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New Miss Cali Knows When to Shut Up

6/11/2009 6:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She had only been Miss California USA for a few hours -- but last night on "Larry King Live" Tami Farrell did what Carrie Prejean couldn't: She put the polarizing gay marriage issue behind her.

Tami Farrell: Click to watch
Sure, it's kind of a cop out to not take a stance on the issue, but as she rightly put it: "It's silly ... that the world is looking to beauty queens for the answer." Just smile and wave.

FYI -- Though Prejean believes otherwise, pageant officials swear Carrie's political beliefs had nothing to do with her firing.


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And why aren't the "Christians" not defending the new Miss CA from the people insulting her? Cause you know that's what Jesus would do?

1958 days ago


Gee, I wonder if Welcome Home MISS CALI!!!!, SARAH and Jill could POSSIBLY be the same person? LOL!!! Pathetic!! Tami isn't anywhere near Carrie's zipcode of hotness, sorry to break that reality to ya!!

NATURALLY? LOL, yeah, that boob job that the Miss California officials recommended and PAID for make ALL the difference in Carrie's beauty. Sorry, but her face is her true beauty, something poor Tami drew the short end of the stick on.

And btw, all you dumbass liberal hypocritics bitching about Carrie's modeling pictures, why are you pukes not offended at the Miss Ca. officials OFFERING Carrie to Playboy while she still had the crown? You people are cowards and lying hypocrites and Tami will be a distant memory say, by tomorrow, while Carrie will continue to grow in popularity!!! LOL!!!!!

1958 days ago


"The #1 rule for the left is: You can have an opinion, as long as it agrees with ours. If you don't,
you are on your own."

Why don't you tell that to the Dixie Chicks, black kettle.

1958 days ago


Aww, I feel so sorry for Tami!!!! She's as cute as can be, but she's no where near the natural beauty that Carrie is. It must be really hard on her replacing someone that actually won the crown and that is so much more beautiful and intelligent than she is. Poor thing!!!

1958 days ago


Last time I checked, the Dixie Chicks weren't forced to comform by their employer, nor abused and ridiculed by their employer. They weren't fired when they cowardly experessed their "opinion" overseas. Unlike them, Carrie had the stones not only to say her piece here in the states, but she did it in the blue state of California and to the face of a gay Nazi bully like Mario Hilton. So please, comparing the two is laughable.

1958 days ago


"Sweetheart, your quote is the liberal motto. They take pride in lying, cheating and breaking contracts and promises. Hell, look at the over 100 promises Obama has already broken and he's only been in office for 5 months!!! Somehow I suspect you give him a pass since you clearly voted for him. The liberal double-standard is absolutely hiliarious. You talk of stereotyping as though you're completely clueless to that fact that it's liberals that OPENLY stereotype. If you're a Republican, then you're racist. If you're a Christian, then you hate gays. If you don't support gay marriage, then you support exterminating them. The list of liberal stereotypes goes on and on and on. So please, take a long look in the mirror before you attempt to preach to others."

First of all, don't call me sweetheart, Candy - you don't know me. Secondly, you're missing my point. I'm merely stating that BOTH sides are bashing each other here and then crying because they are bashed back. And you just proved my point. You stereotype Liberals as liars and cheats and say they're PROUD OF IT!?!?!? THEN you say that it's the Liberals that stereotype Conservatives by calling them racists and stereotype Christians by saying they hate gays?!?! Are you even aware of YOUR hypocrisy?!?!?And "exterminating them" - really?!?! What is the basis for that?!?! I'd love to hear your sources. I'll give you that Obama has broken promises and yes, I voted for him rather than McCain, because I didn't want a angry, mysogynist as a President and then there was Palin, who's ideals I don't agree with either. But you got one detail wrong - he has broken 6 promises from his campaign so far. Surprised that I admitted he did wrong? That's because he did. I don't give anyone a pass, just because I voted for them. I hold the President accountable for his actions and accept the actions I don't agree with, when it's apparent that it's for our own good. I held Bush accountable, but I also knew that some of the things he HAD to do as POTUS were in America's best interest. Again, I do take FACTS from both sides, instead of bashing those who don't share the same beliefs. No, I'm not a Liberal - I'm more of a Conservative, especially when it comes to immigration and welfare - both piss me off. I don't blindly agree with what a Liberal does, just because they voted the same way and I DEFINITELY don't agree with what Perez did. Carrie was certainly entitled to her opinion and she should not have been punished for it, but she DID break her contract and when the FACTS (again, very important here people) come out, I think we'll find that she has once again lied. She lied about the number of half-nude photos, so I believe that she could be lying about fulfilling her duties. If Donald was so happy to keep her during the heat of the controversy, then why would he get rid of her less than a month later, because of one stupid question? Hopefully, the truth will come out. In the meantime, reread your post and tell me that it's not hypocritical. Quit lumping Liberals together as one big group of idiots, criminals and hate-mongers and clean your own kitchen before you decide to attack others. I'm not preaching, I'm simply asking everyone, for AMERICA'S SAKE to quit the endless dribble of insults and learn to get along. Did I insult Republicans - NO! Did I defend Liberals - NO! Obviously, you don't get what I am trying to say, but I felt the need to explain. I hope you understand this time that I am merely stating the fact that if we can't get along with each other (worst division of the country I have ever seen lately), it will reflect on us to the rest of the world that we are a bunch of fighting morons.

