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The Many Faces of Phil Spector

6/11/2009 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Believe it or not, but a lot of things people look like de-wigged convicted murderer Phil Spector. Check out all the killer resemblances!

Phil Spector


No Avatar


DAMMMM !!!!!!

1924 days ago


Oh yeah, Movie is in the works.

1924 days ago


Creepy montage!

1924 days ago


You forgot Danny DeVito as The Penguin!!!!

1924 days ago

First whores!    

You fatass Americans need to stop writing comments on the TMZ board and excersise. If you would exercise more you might look like Adam Lambert.

1924 days ago


I think it's sad how this picture is being splattered all over ! Some may believe he killed that woman - some may not ... I just think it's sad that he had no choice but to take off his hair - and now everyone is having fun with his picture ! JUST MY OPINION !

1924 days ago


Riff Raff from the Rocky Horror Picture Show!

1924 days ago


#26 Just Sad: Huh...What is sad is He killed a beautiful woman! He knows he did it, so do alot of people close to him AND a jury of his peers! I don't feel sorry for him having to take off his wigs and at least he is alive to have people make fun of him! What about Lana? Feel sorry for that creepy a$$ MURDERER!!! HELL NO! Ifeel sorry for Lana and her family! Everyone around Phil hid his SICK A$$ ways! To me ..they have ahand in it too!

1924 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

Al Roker said that he looked like Mr Burns from The Simpsons....I agree.

1924 days ago


No need to worry about Phil's reaction to these photos being shown all over the internet. I contacted him myself and asked if it was ok...he thought for a moment and replied "Gollum...Gollum" which I think we can all agree is an unqualified approval.

1924 days ago

Bill Cosby    

You're right, except only one of them revolutionized the way music was/is recorded and has made some of the most important records of our time. Hmmmm, let me think of one of the top of my head.... "Imagine" by John Lennon.
I don't condone killing or violence, but let's not paint this man in such a light like this is the high-point of his life! People under 30 today (most of them) know nothing of value and consume nothing of value. You can AT LEAST contribute by giving them the whole picture. Not just.... "Look at this crazy, ugly crypt-keeper killer". The guy also has a legacy, ya know?? Don't be a Prole!

1924 days ago


I LOVE IT, too funny! His natural hair still looks better than those hideous wigs!!

1924 days ago


cryptkeeper is the best looking of them all because the most "beautiful people " live in LaLa Land" as we all know.

1924 days ago


#12 comment is very irksome. Yes he created the wall of sound and we have come along way in music because of him. It does not relieve him from his drunken and gun toting ways. He chose to carry a gun and shoot it that night so long ago. We have seen him in his wigs for over five years running around and smiling for the camera. He made his bed and now his wigs can be put to rest. So glad he is in custody and can't shoot anyone else. He does look scary now as he did when wearing his wigs. May you rest in peace Ms. Clarkson.....

1924 days ago


Y'all forgot Mr Burns!

1924 days ago
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