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New Miss Cali Knows When to Shut Up

6/11/2009 6:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She had only been Miss California USA for a few hours -- but last night on "Larry King Live" Tami Farrell did what Carrie Prejean couldn't: She put the polarizing gay marriage issue behind her.

Tami Farrell: Click to watch
Sure, it's kind of a cop out to not take a stance on the issue, but as she rightly put it: "It's silly ... that the world is looking to beauty queens for the answer." Just smile and wave.

FYI -- Though Prejean believes otherwise, pageant officials swear Carrie's political beliefs had nothing to do with her firing.


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Carrie, quit lying!

1959 days ago


This girl is ugly and boring to boot! Carrie IS Ms. California, beauty, brains and her OWN opinion. F*@k Trump he's a Chump.

1959 days ago


Carrie will only be able to get work from FOX as a news anchor, and then I'm sure their rating will drop because I for one would not watch FOX anymore. No one in HOllywood wants their business to be tied to someone who is not gay friendly not even TRUMP. Karma won in the end.

1959 days ago


For all of you calling t his girl ugly. I'm sure Miss Prejean would give you all a biblically correct blow job...if she was married to you...oh that's right oral sex is considered sodomy and we know how you hate sodomy...oh just when its homosexual? Hypocrite much?

1959 days ago


# 68

Hey HA HA,

Donald gave Carrie the opportunity to keep her title yesterday, she refused, so for all intents and purposes she quit because she not only became bigger than the Miss Ca. title, but she had enough of deailing with all the intolerant, hate filled, bigoted Liberal Nazis that are still running Mis California. The Miss California pageant has lost all creditability and will forever be scarred from this. What they proved is that if you are a free thinker, and refuse to puppet the radical liberal ideals of the state pageant officials, then you will not be considered for the position. Wow!!!! That sounds like the kind of pageant Hilter used to run!!!!

1959 days ago


First off, I am a middle-of-the-road kind of person. I try to take both sides and determine for myself who I agree with and move forward from there. I find it amusing that Liberals are called hate-mongers and denounced as unethical, lying, cheats and criminals (ie: Aren't breaking contracts and promises the Liberal motto? You people should be putting a statue of her up, but instead you attack her for doing what liberals do on a daily basis.) and then in the next sentence, you cry foul and say that the Liberals are bashing conservatives. Stereotyping and generalization shouldn't be used for EITHER side of the political spectrum, but don't bash and then cry because someone defends themselves or responds with the same hate as you. Both sides will probably never agree, but at some point everyone should just agree to disagree, instead of tearing this nation apart because of differing opinions. It's a moot point trying to get others to agree with you, so just let it go and try to avoid hate in the process.

1959 days ago


YAY!!! Congrats should have been the original Miss Cali to begin with instead of the horse-faced dumb wh*re with the fake titties and tittie pictures. I wish you the best of fact, here is to hoping you somehow find yourself as the next MISS USA!!! my fingers are crossed for you ;-) have fun and enjoy your crown Princess!!!

1959 days ago


Posted at 1:09PM on Jun 11th 2009 by FranklySpoken - your about as dumb as they come. Your a good reason that public hangings should be allowed to purge the world of your ignorant mis-informed self. Go crawl back under that little piece of crack rock in your litlle trailer. PS, I am not gay nor do I have any will to impose my lifestyle on others - you on the other hand have serious mental issues and need real profession help.

1959 days ago



Sweetheart, your quote is the liberal motto. They take pride in lying, cheating and breaking contracts and promises. Hell, look at the over 100 promises Obama has already broken and he's only been in office for 5 months!!! Somehow I suspect you give him a pass since you clearly voted for him. The liberal double-standard is absolutely hiliarious. You talk of stereotyping as though you're completely clueless to that fact that it's liberals that OPENLY stereotype. If you're a Republican, then you're racist. If you're a Christian, then you hate gays. If you don't support gay marriage, then you support exterminating them. The list of liberal stereotypes goes on and on and on. So please, take a long look in the mirror before you attempt to preach to others.

1959 days ago


Miss CA should be neutral. This is NOT the Miss Right Wing USA! Carrie was a self ablsorbed, lying hypocrite who refuses to take blame for her actions. Her looks came by way of plastic surgery. It's refreshing to see a NATURAL BEAUTY in our new Miss CA who is articulate and not devisive. Good riddance to Carrie, and Welcome to the new and improved Miss CA!!!

1959 days ago


Who would actually care about a runner up taking the crown. Why would she be on Larry King? This is the best thing that has happened to the pagent world since Vanessa Williams.

1959 days ago


hey Franklyspoken...are you doing anything with you know heterosexuals who divorce...cause you know that's against Biblically values also unless 1)its adultery or 2) the person in the relationship is abandoned 3)if there's physical violence...other wise yer supposed to be stuck with please tell me..why are you for God's plan for marriage unless it just homosexuals? When there are more heterosexuals getting divorced from that you know opposite marriage which hurts children...come on tell us...what are you Doing about that...and why isnt NOM talking about Divorces are you gonna tell str8 people not to get divorced.

1959 days ago


By the way Franklyspoken you said:

Go F yourselves to death with AIDS! Nobody cares about you - not even God!

really I thought the Bible said this "For God so Loved the WORLD that he gave his only begotten Son"

and i thought it also said this "You, therefore have no excuse , you who pass judgement on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgement do the same things. Now we know that God's judgement against those who do such things is based on truth. So when you a mere man,pass judgement do you think you will escape God's Judgement?

Yeah i recall one of the 2nd greatest commandment is to Love your neighbor as yourself. So why are you lying about God saying he doesnt care for homosexuals... you're a liar. and i dont say that.. God says you're a liar!

1959 days ago


Who would actually care about a runner up taking the crown. Why would she be on Larry King? This is the best thing that has happened to the pagent world since Vanessa Williams.

No Vanessa actually has talent. And the reason she lost her crown was because someone published photos of her to get publicity...And she didn't make a hypocritcal stand like miss Prejean did.

1959 days ago


If she's not partially asian then she has a little downsyndrome in her DNA

1959 days ago
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