1958 days ago


I have no problem with Carrie's little replacement! She isn't as beautiful but so what?! The Miss USA pageant is blatantly anti-female! They are archaic and Carrie should count her blessing's that she is free from those despicable moral degenerates! Talk about a bunch of p*kes! LMAO!!!! So poor little sl*tty Shanna quit for nothing! How much does anyone make a bet that the cheap wh*re will slither her way back to the Miss California pageant now that they have gotten rid of Carrie and they can now openly campaign for gay marriage at the next farce of a pageant!! I hope NO ONE WATCHES next year if they have Perez Hilton back!! That misogynist whack-job is an embarrassment even to most gays!!! And I would recommend boycotting a certain movie adaption of some sleazy teen show because HE will be in it! I won't say the name but I'm sure anyone who watches a certain channel has seen the trailer for that trailer trash movie!!! Seriously how low can those p*kes at the miss California pageant sink to?! Maybe they'll have some playmates on as judges or maybe some cheap strippers from some corner bar! LOL!!! I wouldn't put anything past them. I hope anyone in a position to give Carrie a high profile job will do so! Something to really rub those reprobates noses in it!!! Something so that she can feel vindicated for standing on the word of an all knowing God instead of the mealy mouth prattle of one's fellow human beings!

1958 days ago


The Dixie Tramps blurted out their anti-Americanism on their own, and overseas like cowards like FrenchFries said. Carrie was forced to answer a political question by a F-list gay radical with an agenda, that had zero business being asked in the first place. So didn't back down to the obvious setup, gotcha question, she answered it with strength and with pride. Two traits spineless liberals know nothing about.

1958 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Anyone with a correctly functioning brain and an attention span sufficient for listening to Ms Farrell's remarks in entirety will accurately conclude that she's not only intelligent enough to speak her mind, she also knows what to say, how much, and when. Take this note, kiddies: regurgitating political rhetoric is not a sign of intelligence. It's a sign that Charlie McCarthy is your equal.

The dumb, hypocritical, manipulative publicity-chaser (Prejean) has neither brains nor class nor any sense of how to conduct herself or her yapping tongue appropriately. I'm not surprised that many Republican supporters like Prejean. The most rabid, vocal supporters of the Republican party seem to be inordinately fond of hot, dumb chicks, and abnormally threatened by intelligent women. Interesting. Freaky scary for the future of this country, but interesting,.

1958 days ago



The Dixie Chicks were banned from radio stations and Concert Halls because they exercised their freedom of speech. You are all a bunch of hypocrites but your heads are so far up your asses that you fail to see that fact. Maybe if for once in your lives you would see the similarities in people instead of the differences, you would be happier and live more fulfilling lives.

The tragic thing is you probably still believe the right wing propaganda that if your against the war your against the troops. My husband is against the war and he served in Iraq, is he against himself? Hmmm. My father who probably had one of the most dangerous jobs in Vietnam crawling into foxholes and dismantling bombs is also against this war and voted for Obama and my grandfather who survived a gunshot would at Normandy Beach during WW2 did also. Yeah, what a bunch of UNAMERICAN liberal cowards my family is.

1958 days ago



She had months to come up with that answer.

Love the little knowing glances at Keith Lewis, who obviously has been coaching her.

1958 days ago


GOOD GOD CANDY!!! Thanks SO much for "educating" me. I feel SO much more informed with all the spewing of information that I already had. Oh, and thanks #106 (Chris Tucker) for the clever comment.

So, you're saying that Republicans and Conservatives NEVER lie? It's just the vile Liberals that are ruining this country, right? Never has a conservative hid the truth or expressed hate-filled messages? How about Palin's Bridge to Nowhere and her abuse of power as Governor? The shouts of "kill him" at the rallies. The comparison of Obama and his wife as monkeys. Did you know that Bush was not only friends with Bin Laden's brother, he had business dealings with him? Bush ordered the CIA to fabricate evidence to support a war against Iraq and suppress evidence that Iraq did NOT possess weapons of mass destruction. There wasn't even any credible evidence of a collaborative relationship between Iraq and Al Qaeda or 9-11. Nixon and Watergate. George HW Bush - "no new taxes". Carrie DID lie when asked, "is this the only photo?" She said yes, when there was one other pose with the unprofessional shots. Do professionally taken pictures not count? Tell that to Vanessa Williams! Oh and then there is McCain who exaggerated his time in the POW camp to gain sympathy - his fellow POWs exposed those lies.

