are pro gay marriage and Tami refused to say she agrees with them, it likely means she agrees with Carries position (which also happens to be Presiden Obamas stated position - he isnt attacked because his usefulness as a Neo Marxist is far more useful to THEM) but in order to survive in that town in the entertainment biz you have to be politically correct or perish. If you dont follow the edicts of the liberal elites, you better be really good at hiding it. One slip up and WHAM - you are smacked down hard. They are all for freedom of speech as long its speech they agree with.

Gay activists dont simply want tolerance, they want ---- no --- they DEMAND acceptance. And anyone in the business who disagrees with them will be targeted for termination. Unless of course they are named Barrack Obama who is viewed as a god to left.

Its like in the "Rack" scene in the movie 1984 where its explained to Winston Smith that he must not simply say he loves Big Brother and that 2 + 2 = 5, he must actually believe it and accept it.

1923 days ago


Prejean wins again and trump and the whole homo bunch of "beauty pageants" lose.....AGAIN.

1923 days ago


The #1 rule for the left is: You can have an opinion, as long as it agrees with ours. If you don't,
you are on your own. It would be more honest to tell these girls that they have to tow the liberal
line. Communism has come to America!

1923 days ago


The march of the gay-facists continues.
Heil homosexuals!

1923 days ago


Right on marti875.... I couldn't agree more. You would think TMZ and the lawyer Harvey would be championing the right to freely express one's opinion without fear of retribution, but instead we get this nazi mentality of the press. Look how Letterman goes after Palin's kids.... would that ever happen with Obama's kids, or Gore's kids... or any number of other liberal politicians kids who have experienced the same problems... of course not... it's about silencing your opposition with tactics of Nazi Germany.

1923 days ago


Harvey is typical of those on the far left. He believes in free speech as long as people are saying things he agrees with.
Otherwise, he'll use this site to attack, defame, and harrass.
The militant left wing in this country has no respect for freedom of expression, which they claim to champion. They are a bunch of intolerant facists who want to silence anyone who doesn't hold their same "values".
They can kiss my azz.

1923 days ago


Typical hypocritical liberal a-holes, that's you, TMZ. Preach tolerance until someone doesn't agree with you, then destroy them. As others said, WHO didn't let Carrie Prejean put the issue behind her? I'm sure she would have been QUITE happy to put it behind her, but you wouldn't let her. And as far our cute new Ms. Cali wondering why beauty queens should even weigh in on this issue...EXACTLY. So why did it matter so much when Carrie answered this now unimportant question. Oh WAIT, it's b/c she answer it the way she was supposed to in our current intolerant culture. I'm so done with TMZ - you guys are jerks.

1923 days ago


Only when Adam Lambert wins Miss California will all be right in the PC world.

1923 days ago

Linda Mott    

Smart cookie! I'm sure Donald Trump talked to her before she went on the show. If she was for it, she would have said so. I don't think she can win with either answer of pro or anti. Does anyone care what you feel in your heart and give you the right to have a different opinion? I think it is a shame that sooooo many great guys are not out there for us single women.

1923 days ago


Why the HELL do you care if two gay people get married? How does that effect you? Worry about yourselves and your marriage. There is a 63 percent divorce rate in so called straight marriages and too many single mothers having multiple babies that is such a bigger issue and has consequences that effect us all - not the fact that two men or women choose to live as a married couple. Why do you get to impose your will on others - if you don't like fish, does that mean I can't eat fish, if you don't like kung-fu movies, does that me I can't watch kung-fu movies, if you dont' like the smell of fresh cut grass does that mean I can't cut my grass - REALLY, unless you are physically, financially or personally effected by this - get over it. We have too many other real issues in this world -

1923 days ago


What is so galling about this issue is the hypocrisy of the left. I don't give a rat's butt if gays are allowed to marry... do what you want, but I do care about the right of an individual to feel free and open enough to express an opinion. Sites like TMZ using their large soapbox to persecute this woman's opinion and it's hypocrisy at it's finest.

1923 days ago


Carrie desrved her crown taken. Another Chrisitan showing their true color, and spreading the love, as long as you're straight. When will people educate themselves and stop basing their lives on a book of lies, written by those who only wished to control others. A bunch of deluded, stupid sheep.

1923 days ago


Carrie was asked a question and answered it - rather poorly mind you. Her stance was met with critizism and yes she was blasted. HOWEVER, it was not her stance but her arrogant, self-righeous and nasty defiance of the organization she particitpated in that created this final action. She stated her opinion but then went on to fail to meed the requirements of her contract and to promote her position, which until that question, she had never done. She is a little girl with no life experience to fall back on and will now have to suffer the consequences of her actions. She is not the person that the radical religious right wants to believe she is - she does not act in a christian way and you will see that she will spread her legs for money as her 15 minutes of fame comes to the end.

1923 days ago


#35 Gay People should not keep their mouth shut or be tolerant to any homophobe. If the Blacks would have keept quiet done that would they have had the right to vote or set in the front of a bus? Opinions are a two way street get over it. She was not fired because her stance on gay marriage she was fired because she was not furfilling her contract. Stop blaming gay people and get over it. Of course gay people are gonna voice their opinion just like the womens movement it wasnt that long ago women didnt have the right to vote. If you expect gays to sit back and take discrimination wake up buddy its 2009 get out the cave your living in. I could care less if you accept gays or not but I can tell you one thing there will still be gay people wheter you accept it or not, and there is nothing you can do about it.

1923 days ago


Her lawyer said they complied with everything & learnt from tmz that she was fired. The future will tell what the truth is or maybe not as you really can't trust the media either.

1923 days ago
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