And really, Candy (no, don't call me hun or sweetie or anything else), you are STILL missing my point! I am saying for us all to get along. I even stated that I agreed that Carrie should state HER opinion and that I completely disagreed with Perez, but I guess you skipped over that part. Why is it that getting along for the sake of the country, is interpretted as bashing Conservatives? Again, I said NOTHING about either side - I simply stated the hypocricy of some on this site, because they would bash and then accuse others of bashing them - this comes from again, BOTH sides!! Instead of agreeing to disagree with me, which is what I suggested (not preached as you said), you continue to bash the other side, calling them liars collectively as a group. I don't perceive ALL Liberals by the mistakes of some (or most as you would believe), same for Conservatives. Yet you do - you honestly believe that to be a Liberal, you must be a liar, thief and idiot. Or am I wrong about that? Sure SOME Liberals lie every day, but so do Conservatives. You apparently believe that as a whole ALL Liberals are liars, hypocrites, criminals, etc, etc. I don't believe that ALL Conservatives are racists, homophobic fear mongers, even though some are. Do you get my point yet? Or do you still want to bash Liberals and continue to generalize everyone into the same little group?

1958 days ago


Posted at 1:57PM on Jun 11th 2009 by The REAL DEAL - spoken like only a true closet homosexual could. I guess Carrie was indeed absolutely right in what she said, and by what she believed in. Otherwise if people were to believe you - then I guess she supposedly does/smokes/lives under a little piece of “crack rock”, or lives in a “little trailer”, and has “mental issues” - as you so put it? Must be - otherwise you live by a fantasy double standard - as to what you “think” is real, and what actually IS in reality your fantasy world - as it were. What a lame comeback at the REAL TRUTH. If it’s not the typical “crack rock” slight - then it’s the “mental issues” slight, and if not either of those 2 - then it’s the “little trailer (trash)” slight. Got any more lame excuses why it’s YOU that actually is the real PROBLEM here and NOT any part of the SOLUTION? I thought so! After all - you described yourself to a tee for all us normal highly educated people to see. You’re about as pathetic as that homosexual piece of gutter trash Perez Hilton that asked Carrie that slanted ? to begin with! You obviously DO live in a “trailer trash park” since you associate that word so well - you obviously sell & smoke “crack rock” as you put it - and you obviously have “mental issues”! First step in recovery is admitting you actually ARE a homosexual. Now go get some help for your drug induced DELIRIUMS & STDS. Better yet - go post your deliriums on Craigslist where all your “crackhead” buddies reside! PS: to braindead illiterate Kevin - go read your born again bible - idiot! PSS: to Jen #90 - VERY WELL PUT!! Hats off to you - you go girl!!

1958 days ago


Posted at 2:09PM on Jun 11th 2009 by candy #84 - You got a lot of balls candy-ass saying Obama broke over a 100 promises since being majority elected into office. The last 8 years in case you forgot already - just prior to Obama being someone actually running a country more then just half-ass like those 2 prior bumbling idiot GOP Heckle & Jeckle retards - were just filled with NOTHING but LIES and more GOP LIES to no end. The biggest ONE being a totally “unsanctioned war for profit” in Iraq that has not only seen over 4200 wasted/dead USA troops, but also has been a “Halliburton money sucking war for profit” that has totally crippled not only this country financially, but it crippled the whole world as well. What we have today is the aftermath of 2 idiot GOPS that didn’t know their heads from their ass, and you have the balls to say that Obama is more of the same? You’re a total idiot that hasn’t a brain cell upstairs! Get an education will ya!

1958 days ago



I think you really need to reread my response to you. I mean, it showed up 3 times, so you really have no excuse for sounding like you didn't read it at all, LOL!!!

All the bs propaganda you just "spewed" were all proven as lies. You mean the LIBERAL journalist that was caught shouting "kill him" just so he could "report" it was said? Yes, please, tell me about the Bridge to Nowhere. I want to laugh at your surely to be plagiarized, copy and paste job, from some Neo-Comm website. And I can't even bring myself to respond to the rest of the crazy nonsense you typed. Yeah, you're REALLY not a Liberal, LOL, I just baited you and chopped at it like a starving little fishy!!! You're as leftwinged radical as they get hunny.

Again, I can go on for days giving you actual, factual examples of how liberals lie. You on the other hand would have a harder time since you'll have to resort to all the anti-American hate sites that just make up information as they go. You clearly, and OBVIOUSLY skipped over the most important part of my point. I'll repeat it, yet again. When liberals lie and are caught, which is daily, their party circle the wagons for them and protect them to no end. When a Conservative is caught, they more times than not kick them out of office. Did you catch it that time? Did it make any sense to you? Are you understanding now?

Please answer me your own question!!!!!! Why is getting along for the sake of the country interpreted as bashing Conservatives!?!?! That's an excellent question!!! I'm surprised you'd even ask that!!! Would you please give me your answer? I can't wait to read it!!! :)

1958 days ago
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